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October 10, 2002

This Weeks Reporter
 Fred Downs

Weekly News Letter

2002-2003 Officers

 Chairman of the Board …Orian Hunter
 President…………...Phil Grimm
 VP Sponsorship…Joe Dowdey
 VP Programs…….Tim Pollak
 VP Membership…Nick Morrone
 Secretary………...Mike Ballew
 Sgt-at-arms….......Bob Hogge

 Attendance……John Hogge
 Bingo…………..Pat McKim
 Growth………...Jason Hand
 Incentives..Rick Campbell
 Social…Dean Hiss
 Ways & Means….Don Masias


 Oct. 10th -  Regular Meeting
Oct. 14 - Presidents Round Table
Oct. 15 -  Board Meeting
Oct 15 - Greater Englewood Chamber of Commerce Service Club Luncheon
See Phil Grimm
  Oct. 17th - Regular Meeting
Oct 19 - Shannons Hope Celebrate Life Banquet and Silent Auction
Faith Bible Chapel  12189 W. 64th Av. Open at 6:00 Dinner at 7:00
Tom Tancredo, Speaker  Dress informal, Jeans - See Bill Parchen
Oct. 24th -   Regular Meeting
Oct 27 - Mexican Food and Bronco Football - Elks Club 1:00pm 
 See Dean Hiss
Oct. 31st -   Regular Meeting

Nov 23 - Heart of Heart Gala Club has reserved table for 10 for Club use. 
See Joe Dowdy

Programs On Tap!

 October 10 - Gale Leoffler, 
CSU Extension Office
 October 17 - Englewood Police Department
 October 24 - Englewood Fire Department

Entertainment Books  $22 ea.
  see Don Masias
King Soopers Coupons $25 ea Tim Pollak
Tony's Meat Coupons also available at $10  @ a 10% return to the club 


Oct 16    B
Oct 23    C
Oct. 30   D
Nov. 6    E
Nov 13   A
Nov 20   B
 Nov 27  C 

Pot of Gold- Dick Enslow 

        Handshake Prize - None


   Song - Ballew     Pledge - Hopeless        Invocation- Rev. Bill

Mike Ballew got a noisy crowd to sing a version of the song, somebody started 3 or 4 pledges and Rev. Bill commanded reverence as he thanked the Lord for our food.  As Elizabeth and Victoria were still serving, Parchen announced a Silent Auction (see  announcements) which prompted Harder to comment that Mc Kim probably wouldn't go because he couldn't get a date with a third grader.  President Grimm could not grasp the humor and was fined for displaying his hearing problem.  Hunter was then fined for suggesting that Masias could dress in feminine attire and be Mc Kim's date. Dean Hiss asked participation in the Mexican Lunch/Broncos Football Game Event (see Announcements) .  Hunter, self elected spokesman for "The Cool Table", and exposing his newly found use of English, commented that Hispanic should be substituted for Mexican. Bezjak promptly fined said Table for thinking they were smart.  Somewhere in there, Mason was fined for not knowing fish and Grimm was fined for not knowing the difference between a mammal and a fish.  Parchen was fined for some minor abuse and whined he could pay, if the Sgt. at Arms could change a $50 bill. Someone fined Table 1 for feeling neglected.  B-Team has Bingo next week and A-Team had a good report for last night's efforts...a $7400 deposit.

                                       SERTOMAN OF THE DAY

President Grimm introduced John Hogge, who opened his biography with,  "I was originally born in Salt Lake City... the 5th son of..."  He has spent the last 23 years in metro Denver attending Elementary / Middle School at Eculid and graduating from Arapahoe High School.  From there he attended the UC School of Pharmacy and joined the Army Reserve at Fitzsimmons Army Hospital. While doing his mandatory "River" scenario, his brother Bob reminded him that SLC had an intermittent stream that might qualify as a river [in a rainstorm] near his birthplace.  Much discussion later, and all agree that many small streams feed the Great Salt Lake.  Perhaps a salt lake is better than no water at all.  John is married and proudly boasts a 10 year old daughter he shares with her mother.  He is Pharmacy Mgr. at Littleton Adventist Hospital and naturally he was sponsored by Dale Hand. John is in his 3rd year as a Sertoman and our present Sgt. at Arms.  Tim Pollak won John's $5.


Dave Miley introduced Gale Loeffler, Arapahoe County Cooperative Extension Agent.  Ms. Loeffler summarized the origins of the Extension Service concept as derived from the Land Grant University system created in 1918.  The Extension Service is funded by Federal, State and County Funds and provides educational materials and programs including: Consumer and Family areas of nutrition, health, safety and child development, Natural Resources and Agriculture covering land use planning, natural resource planning and management, livestock and wildlife, small acreage workshops, 4-H Youth Program  covers public speaking, record keeping, teamwork and problem solving, Arapahoe County Child Care Food Program, helps children receive nutrition they need for growth, learning readiness while they are in childcare settings, Horticulture through the Master Gardener Program designed as a volunteer outreach training program covering the complete horticulture insect and plant disease area,  Food Stamp Nutritional Education Program coordinates nutrition classes for adults with limited incomes and pregnant and parenting teens, Commodity Food Program oversees The Emergency Food Assistance Program (USDA) which supplies nutritious foods to 3000 individuals monthly through 12 food banks.  Ms. Loeffler's program was well presented and informative.  Arapahoe Sertoma thanks her.
Visit their websites for more information:            

Mexican Lunch  -  Broncos vs New England Football
Sunday, October 27th  1:00pm 
Elks Club $25 per couple  $15 per single person.
A Fund Raiser to help celebrate our 50th Anniversary
Invite some guests and enjoy an afternoon of football.

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