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October 3, 2002

This Weeks Reporter Bill Worth

Weekly News Letter

2002-2003 Officers

 Chairman of the Board …Orian Hunter
 President…………...Phil Grimm
 VP Sponsorship…Joe Dowdey
 VP Programs…….Tim Pollak
 VP Membership Nick Morrone
 Secretary…...Mike Ballew
 Sgt-at-arms…..Bob Hogge

 Attendance……John Hogge
 Bingo…….Pat McKim
 Growth……...Jason Hand
 Incentives…..Rick Campbell
 Social….Dean Hiss
 Ways & Means….Don Masias

Oct. 8th   Board Meeting
 Oct. 10th -  Regular Meeting
  Oct. 17th - Regular Meeting
Oct. 24th -   Regular Meeting
Oct. 31st -   Regular Meeting
Halloween - Boo!

Programs On Tap!

October 10 - Gale Leoffler, CSU Extension Office
October 17 - Englewood Police Department
October 24 - Englewood Fire Department

Entertainment Books  $22 ea.  Don Masias
King Soopers Coupons $25 ea Tim Pollak
Tony's Meat Coupons also available at $10  @ a 10% return to the club 


Oct  9   A
Oct 16    B
Oct 23    C
Oct. 30   D
Nov. 6    E

Pot of Gold

       Handshake Prize - Bill Benton 



Bumper Sticker Wisdom

    Procrastinate  Now!    


  My Wild Oats have turned 
      to Shredded Wheat  


  A Hangover is the       
Wrath of Grapes


 Computer programmers   don't Byte, they Nybble
 a bit!  


 Song - Bezjak          Pledge - Worth               Invocation- Harder

We seem to have the basics down - the song, pledge and invocation went well.  The remainder of the meeting may need a bit of refinement as we proceed through New Year.  Steve Bolyard brought a guest today, Don Hembre, a geologist.  Welcome Don, please join us again.
Among the informational tidbits was an announcement of the LoDo club's Tailgate party to die for!  Good to see Dick Sorensen looking good.  Also of interest to a few was the president's mention of the Freedom Week Luncheon on February 18th.  Most Arapahoe members have trouble dealing with their next Bingo night, let alone events 4 months ahead.  Speaking of Bingo, the E team deposited $5,200 Wednesday working with only 88 participants.
  Dave Miley stretched our minds by relaying information about the 2004 Cajan Cookout.  The end result of most of the falter alter was an increase in the fine pot.  A host of members contributed - among the more notable were Mason, Ballew, Szala, Harder, Miley and Storey.  Bill Storey mentioned his excitement about being noticed - said he had not been fined in more than a year.  We were happy to notice him second time for another quarter.  The Handshake prize went to Bill Benton.  We couldn't seem to give away the Pot-O-Gold.  The following failed to respond: Massa, S Anderson, Martinez, Horst, Nelson and Kelsall. Bob Lutes collected the quarters.


Today's SOD was ......missing!


Today's program  was very special.  Our Speaker was Craig MacFarlane.  Craig was blinded in a freak accident when he was 2 1/2 years of age.  At the age of seven he was introduced to wrestling, and since that time has won more than a hundred gold medals in a variety of athletic endeavors.  Craig now travels the country with a message reflecting the 'inner vision' that replaces his eyes.  He explained that by using PRIDE (Perseverance, Respect, Individuality, Desire and Enthusiasm) he (and you) can accomplish anything.  A great message all of us can utilize.  Craig travels with the support of a national brokerage firm.  (Clue: he was introduced by Joe Dowdey).  Special thanks to Craig, Joe and Edward. 


Fall is certainly in the air as the gold begins to tinge the green of summer. And the air is filled with more than cool air as the rhetoric of the upcoming election warms the conversations of many Englewoodites.  Voting time is less than a month away.  Perhaps a few of the politicians could benefit from the newly formed Englewood Toastmaster club.  It seems that Toastmasters is not the only club being formed in the area.  There is an effort afoot to sign up members for a Sertoma club.  And it seems there are many business people attracted to the idea of serving the needs of a growing community and building business at the same time.  There are some new professionals in town seeking new clients and new opportunities.  Plus some upstanding citizens are looking to spread the word of their firms.  Englewood Upholstery advertises 'New, Modern Methods' and Free Estimates'.  There is other good news in town as Fire Chief George Woods announces that all persons hurt in the explosion at the Fireman's Picnic in August have recovered.  In addition to political news, increasing costs are a topic for discussion.  The 1953 proposed Englewood City budget is $402,000, up some $13,000 from this year.  But, you can relax at the Gothic watching 'Son of Paleface' starring Bob Hope, Jane Russell and Roy Rogers.  Oh, it's apple season and the Colorado Jonathans are just 8 cents a pound at Safeway.   With the efforts of the Sertoma representative from Kansas City and the members of the Sertoma Club in downtown Denver, it looks as if there will be Sertoma in Englewood.

On Sunday October 27th we will gather at the Elks Club to watch the Broncos battle the Patriots while we share a 'South of the Border' lunch.  This is a club fundraiser to add bucks to the Anniversary Party fund.  It's $25 per couple or $15 each.  Time: 1 pm
Contact Dean Hiss for info. or to sign up.


Entertainment Books Still Available

This year's Entertainment Books are now in hand.  The cost is $22 each.  They make great gifts.  You can recoup the expense very quickly.  (Your editor saved $17 the first month).  Lots of bargains.  Buy several copies.  See Don Masias now!

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