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This Week in Review
November 21, 2002
This Weeks Reporter Tim Pollack


2002-2003 Officers

 Chairman of the Board …Orian Hunter
 President - Phil Grimm
 VP Sponsorship- Joe Dowdey
 VP Programs - Tim Pollak
 VP Membership - Nick Morrone
 Secretary - Mike Ballew
 Sgt-at-arms - Bob Hogge

 Attendance John Hogge
 Bingo Pat McKim
 Growth Jason Hand
 Incentives - .Rick Campbell
 Social - Dean Hiss
 Ways & Means - Don Masias

Nov. 27    C 
Dec.  4    D
Dec.  11  E
Dec. 18   A


Nov. 28th -  No Regular Meeting
 Happy Thanksgiving 
Nov. 29—Elks Club needs help—come aid in installing new ceiling tiles    


Dec. 5th -  Regular Meeting
Dec. 7th -   Anniversary Party
Dec. 12th -   Regular Meeting
Dec. 19th -  Kid's Christmas Party
 bring a child and a gift
Dec. 26th -  Regular Meeting

Dec. 31- Englewood Elks New Year’s Eve Party– Open bar, Buffet  Dinner, 
Dance and Breakfast ($45/person)

The Dry Creek Sertoma Club has a special connection with Santa.  For merely $5 each, Santa will send a very personalized letter to your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or whom ever you wish.  For information, call Carol Worth at 303-798-3912, or contact any other member of the Dry Creek Club

Song - Bill Benton              Pledge - Rich Carlson               Invocation- Rev. Bill

        Pot of Gold- Gus Szala             Handshake Prize - Mike Magee      

A small band of hearty Sertomans gathered together for lunch at the Englewood Elks club and after a rousing rendition of the song, jockeying for position at the front of the chow line, they settled down to enjoy their baked chicken, stuffing, peas, and cookies for desert.  Introduction of guests started the meeting and Carol Worth, of Dry Creek Sertoma Club (sitting next to her silent husband, Bill) was introduced by Joe Dowdey, who was promptly fined for not sitting next to his guest. Carol thanked us for chartering her club ten years ago, and starting them on a journey that has donated over $100,000 to the community.  She hawked $5/ each “Letters to Santa,” and alerted us to an invitation in the mail to their “Nonevent Tri-Athalon” for Dr’s Care that will be arriving soon. Fines were plentiful with Pat McKim and Bob Hogge each getting nailed $.25 for “Sertome” at Bingo. Rick Campbell  fined for his “table one” seating, and each member of there fined for allowing such a breach of their 

protocol.  Dick Mason for interruption.  Presidente Phil Grimm for reversing Robert’s Rules.  Tim Pollak  for blurting out corrections.  Dick Mason announced that B-team deposited $5500 despite only 89 players.  Dick Enslow  thanked everyone for their “pie orders” on behalf of Chatfield Sertoma Club.  Pat McKim announced that there will be no Bingo on Christmas Day, but B-team needs to be there January 1st to start the year off right.  Rich Carlson paid $1 to announce a number of Elk’s events.  First they are raffling off a wheelbarrow full of booze for $1/ticket, which will support their Dec. 21st filling grocery bags for the needy.  Next their New Years Eve Party (see calendar).  Finally, they need help the day after Thanksgiving replacing ceiling tiles in our meeting room.  Dean Hiss announced that final arrangements are in place for the 50th anniversary party Dec. 7th.  Tim Pollak hawked coupons.  Phil Grimm took a show of hands for a meeting Dec. 26th.  


Chairman du jour Mabe Downey introduced Phillip B. Danielson, PhD, of the Forensic Genetics lab. at D. U. He presented a slide show entitled “Guilty or Not Guilty? Crime, DNA, and the Criminal Justice System.”  He pointed out that recent celebrity endorsements by the likes of O. J. Simpson, and former president Clinton have dramatically increased the interest in this subject that science first became aware of when in the 1800’s Frederick Resher noticed that the pus on bandages reused during the Crimean war became stringy.  He pointed out that cellular DNA is the same from any part of the body.  It is always composed of repeating protein molecules labeled G, A, C or T.  Each individual has different patterns of repetition. 

These “stuttering regions” and the number of different stutters produces our unique DNA pattern. He gave a number of exciting examples of how the huge increase in sensitivity of the tests has proven people guilty or innocent.  DNA can be recovered from, cigarette butts, ski masks, dandruff, hair, shavers, lice transferred to the victim from rapists, mosquitoes, saliva on a beer bottle or paper coffee cup. Even if a murderer takes the precaution of washing the blood of his victim from the boots he wore, DNA can be extracted from traces of blood in the threads of the welt of that boot.  It was a fascinating look into the complexity of criminal investigation and wonderfully presented.  

No Meeting Next Week 

No new Newsletter for Nov. 28th. 
See Nov. 14th Thanksgiving Newsletter.

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