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November 14, 2002



Weekly News Letter


2002-2003 Officers

           Chairman of the Board 
                …Orian Hunter
 President...           Phil Grimm
 VP Sponsorship…Joe Dowdey
 VP Programs…….Tim Pollak
 VP Membership…Nick Morrone
 Secretary………...Mike Ballew
 Sgt-at-arms… …Bob Hogge

 Attendance……John Hogge
 Bingo…………..Pat McKim
 Growth… ……...Jason Hand
 Incentives……..Rick Campbell
 Social………….Dean Hiss
 Ways & Means….Don Masias

Entertainment Books  $22 ea.
  see Don Masias
King Soopers Coupons $25 ea Tim Pollak
Tony's Meat Coupons also available at $10  @ a 10% return to the club


Nov. 20   B
 Nov. 27   C 
 Dec.  4   D
Dec.  11  E


Nov.  14th -  NO Regular Meeting
Nov.  15th -  Greater Englewood Chamber of Commerce Service Club Luncheon
Nov.  21st -  Regular Meeting
Nov. 23 - Heart of Heart Gala Club  
See Joe Dowdy
Nov. 28th -  No Regular Meeting
 Happy Thanksgiving 


Dec. 5   Regular meeting
Dec. 7th  Anniversary Party


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No Arapahoe Program This Week

Nov.  15th -  Greater Englewood Chamber of Commerce Service Club Luncheon


The traditional NFL game on Thanksgiving Day was the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions. Over the years, additional games were added. This year, it's New England at Detroit and Washington at Dallas.

Toss the pigskin

Let  the troops know you APPRECIATE them!

We have thousands of military people overseas, many in harm's way. Let's remember them and thank them for all they are doing for us! The Department of Defense has a Web site where you can send holiday greetings to GIs.
 Click Uncle Sam below

Did you know?

In 1947, President Truman started the tradition of pardoning a turkey the day before Thanksgiving?

The first Thanksgiving was a three-day traditional English harvest festival and not a true "thanksgiving" observance. 
In fact, the festival was so large (over 150 people) that it was held outdoors. And you thought you had it bad cooking for 10!

Good news for coffee drinkers.

Scientists at Vrije University in Amsterdam said components in coffee seem to help the body metabolize sugar, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes, which affects 130 million
people worldwide.

Thanksgiving Word search

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Jokes for Thanksgiving
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Bizarre November Holidays 

November 18 is . . . . Occult Day
November 19 is . . . . Have A Bad Day Day
November 20 is . . . . Absurdity Day
November 21 is . . . . World Hello Day and False Confessions Day
November 22 is . . . . Start Your Own Country Day
November 23 is . . . . National Cashew Day
November 24 is . . . . Use Even If Seal Is Broken Day
It's also Orian's Birthday..
 Long Live the King!

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