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This Weeks Reporter:   Fred Downs 

 December 13, 2002

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This Week In Review

Dave Miley started the song and nearly all gleefully followed.  The pledge was honored with a flag and Rev. Bill delivered an eloquent prayer for continued help for our efforts and for the blessing of food.  A smiling Victoria served up roast beef sandwiches with veggies, mashed potatoes, salad and big cookies. John Pifer preempted a fine by volunteering to pay a buck for advertising.  Sertomans were pleased to receive 2003 Norman Rockwell calendars from John with his business advertising boldly visible beneath the art.  Thanks John.  Our President discovered his bell was missing.  He was promptly fined for leaving it at Columbine where Arapahoe celebrated its 50th birthday Saturday night.  All agreed it was well planned and organized by the past presidents, led by Social Committee Chair, Dean Hiss.  Dean reported 130 people attended representing 74% of membership.  Well deserved compliments are still coming in.  Our thanks to the committee for a job well done [even remembering the Bell].  Zack Harder, son of Doug, returned to our meeting today and will be advertised for membership today. Bob Zuckland is transferring from LoDo to Arapahoe and will be advertised also.  Dean Poindexter's second advertisement will also appear.  Three new members in less than a week.  Great!  Table 1 bore the brunt of fines for abusing guest privileges at their table--Sorenson and Buckland.  George Hannes received a fine for looking like a Norman Rockwell impersonator.  Joe Dowdey fined Dave Miley for appearing somewhere as secretary and treasurer of something and got himself fined for confusing Dave with Dr. Pollak [I think].  Ed Bezjak reported E-team had all of 57 people for Bing Wednesday and still deposited $5,700--Yea!

Sertoman of the Day
The Sertoman of the Day and the Sgt. at arms got caught up in holiday traffic and disappeared.
Out guest speaker today was Mike Camelio, Sertoma's Front Range District Governor.  Mike Started his remarks with a question---"What is Sertoma?"  His answer was, " opportunity to promote Sertoma."  He suggested that we ponder:  listening to governors with short speeches, building web pages, [see,], humor and fun, don't leave your best friends behind, answering why you are in Sertoma, involvement in club activities on a regular basis, developing lasting friendships, the things we do and what we do them for, helping people realize their dreams, making a difference in someone's life, our place in the community, training for more responsibility. Mike agrees that LoDo's baseball program is a high priority to bring into focus.  This is a program which involves many, if not all of the points discussed above.  Arapahoe and some of its people did a lot in the early days of LoDo's founding and its subsequent involvement in the :Field of Dreams" baseball project.  We can see to it that this program continues.  Yes!  Mike's short speech" made him late.  We appreciate his comments and Ed Bezjak made him welcome with a buck fine.    

1st Publications for Membership

Zachary D. Harder        Account Manager- Land American Lawyers Title
Sponsor: Doug Harder.

2nd Publications for Membership

Dean V. Poindexter      Agent- American Family Insurance
Sponsor: Pat McKim.
Handshake Award
Pot-O-Gold Winner
Joe Geers
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December 31 Englewood Elk's New Years Eve Party
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Arapahoe Sertoma Club Celebrated Its 50th Year of Service to Mankind December 7th 2002