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October 24, 2002

  This Weeks Reporter
       Tim Pollak


Weekly News Letter

2002-2003 Officers

 Chairman of the Board …Orian Hunter
 President………………...Phil Grimm
 VP Sponsorship…………Joe Dowdey
 VP Programs…………….Tim Pollak
 VP Membership…………Nick Morrone
 Secretary………………...Mike Ballew
 Sgt-at-arms………….......Bob Hogge

 Attendance…………………John Hogge
 Bingo………………………..Pat McKim
 Growth……………………...Jason Hand
 Incentives…………………..Rick Campbell
 Social……………………….Dean Hiss
 Ways & Means…………….Don Masias

Nic Carlson -
Guest of Rich Carlson 
Doug Ficca
- Introduced by Steve Bolyard
Doug is a life member an past president of Mile High Sertoma

Pot of Gold- Bill Storey
    Handshake Prize - None available

Entertainment Books  $22 ea.
  see Don Masias
King Soopers Coupons $25 ea Tim Pollak
Tony's Meat Coupons also available at $10  @ a 10% return to the club


   Oct. 24th -   Regular Meeting
Oct. 31st -   Regular Meeting


Nov. 7th -  Regular Meeting
Nov. 12th - Board Meeting
Nov.  14th -  NO Regular Meeting
Nov.  15th Greater Englewood Chamber of Commerce Service Club Luncheon
Welshire Inn 11:00AM Welshire Inn,
$15 per member

Nov. 23 - Heart of Heart Gala Club  
See Joe Dowdy
Nov. 28th -  No Regular Meeting
Enjoy Thanksgiving with loved ones instead


Oct. 30   D
Nov. 6    E
Nov 13   A
Nov 20   B
 Nov 27  C 
Dec. 4  D


Song - Dave Miley         Pledge - Grimm          Invocation- Rev. Bill

A smaller than usual number of Sertomans gathered at noon today. Dave Miley picked out just the right key with which to start the song, and our meeting got rolling.  With less jostling in the buffet line, everyone was sitting down to their bowl of chili, corn bread and brownies when Phil Grimm started the meeting early (see explanation below).  Fines were scarce with only one, "pre-paid," to Rich Carlson for subjecting his grand-son, Nic, to the motley crew.  Joe Dowdey announced the sign-up sheet for the Englewood Chamber luncheon coming up on Nov. 15th.  There is a $15 per person fee with the club picking up $20.
Also, Heart of Hearts Gala on Nov. 23rd needs two more couples to complete a table of ten, $100 per couple.  Tim Pollak was called upon for the King Soopers/Tony Meats coupon commercial.  Pat McKim gave an impassioned report on the plight of Bing C team.  They were just able to break even with 74 players they had last night, but only four (4) members were there to work.  Please get a substitute when you can't make it. Bill Malone is willing to sub on short notice, too.  Norm Schillo won the $10 football pool, again.  Phil Grimm had sheets about Sertoma and suggested that everyone promote the club by asking "Do you know what Sertoma is?" and then give them the sheets to show what we do.  He also announced a sign-up sheet for Fall District Conference on Nov. 9th at the Sheraton-DUTCH.  It runs for the morning and includes a luncheon, all are invited to sign-up.

Event UpdateBronco's Mexican / Hispanic Buffet
Thirty-five (35) members, wives and their guests enjoyed watching and cheering on the Bronco's victory over the New England Patriots Sunday afternoon.  The food was excellent an the camaraderie great.
It was just a bit difficult getting a wave going.  Doc. Kelsall won the $100 pool.

                            SERTOMAN OF THE DAY
                         No one Identified this week


Our speaker had another pressing engagement, so Phil Grimm, our dictatorial president, started the meeting early.  Program chairman du jour, Dave Miley, introduced Nancy Peterson of the Englewood Department of Safety Services to tell us about our local Police Department.   She began with an apology for being over scheduled to attend a local elementary school where she'd be pm stage with other law enforcement personnel from the DEA and air national guard (including a helicopter landing) to make a big impression on those young minds that law enforcement was not to be feared.  She explained that the department of Safety had several bureaus under the management of Chris Olsen, and that the Police Bureau was divided in Patrol, Investigations Standards, Impact Team, Traffic Unit and Parking enforcement.  With sixty-seven (67) officers it's a substantial department and has offices spread throughout the community.  Her office is on Broadway and houses the Impact Team (public relations and community services).  In answers to audience questions she indicated that most problems come from people traveling through the city.  Community Watch programs are especially helpful in preventing rimes with over 500 blocks of the 667 total having established programs.  There is a Commander in charge of Terrorist Strategies and Meth. Labs have been a problem as in other Metro jurisdictions.  Both of these problems are best handled by increased vigilance so "know our neighbors and neighborhood, be observant, and call and report anything suspicious," was a message she repeated over and over again.  Good update.  

    Great Quotes from Great Leaders

"By profession I am a soldier and take pride in that fact.
  But I am prouder- infinitely prouder - to be a father.
A soldier destroys in order to build;
the father only builds never destroys.
  The one has the potentiality of death;
the other embodies creation and life.
 And while the hordes of death are mighty,
the battalions of life are mightier still.
It is my hope that my son, when I am gone,
will remember me not from the battle
but in the home repeating with him
 our simple daily prayer, 
"Our Father Who Art in Heaven."

-Douglas MacArthur

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