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This Weeks Reporter: Dave Miley

November 20,2003

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This Week In Review

President Pollak started the meeting briskly and on time.  Bob Stein led the song with unusual flair.  Don Masias led the pledge.  Reverend Kohlmeier gave a particular uplifting prayer.  Nick Morrone announced Dec. 20th will be the Club Christmas party.  Dick Enslow gave the Bingo report.  We deposited $5,200 with 50 players on hand.  Fry fined Doug Harder for contaminating the food.  Harder countered with an accusation that Fry was used to eating off the floor.  Bill Parchen and Howie Kelsall were welcomed back from the disabled list.  Zach Harder sold Bronco tickets, I think Randy Smith won.  Have a good time Randy.  Dave Harder won the Outstanding Service award for digging way down deep and in the corner for the Presidents pork. Guests included Carol Worth, and Joyce Peluso, who were selling Santa Clause letters for the Dry Creek Club.  Jill Wayne was there to collect $2,500 for the Speech & Hearing Center.  The Pot of God went to Jim Helmick.  The hand shake prize went to Bill Parchen and Howie Kelsall.  We had a full house and a good time was had by all.  

Sertoman of the Day
Carl Duncan was brought into the club by Steve Bolyard,  He was born in Alamosa in 1930.  He also lived in Avondale Colorado.  Carl studied language at the University of Colorado.  He is married to Joan and has three children.  In the Army, Carl spent time in Kentucky and Germany.  Carl is not very complementary of Kentucky and in Germany he was the company clerk.  He bought cartons of cigarettes for $2.00 and sold them for $3.00, fifty at a time.  Carl is a retired CPA.  This was Carl's first DOD.  It sounds like Carl will fit right in with our Club. Welcome Carl Duncan. 
Mabe Downey brought us Dick Campbell.  Dick was an FBI agent who worked on the Joseph Coors III abduction and murder case.  Dick shared many interesting details of the case.  He was involving finding the body and many other aspects of the case.  Most of us old farts were around when the murder occurred in 1959 and could remember some of the story.  An interesting question and answer session followed. 

Congratulations, former Arapahoe Club President, Dale Hand, Sertoman of the Year for 2002-2003.

"What I have learned in my life is those things that are high priority in your life, you find time to do"


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