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This Weeks Reporter: Bill Worth

October 4, 2003

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This Week In Review
Hard to believe . . . one month of the new term has slipped by.  There were no guests today. We need new members and the way to sell guests is to bring them to a luncheon!!!  Spaget and meatballs with salad and calorie-free cheesecake (I examined mine carefully and could not find a single calorie).  Fines today were quite numerous, as well as being complex.  It was hard to know what you were voting for - as if it mattered.  Rich Carlson was fined because Miley is hirsutely sensitive - McKim was fined for his attire - Grimm was fined for absenteeism - the Sgt-at arms was fined for improper procedure, then again for dereliction. Attendance was on the sparse side. The Pot o Gold could have been won by Buckland or Jacobus.  Sorensen agreed to accept it.  The Handshake Prize went to Dick Mason.
Sertoman of the Day



Today’s Program was Dan O’Bryant, Republican candidate for U S Senate 2004.  He is seeking the seat currently held by Senator Ben Campbell.  Dan gave us a look at his background and experience, and outlined his thoughts on current government and his views on taxes and spending.  He spent time on the effect of terrorism and national and individual security.  Dan came to Colorado as a result of his military service, spent time as a JAG, was on the Air Force faculty and has been active in business. Married to Donna for 26 years, Dan has a daughter (recent graduate of the Air Force Academy) and two sons.  
He is also a Sertoman in the Gleneagle Club.  Thanks Dan for sharing your thoughts with us. 

For more info: www.obryant2004.com





Congrats to Phil Grimm again for a fine year of leadership as he was present ed with his Past President's Pin, just received.

Congrats to Messieurs D Harder, Z Harder and N Schillo for their prowess on the links at the recent Arapahoe Golf Tourney.  Their names have been added to the appropriate trophies.


Congrats to Rich Carlson on receiving the President’s Key of Excellence award for accepting the Sponsorship VP responsibility and the responsibility for handling the Freedom program.

Congrats to Bill Worth on receiving his 2002-2003 Perfect attendance Award after being absent for three weeks, and on receiving a Key of Excellence award for solving the ‘mystery’ of the Boulevard Club.  

We are Pleased to Report...that there are plenty of 2004 Entertainment Books available for sale.  Buy one for yourself and for your kids and their families. They are $22, a good value, and they make a profit for the club. 


Saturday November 1- Fall District Conference -All officers and directors need to put this combined Front Range / Central Colorado District session on their calendars. The club will pick up the tab. 

The Englewood Chamber will host the annual Thanksgiving Service Club Luncheon on Friday November 14th.  Let's be well represented.

On December 1st, the Front Range District Social will be held.  We will be going out to Heritage Square for a fun evening of dining and enjoying music that most of our members can related to  - music from past U.S.O. Christmas shows.  Our own Nick Morrone, District Interclub Lt.  Governor, is in charge.  More info later

On The Calendar 


Oct 7

Board Meeting - 6:00pm - Elks Club - Fred Downs B'Day

Oct 8

Bingo Team B

Oct 9

Regular Meeting - Jim Crawford - Trout Unlimited

Oct 12

    Bob Lutes  B'Day

Oct 13

Columbus Day Observed

Oct 14

    Bill Benton's B'Day

Oct 15

Bingo Team C

Oct 16

Regular Meeting

Oct 22

Bingo Team D

Oct 23

Regular Meeting

Oct 24

    Jack Thompson's B'Day

Oct 26

Daylight Savings Time Ends

Oct 29

Bingo Team E

Oct 30

Regular Meeting

Oct 31


    Nov 1

Fall District Meeting

    Dec 1     District Social - Heritage Square

Thoughts to Ponder 

“To the man who only has a hammer everything he encounters begins to look like an nail”    Abraham Maslow

"When in doubt, don't "  
 Saul Gellerman

"We grow neither better or worse as we get old, but more like ourselves"
  May Becker

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