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DECEMBER 18, 2003

This Weeks Reporter: Dave Miley 


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This Week In Review

The meeting today was five minutes late starting and leaderless until Nick Morrone took over with enthusiasm and appointed someone to start the song.  Someone else lead the Pledge of Allegiance and Doug Harder gave the blessing. After we added an extra table to accommodate all the members and guests, we were treated to some very good hot dogs and burgers.

After eating, James Loshbaugh treated us all to a fascinating program of magic,music and dancing, and animal balloons. Nathan helped James with his magic wand. The dancing puppets were the hit of the day. Routines were performed by Minnie, Frosty, Ms Piggy, Rudolph, Dracula, and the Fairy Girls.The crowd responded spontaneously as the performers interacted with the front row guests. Oohs and aahs could be heard throughout the program. Occasionally a patron would jump right up an participate with the performers. Once again Ms Piggy made a fool of herself trying to impress the boys, but still, she was well received. At first the crowd was skeptical of Dracula, but he quickly won them over with his Fred Astair like footwork and smooth moves across the stage. 
Frosty barley survived the warm temperature and avoided melting away. The excitement was overwhelming as hordes of photographers snapped pictures quicker than the paparazzi. For a while, the excitement foreshadowed the anticipation of the arrival of the special guest. But once the balloons were handed out, thoughts of Santa Clause began to overwhelm the audience. It seemed as though he might be late, when all of the sudden a loud banging on the door was heard. Don Smith opened the door, and Lo and Behold, Santa with a bag full of gifts appeared. The guests went crazy as they lined up to receive their presents. Santa seemed to be having trouble with his hair, beard, and moustache. It all seemed to be moving around on his head and face. Eventually, his moustache completely disappeared from view. In spite of his problems, everyone had a good time. As he left, he wished everyone a - MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR 

Next up:  Team C  Workers are needed for New Yearís Eve.  
If you can help, please call Dick Mason.  


Sertoman of the Day - Santa



Dana, Guyman, Brian, Josh, Cole, Julian, Loren, Matthew, Madelyn, Kane, Nathan, Emily, Luke, Laren, Kerry, Bryson, Shelby and Nick


Make a note 

BANC program starts in January.  Get a prospect for Highlands Ranch

On The Calendar 


 Dec 22   First day of Winter - Joe Dowdey B'Day

  Dec 24   No Bingo  Christmas Eve  - Mike Magee B'Day

  Dec 25  

  Dec. 29 Regular Meeting Ralph Manciello, Casino Chip collector

  Dec 30  Jason Hand B'Day

  Dec 31  Bingo Team C  

  Jan 1  Happy New Year

Upcoming Programs

January 8:  Josef Mason of the Colorado Boxing Commission  
January 15:  Bruce Lytle on Water Conservation  
January 29:  Ralph Manciello, a casino chip collector

Mark Your Calendars 

Freedom Week will be on February 17, 2004.  The speaker will be Reggie Rivers.

 Efforts for building the Highland Sertoma Club will begin shortly after the New Year.  Start thinking of who you know that you can recruit to join to BANC this club.  Bob Hogge is in charge of the BANC effort.  Letís give him our help!