This Week In Review - October 21, 2004
This Week’s Reporter: Carl Duncan

Song- Bill Parchen      Pledge - Bill Storey        Invocation -Bill Kohlmeier

GUESTS: Bill Parchen was pleased to introduce  RAY RUSSELL

ALERT:  The publication of this week’s bulletin was delayed pending the receipt of information  about  future programs.  
Program chairman RICK CAMPBELL  is pleased to announce the following  programs:  
Oct 28  STEVE PHILLIPS, independent golf pro and author; 
Nov 18  RICH KARLIS,  former Bronco kicker: 
Dec 2, MARK DRISCOLL, athletic director at CSU;  
Dec 9,  RON LYLE retired boxer.  
All of these programs should be a reason  not only to attend but also to INVITE GUESTS.  

The new club we are building will meet at 7 AM on Wednesdays at Mi MI’s on Yosemite south of C-470;  
Geo Hannes can provide a list of  Colorado marriages based on the wife’s maiden name ;  
This is the last week to buy entertainment coupon books from Bob Schlageter; 
Contact  Norm Schillo to buy Xmas poinsettias provided by  S W Sertoma ;  
In spite of an attendance of only 71 players,  E team deposited $5,571;   
Contact Dick Enslow  to buy pies from Chatfield Sertoma’s annual pie sale; 
Contact  Joe Dowdey for a new district directory;  
A team is up this week.  

FUN AND GAMES:  Doug Harder fined Joe Dowdey for calling Bob Schlaegeter  Schlahgeter.  Does it really mater, mahtter, or matter?  He answers to  both.    Since no one else would do it,  Don Marshall fined table A plus Parchen  who was seated at table B.   The motion was amended to correct  the  table designations as being table 1 and table 2.   Parchen fined Duncan for multiple cell phone violations.  All motions passed.

 Handshake: Bob  Schlageter  (not Schlahgeter)    Pot of Gold:  Ed Bezak    

Sertoman of the Day

DON MASIAS  was the Sertoman of the day:   He was born in La Junta in 1951.   He attended school  in Manitou Springs.  He attended college and earned a degree in pharmacy.  He currently works in the pharmacy department at Porter hospital.  He is married and has two sons.   Dale Hand brought him into the club in 1993.


NANCY HARTMAN, who is a counselor for STRIDE, presented our program.  Stride is  a program that assists  families living below the poverty level achieve economic self-sufficiency.   Much of their effort is to convince people who grew up in poverty that they can break the psychological bonds that keep them there.   Stride families are considered successful when they have maintained stable employment for at least a year.  

In addition to psychological  support, Stride offers an emergency loan  of up to $200,  they provide at least 3 Xmas gifts to over 600 kids,  they  pay entry fees so that kids can participate in community recreation activities, they provide tutoring and computers to kids struggling in school.   To over 350 families located primarily in Jefferson and Arapahoe counties, they give   A HAND UP, NOT A HAND OUT.

On the Calendar


October 27

Bingo Team A

October 28

Regular Meeting   - SOD - John Vierthaler -
Steve Philips, independent golf pro and author

October 31

Daylight Savings Day Ends



November  2

Election Day  

November  3

Bingo Team B

November  4

Regular Meeting - SOD Ed Bezjak

November  5

Happy Birthday Don Smith

November  9

Board Meeting

November 10

Bingo Team C

November 11

Regular Meeting - Veteran's Day   - SOD Dick Mason

November 12

Happy Birthday Dick Mason

November 16

Happy Birthday Howie Kelsall

November 17

Bingo Team D

November 18

Regular Meeting - SOD Steve Bolyard - Rich Karlis,  former Bronco kicker: 

November 24

Bingo Team E - Happy Birthday Orian Hunter

November 25

Thanksgiving Day

                                            Accepting Disagreement 
On a regular basis, you will likely disagree with others. Don't let that disagreement control your life.

When you are confident of your own path in life, you will not be threatened by differing opinions. Instead of fighting against others who disagree, allow those differing perspectives to strengthen your own. 

There's no need to become defensive when your opinions are challenged. Instead, let the challenges help you to further refine and clarify your own thinking.

True success is not a matter of forcing others to adopt your viewpoint. True success comes from making your life a full, complete and valuable expression of your own unique point of view.

There will always be those who think differently than you do. Learn to see that as a blessing, and learn to appreciate its value.

When you gratefully, peacefully, and lovingly accept disagreement, it loses its power to control your life. And you can transform it into something positive that will truly enhance your world.

-- Ralph Marston