This Week In Review - October 7, 2004
This Week’s Reporter: Bill Worth

Song-     Pledge -   Invocation - Jacobus

If you attended this week’s meeting congratulate yourself because we met the ultimate challenge - everyone had the correct date on their attendance slip, and we did it in record time - 3 months. Today’s fare was a choice of  Artichoke Chicken or BBQ Chicken. The winner seemed to be #1.  The usual announcements today were topped by the word that the C Team had found a winner for the $6900 Progressive.  On the bright side, Bingo chair McKim announced we had a very good first quarter with a Bingo profit of more than $10,000.  Way to go!  It takes all of us to make the Bingo project work.  Be sure you do your part.  Thanks to B Stein, your editor was noted for last week’s bulletin.  Thank you!  You too can be recognized - just sign up to be part of the bulletin crew.  On the job training.  You would enjoy it.  The Bronco tickets were won by 6203891.  

John Vierthaler walked away with the Handshake Prize (had something to do with 5 weeks perfect attendance).  
The Pot O Gold was won by lucky Will

Sertoman of the Day

SOD  Bill Storey claims to be a Toastmaster’s grad, and his training was the most successful I’ve seen in a long time.  Bill kept us spellbound, on the edges of our seats, awaiting, awaiting, awaiting every word.   Born in Hyannis NB 69? years ago. (NB fact or factoid - there is more water under NB than on top of MN).  Moving on, Bill has lived in North Platte , Boulder , Denver . attending Grant, Morey and East High.  Bill had his 15 minutes of fame during this time when he appeared on the front page of the newspaper,  heralded as a ‘purse snatcher catcher’ or a ‘caught purse snatcher’ - it was unclear which.  Bill attended DU and CC.  He seems to have received no respect during his varied military career, from being drafted by mistake to being given assignments that no one understood.  His military locales included Miami , Biloxi (his favorite), and Denver .  Air was mentioned several times - Air Force- Air Mechanics - Air Cadets.  Under pressure from the program chair of the day. Bill leaped ahead in time to note he is still married to Dorothy  and they have three almost retired kids.  There is pressure to have Bill continue his life story next week.  We will see how the pressure holds up this week.  Thanks Bill for telling your special story.  Bill’s fiver went to Tommy Tooth.


Today’s Program, introduced by R Campbell, was presented by Krista Bennett and David Shouse.  Krista is Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the ALS Association.  ALS is Amyotrophis Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's Disease).   Krista is new to the area and to the organization.  She gave a very fine overview of the group, which serves Colorado and Wyoming .  To add to the picture, David, who is an ALS patient, spoke to the disease from a perspective that hopefully none of us will ever have to face.  There are 283 ALS patients in Colorado .  With this disease, it is just a matter of time, sometimes just a few years because there is no known cure.  A powerful program. A special thanks to Krista and to Dave.

Announcements etc.

FDC (Fall District Conference) - October 23 - Be There - Wyndam Hotel - DTC - 8am through Lunch District Business, Training, Awards Luncheon - Club will probably pay registration - Governor says it’s a must meeting for officers and  directors.  
The new Entertainment Books are avail- able.  Pick one up at the meeting or contact Bob Schlageter.  You can reclaim your investment very quickly.  Your purchase will help the club. Cost is $22 each.

Here’s the BANC Plan: Arapahoe is going to BANC (Build A New Club)!  We need your help.  The target area is  Lone Tree/High- lands Ranch and environs.  Initially we will go for a weekly break- fast club.Your input is vital.  This is a club effort.  We need prospects.  We need names of friends, relatives, business associates and clients.  Prospects can live in the area and work elsewhere, or visa versa. If we have the name, we will help you make the contact and the sale.For more information contact Dick Laskey .  Please help with this important project

On the Calendar


October 11      Columbus Day
October 13    Bingo Team D
October 14   Regular Meeting - Happy Birthday Bill Benton - SOD- Gus Szala

October 20  

Bingo Team E

October 21    

Regular Meeting - SOD - Jack Thompson

October 27    

Bingo Team A

October 28   

Regular Meeting   - SOD - John Vierthaler

October 31     

Daylight Savings Day Ends - Halloween

Even More Fun with Words . . .

  • Those who get too big for their britches will be exposed in the end

  • When you’ve seen one shopping center you’ve seen a mall  

  • Time flies like an arrow - fruit flies like a banana                                                             

  • Those who jump off a bridge in Paris are in Seine

  • A backward poet writes inverse

  •  What’s the definition of a will? - it’s a dead giveaway

  •  Baker’s trade bread recipes on a knead to know basis

  •  With her marriage she got  a new name and a dress

  •  The short fortune teller who escaped from prison was a small medium at large