This Week In Review - December 2, 2004
This Week’s Reporter: Bill Worth

Song- Jim Perkins      Pledge - Rick Jacobus     Invocation - Doug Harder

Our condolences go to Phil and Marla Grimm and  family on the passing of their granddaughter.
Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

Food Fare today was Chicken, Rice, Slaw, Roll and Brownies; attendance was a bit short at 37.  Three guests today - all ladies: Jody Farley and Kristin Bennett of Jama Sports (guests of George Hannes); and Sue Goodin (guest of Pat McKim).  A presentation of $2500 in sponsorship funds was made by Pat McKim to CNI (Colorado Neurological Institute), represented by Sue Goodin.  Bill Parchen caused Table One to be fined because he abandoned them so he could sit at another table next to Ms. Farley.  A variety of intertwined fines followed, involving Parchen, McKim, Dowdey and others. John Pifer distributed a variety of 2005 calendars that displayed the logo of a local insurance agency. He may actually have escaped a fine. That never happened before. Jim Perkins confessed to never having been billed for dues, hence Secretary Duncan and Treasurer Hooge paid for dereliction of duty.  No Handshake prize today????  Pot O Gold to lucky???? Barney O’Grady.

Sertoman of the Day

 SOD  Bob ‘Buck’ Buckland arrived in Hartford CT in 1932.  Product of local schools, Bob attended the University of Connecticut one year before spending time in the U S Navy.  He returned to U of Conn , graduating in ‘56.  Met his wife and married in ‘57  Employed by prudential, Bob decided to add a law degree, but delayed when the first little Buckland came long.  He did become a lawyer in ‘61, but found it less than fulfilling as he plied his trade at Connecticut Mutual.  In 1964, Bob ‘selected’ Denver to go into the insurance agent business.  Bob and Betty have 3 kids and 6-1/2 grandkids.  Brought into LoDo Sertoma by Dick Sorensen, he transferred to Arapahoe for more action.  Bob has been very active in he club’s social life, creating much of it for our pleasure. Thanks, Bob, for all your efforts.  His fiver went to Norm Schillo .


Today’s Program, introduced by Barney O’Grady. was Colorado State University Athletic Director Mark Driscoll.  Mark, a Colorado native, and a CSU grad who played football and coached at CSU, has been on the job almost a year and a half.  He has a background in banking and dabbled in radio as a color analyst.  Mark did a fine job of updating our knowledge of the fine athletic program in Fort Collins, particularly in regard to their Relatively new involvement in the Mountain West Conference. Did you know CSU’s Women Volleyball is ranked 9th in the country, and that the graduation rate for ‘athletes’ is higher than the rest of the school?  Thanks, Mark, and Go Rams!
Next week (hopefully) - Ron Lyle - ex Boxing  Champ - be there

On the Calendar


December  1   

Bingo Team A
December  2 

Regular Meeting- SOD Bob Buckland                  

December  7  

Board Meeting - Happy Birthday Joe Greer & Lloyd Steinmann  
Pearl Harbor Day

December  8   Bingo Team B
December  9   Regular Meeting Sod Rick Campbell
December 12    Happy Birthday Bruce Elsey  
December 13    District President’s Roundtable
December 14   Board Meeting - All welcome
December 15   Bingo Team C
December 16   Regular Meeting
December 18   Club Xmas Party - Las Brisas
December 21   Winter Begins
December 23   Kids/Grandkids Xmas Party
December 25  
Jan. 1, 2005   Happy New Year


Arapahoe Sertoma Christmas Party will be held Saturday December 18th at Las Brisas Restaurant - 6pm - $15 each. Bring a gift (about $10) for each attendee for a fun gift exchange.  For information or to sign up, contact Bill Parchen.  Great meal included.

Santa will stop at the Arapahoe Kids/Grandkids Christmas Party at the Elk’s club Thursday the 3rd.  Bring a gift for each child clearly marked with the child’s name (write big/Santa doesn’t see as well as he once did). There will be a kid friendly menu. All members welcome but must be accompanied by a child or a fine will be in order.

The Mountain West Regional Convention will be held at the Hilton Denver South on April 21st through 23rd.  The club will probably pay part of your registration.  Put it on your calendar now and plan on attending this enlightening, educational and fun Sertoma event.  

                                                                               More on the BANC Plan

The first meeting of our new club will be held early in January.  We are going to BANC (Build A New Club) and we need your help.  Target area is  Lone Tree/Highlands Ranch and environs.  Weekly breakfast meetings will be held on Wednesdays at Mimi’s Restaurant on Yosemite .

Your input is vital.  This is a club effort.  We need prospects.  We need the names of your friends, relatives, business associates and clients.  Prospects can live in the area and work elsewhere, or visa versa .If we have the name, we will help you make the contact and the sale.  For more information contact Dick Laskey.  Please help with this important  project.

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