Song- Dave Miley    Pledge - Just happened  Invocation - Pastor Robinson

           Good Fare today was Pasta casserole, salad, rolls, and carrot cake

No actual guests today, but having John Vierthaler  and Kirk Hon here was close to having guests. McKim got fined after introducing Kirk as a guest (for not knowing that he was a member). Jim Perkins was fined for wearing a hat, but stated that his fine would have been greater if the hat was off. The 2004 Darwin Award for dumb fines had to go to Mason and Laskey who fined our own table for being “chicken #*@*”.  There were a couple of other better thought out fines that went to Parchen from Miley and Bezjak. Dick Eslow announced the arrival of his first grandchild on the 15th which conveniently kept him out of the bingo hall. McKim filled in and they broke even with 73 players. Parchen passed around sign up sheets for the Christmas Party and Santa luncheon. Laskey announced the first meeting of the new Highlands Ranch/Lone Tree Club which will be held at Mimi’s on January 12 at 7:00 AM . We really need everyone’s help to get this club started. Please invite a guest! Hand shake prize went to Dr.Tim. POG to Dr. Fry.

Sertoman of the Day

SOD  Rick Campbell was born in ‘53 in Illinois . He grew up in Lombard , Il and served our country fearlessly for two weeks when Nixon abolished the draft and he got to go home. He discovered Colorado while on a ski trip and moved out here to start Auto Body and Frame 26 years ago. He has been married to Renee (a great bingo supporter) for 30 years. They have three daughters who have presented them with one grandson and two more in the hopper. Rick stated that he enjoyed being part of Sertoma mainly because of our poor drivi

ng abilities. Tim Pollak brought him into the club about 7 years ago. The quality if the presentation was attested to by Vierthaler who no questions for Rick. George Hannes grabbed Rick’s fiver.


Doug Harder introduced Pastor Jim Robinson who is currently the Command Chaplin at Ft. Lee,VA. He has been in the Army for 28 years (35 including reserve) and will retire Jan.31,2005 to take over as the Pastor at Christ Lutherin Church. He spoke of many of the great things that we are doing in Iraq (the sandbox) that we never read about such as rebuilding of a hospital. He mainly talked about Decompression Training For Redeploying Military Personnel. He and his staff of Chaplins have only 6 days when soldiers return to the states to give them skills to reunite with their families and return to their home stations. They encourage the soldiers to talk about their experiences unlike WWII, Viet Nam and Korea vets who were reluctant to discuss what they had been through. Col. Robinson encouraged us to talk to returning military asking how they are doing and is there anything that we can do? It is hard for us to grasp the hardships that they have been through. He stated that one day he observed a thermometer reading of 142 degrees in the shade! A great presentation. We are fortunate to have Pastor Jim Robinson joining our club as our Chaplin. Welcome!

On the Calendar


December 18   Club Xmas Party - Las Brisas
December 21   Winter Begins
December 23   Kids/Grandkids Xmas Party
December 25  
Jan. 1, 2005   Happy New Year
Jan. 5, 2005 Bingo-   


Arapahoe Sertoma Christmas Party will be held Saturday December 18th at Las Brisas Restaurant - 6pm - $15 each. Bring a gift (about $10) for each attendee for a fun gift exchange.  For information or to sign up, contact Bill Parchen.  Great meal included.

Santa will stop at the Arapahoe Kids/Grandkids Christmas Party at the Elk’s club Thursday the 3rd.  Bring a gift for each child clearly marked with the child’s name (write big/Santa doesn’t see as well as he once did). There will be a kid friendly menu. All members welcome but must be accompanied by a child or a fine will be in order.

The Mountain West Regional Convention will be held at the Hilton Denver South on April 21st through 23rd.  The club will probably pay part of your registration.  Put it on your calendar now and plan on attending this enlightening, educational and fun Sertoma event.  

 More on the BANC Plan:
 The first meeting of our new club will be held early in January.  We are going to BANC (Build A New Club) and we need your help.  Target area is  Lone Tree/Highlands Ranch and environs.  Weekly breakfast meetings will be held on Wednesdays at Mimi’s Restaurant on Yosemite .

Your input is vital.  This is a club effort.  We need prospects.  We need the names of your friends, relatives, business associates and clients.  Prospects can live in the area and work elsewhere, or visa versa .If we have the name, we will help you make the contact and the sale.  For more information contact Dick Laskey.  Please help with this important  project.

 Red Skelton’s tip for a happy marriage:

Two times a week we go to a nice restaurant, have a little beverage,
 then comes good food and companionship.
 She goes on Tuesdays, I go on Fridays.