Weekly News Letter

This Weeks Reporter -  Bill Worth

2002-2003 Officers

 Chairman of the Board -
Orian Hunter
 President...Phil Grimm
 VP Sponsorship…Joe Dowdey
 VP Programs…….Tim Pollak
 VP Membership…Nick Morrone
 Secretary………...Mike Ballew
 Sgt-at-arms….......Bob Hogge

Attendance…John Hogge
Bingo………..Pat McKim
 Growth… …..Jason Hand
 Incentives…..Rick Campbell
 Social……….Dean Hiss
 Ways & Means….Don Masias

Pot of Gold- Bob Lutes  
Handshake Prize - None

Entertainment Books  $22 ea.
  see Don Masias
King Soopers Coupons $25 ea Tim Pollak
Tony's Meat Coupons also available at $10  @ a 10% return to the club


Nov. 13   A
Nov. 20   B
 Nov. 27   C 
 Dec.  4   D
Dec.  11  E

Nov. 12th - Board Meeting 6 pm
Nov.  14th -  NO Regular Meeting
Nov.  15th -  Greater Englewood Chamber of Commerce Service Club Luncheon
Nov. 23 - Heart of Heart Gala Club  
See Joe Dowdy
Nov. 28th -  No Regular Meeting
 Happy Thanksgiving 


Dec. 5   Regular meeting
Dec. 7th  Anniversary Party

For Good Little Boys and Girls..
A letter From Santa

The Dry Creek Sertoma Club has a connection with Santa.  For $5 each,
Santa will send a letter to your child,
grandchild, niece, nephew, or??? 
For info call Carol Worth at 303-798-3912 or contact a member of the Dry Creek club. 






Song - Ex-King Orian      Pledge - Dr. Tim     Invocation- Rev. Bill

Today's meal of Beans and Ham, cornbread, salad and cake would have been fine fare for visitors, but we had no guests today.  Gentlemen, let's start inviting friends and associates to the meeting.  Not only did we have no guests, we had no fines (except a self imposed fine by the Sgt - at- arms for not having a handshake prize) - no handshake prize!  E Team Bingo Wednesday started out in a scary mode as some big payoffs were made before the game began, but the evening turned out okay.  Speaking of big payoffs, Don Marshall received the prize for his guess at the recent CSU-AF score, and Howie Kelsall hit the big bucks on the score of Bronco game at the recent Bronco party.  Howie then returned part to the Anniversary Party Fund.  (Thanks, Howie).  Attendance was better than average today - let's try to keep it up.  The Pot-O-Gold left the meeting in the pocket of Bob Lutes.                    
                                       SERTOMAN OF THE DAY

SOD - Edward Bezjak - Colorado native, born and raised in the Swansea area of town, Ed attended Holy Rosary, Swansea and Annunciation.  It was not clear which schools, if any, remain standing.  Graduating in '54, Ed did not have to answer a call from Uncle Sam.  His working days began in the local packing house, then on to Public Service.  He began his office supply center at Kistler-Kwill, then moved to Scott-Rice, Mile-Hi, United, etc.   When he had enough of paper clips and erasers, he retired and switched to Golf as a career, now working at Raccoon Creek several days a week.  Margie remains his sweetheart, and together they note their two daughters with great pride. 
Julie (I think it was Julie) lives just a few blocks from one of the recent sniper sites.  More than a few tense moments resulted.  Softball occupied more than a few hours of Ed's life over the years.  Rumor has it he was pretty good.  In fact Ed is our resident member of the Colorado Softball Hall of Fame.  Ed's a past Honor Club President, and currently serves as a Bingo Captain (Thank you, Ed). Many names came out of the pot before a winner, Don Smith, was found.


                           Today's Program - William Winckler.

Bill's card says 'Civil War Author, Lecturer, Collector'.  He admits to being a Civil War 'nut', and says he took an interest in Civil War history at a very early age.  He decided to write a book directed to young adults.  Bill then explained his path in getting the book in print, from selecting a unit (24th Michigan) to anchor the story, selecting characters, then researching manuals, diaries, letters, archives and weaponry and tactics.  Very interesting and informative.  He answered many questions from members.  The book is titled Blackhat.
In addition to the book, Bill participated in the filming of Gettysburg, and has worked with the National Park Service as interpreter and historian.
Our special thanks to Bill for a fine program.

A Look Back to the Future 1952-2002

Landslide!  Republican Landslide.  Unofficial tabulation for the county shows General Dwight D Eisenhower with 15,632 votes to Adlai Stevenson's 9,838.  Among the Democratic candidates, only the candidate for coroner was a winner.  But wait, there is another important election on the horizon.  Preliminary meetings are being held weekly to organize the new Englewood Sertoma Club.  James Stuart, extension counselor from Sertoma International in Kansas along with many distinguished members of the Denver club and William Brummett from Pueblo are busy rounding up good candidates for the new club.  Charles Fritsinger, local contractor, has been selected chairman during the organizational period.  December 11th has been selected for the charter affair.  Nominations are scheduled for November 29th, the election for December 5th. Englewood is on the move as never before; the city has approved a plan for a new two-way short wave radio system that will improve communication between Police and Fire departments, and plans are in the works for a new sewage disposal plant.  Penney's is holding a grand opening for it's new 'basement' level.  Towncraft White Dress Shirts - $2.98.  Safeway is offering Sirloin Steak at  .78 cents a lb, and Round Steak at .80 cents.  On the seamier side, it seems that with TV signals now filing the air, TV sets have become targets for theft.  In the 3200 block of S Bannock a large TV purchased on the 7th disappeared on the 15th.  While the city of Englewood is blessed by many civic minded organizations, the new Sertoma cub will certainly add to the community service base in a new and energetic way.  


The Sertoma year begins September 1.  Prior to the start of the year, the District presents a DLC (District Leadership Conference) designed to help incoming Presidents understand their rolls and responsibilities.  These presidents then hold a CLC (Club Leadership Conference) for their officers and directors, with the same objectives in mind.  A couple of months into the new year the District holds a FDC (Fall District Conference) to review plans and progress and offer training and guidance to club officers, plus present awards won the previous year.  Four or five months further on, the District holds a SPC (Spring District Conference) to further review and train and to honor recipients of additional awards programs.  Other events throughout the year include LEADS (Leader- ship Education And Development Seminar), Regional Convention and International Convention.  Every member is encourage to attend these meetings.  The club usually pays the cost (or at least part of the cost).  
Play the Alphabet  fame Arapahoe will benefit - You will benefit.   

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