This Week in Review
October 31, 2002
This Weeks  Reporter       Mike Ballew

2002-2003 Officers

 Chairman of the Board
 …Orian Hunter
 President Phil Grimm
 VP Sponsorship  Joe Dowdey
 VP Programs ….Tim Pollak
 VP Membership Nick Morrone
 Secretary……...Mike Ballew
 Sgt-at-arms…....Bob Hogge

 Attendance John Hogge
 Bingo……….Pat McKim
 Growth……..Jason Hand
 Incentives….Rick Campbell
 Social……….Dean Hiss
 Ways & Means….Don Masias


Hoit French - Guest of Joe Dowdey 
George Hannes - a long time. 
 We were proud for his return, via Dean Hiss


Entertainment Books  $22 ea.
  see Don Masias
King Soopers Coupons $25 ea Tim Pollak
Tony's Meat Coupons also available at $10  @ a 10% return to the club


Nov. 6     E
Nov. 13   A
Nov. 20   B
 Nov. 27   C 
 Dec.  4   D

Nov. 7th -  Regular Meeting
Bill Winkler, author of Black Hat history about the civil war
Nov. 12th - Board Meeting
Nov.  14th -  NO Regular Meeting
Nov.  15th Greater Englewood Chamber of Commerce Service Club Luncheon
Welshire Inn 11:00AM Welshire Inn,
$15 per member

Nov. 23 - Heart of Heart Gala Club  
See Joe Dowdy

Nov. 28th -  No Regular Meeting
 Happy Thanksgiving 


Song - Bezjak     Pledge - Dowdey      Invocation- Miley

Pot of Gold-  Stein        Handshake Prize - Must have been the ghost of Halloween

A big Halloween boo was enjoyed by today's attendees, albeit a bit small.  burgers were the menu de jour.  Fines? What fines you ask, it's good you didn't ask, as there were none.  What's up with this group.  However, a good time was had by the 41 folks present at the Broncos/Mexican extravaganza, with $160 being put into the anniversary coffers.  Laskey and Benton walked away with the Broncos pool, but it's unclear who gets which half.  Dr. Kelsall took the $100 pool.  Pro salesman Tim Pollak sold grocery coupons.  Bingo  was slim with 72 folks attending and a deposit of $4,550. The Prez passed out a neat recruitment tool, read it and use it. Repeat as necessary. Heart of hearts dinner is Nov 23 and we will be well represented.   Smaller than usual number of Sertomans gathered at noon today.

                                          SERTOMAN OF THE DAY

Glenn Combellick came out of Billings, MT in 1924 after going to school and fishing there. He followed the rivers into the Gulf of Mexico.  The navy found him in 1941 and he hung around the USAQ until 1945.  Then to Denver and graduated DU, followed by passing his CPA exam and into private practice in Englewood for 27 years.  Married Vernie 54 years ago and has 4 kiddos.  Member since 1955 (2nd active behind Dr. Kelsall) and brought in by the charter Prez.   Thanks for being part of the club, Glenn.  


Thanks to a lot of Shullfeingg by Mabe, another great program. Ted Simendinger, author and all-round funny guy made our day. He is the author of three books, CrittersFish & Other Troublemakers, Rich Without Money, and up-coming Twelve miles to Paradise.  We were entertained by many jokes and stories, but there is also a serious side to Ted. His second book is about encouragement and our ability to change things for the better, in our lives as well as others'. Ted was born in Philadelphia and went to college in Jacksonville , FL.  but now lives in Denver.  As a special treat, Ted gave us complimentary copies of his books.  THANKS, Ted. His focus is centered on the words of Jackie Robinson who said " man's life means nothing except for the impact he leaves on others".  Words to remember!  


Ok, here's your chance to be a part of a great evening! 
There's lots of effort being put into the 50th anniversary party,
 so you will want to be part of it.  Why, its history making!!
December 7th at Columbine


Let's help Prez Grimm bring in new members. 

 He needs our help, after all if we don't do it, Who Will?


Next Bingo Team Nov. 6 ...    E     ...  Go Get 'Em "E" TEAM

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