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November 06,2003

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A solid song and a proud pledge proceeded the solemn invocation that asked for a watchful eye over each member, a speedy recovery for each member in distress and a plethora of opportunities in the community to keep us busy and out of trouble.  The lunch fare was wurst and kraut, salad and monster cookies.  Good to have Mabe Downey bring us a guest, Bob S............, and good to have Kevin Teel at lunch.  Word from the Bingo world suggested we took some lumps this week.  This will happen occasionally - we just need to do our best to keep the customers happy. The fines started slow but accumulated.  Dean Hiss paid a fine (some- thing about his shorts), and Dick Enslow was fined for allowing someone else to use his patented "Ahhhhhs". Among the announcements was Sponsorship chair Carlson asking for more help with Freedom Week, and Incentives chair Selby asking for suggestions for Service To Mankind and Sertoman of the year recipients.  President Pollak added a plethora of announcements, mostly from the Fall District Conference (most are noted elsewhere in this bulletin).   Secretary Ballew (who also is the District Governor-Elect) asked us to vote for a name for the new Combined Region - Greater Rocky Mountain and Pacific West - an action that will take place at the next Regional Convention in Sparks NV in May.  If you did not vote and want to contact Mike before 11/14. No Handshake prize today - Glenn Combellick took the Pot O Gold
This Week In Review

Sertoman of the Day
Rick Campbell - SOD - is a 1953 product of Illinois .  Educated in  the area, he spent a couple of years working toward an Electrical  Engineering degree before looking elsewhere.  Rick came to Colorado to  try skiing and decided to make the trip permanent.  With some DYI experience in the body rebuilding field (auto), he opened shop in Englewood and has been there since, Rick and wife Rene – she’s the pretty (and smart) one - have three grown daughters.  Rick’s family enjoys Snowmobiling. Tim Pollak brought Rick into the club. Good move, Tim, well done.  Rick’s fiver went to Bill Benton. Amazing how these car people stick together.
Today’s Program was Ted Case, and his topic was helping you Meet Your Challenge. Ted set out for us some very interesting and usual information, mostly from personal experiences, including tragedies.  Ted came to Colorado from the east in 1995.  A major theme, which originated from his youth, was Falling doesn’t mean you are out of the race.  Ted spoke of focus and its importance. And he spoke of our Reticulating Activating System.  We may have a test on that one next week.  Seriously, he pro-vided some fine input on the problem we all have, or perceive that we have - addressing Challenge.  Thanks to Ted for a very good program.
Newsbits - Notable Notes - Nothings - Nonsense  

Congratulations to Us - The Arapahoe Sertoma Club has been awarded the Silver Club Achievement Award for the 2002-2003 year.  This award recognizes the leadership of Prez Grimm, and the many hours and dollars raised and spent for service in this community.

Our Special Thoughts and Prayers to members temporarily under the weather.  We hear that Bill Parchen is home and may be able to be back to harass us next week.  We also hear Dr. Howie is doing better.

The Greater Rocky Mountain Region (our region) will be combining with the Pacific West Region ( Washington , Oregon , California , Nevada and Arizona ).  Our first Regional Convention together will be in Sparks NV in May.  You have an opportunity to vote for the new name, but you need to do it now.  Contact Mike Ballew for info.

Speaking of Conventions, the 2005 Regional Convention will be hosted primarily by the Platte Canyon Club.  The help of others will be needed.  More info later, but say yes if you are asked to help.

H E A R Project information was presented to the attendees at the Fall District Conference last weekend.  This project is an association of audiologists, Denver area Sertoma Clubs, and the Alexander Graham Bell group.  The project is a funding source for hearing aids and related ser- vices for children with hearing loss and financial need in Colorado . The group will be better able to research the needs of the kids and their families, a task that is difficult for individual clubs to do.  (Editorial comment: Arapahoe should officially vote to support this project).

Four Arapahoe Sertomans attended the FDC - Mike Ballew, Bob Buck- land, Tim Pollak and Bill Worth.  We certainly should have been better represented. (Whoops, I mean in numbers, not quality of members).

Fly your Flag Tuesday in honor of our country's service men and women and our veterans.  Encourage your neighbors to fly their flags.

Sertoman of the Day (SOD) is a fun opportunity for each of us to hear a bit more about our fellow Sertomans. Yeah, we know you've done it a million times, but there are always new guys who haven't heard your story.  When it is your turn, do it!  Thanks

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   Nov 11     Board Meeting - 6:00pm - Elks Club - Veteran's Day

Nov 12

Bingo Team B - Dick Mason's B'Day

Nov 13

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    Nov 14     Englewood Chamber Thanksgiving Service Club Luncheon 

Nov 16

    Howie Kelsal's B'Day

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Nov 23

Heart of Hearts Gala...See Joe Dowdy

Nov 24

Orian's B'Day

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   Dec 1     District Social - Heritage Square