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This Weeks Reporter: Bill Worth

DECEMBER 4, 2003

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This Week In Review

Song - Pifer                         Pledge - Geers                        Invocation - Kohlmeier 

With a bit of help and encouragement, J Pifer, calendar pusher, started the Sertoma Song. The crowd was about average (35), but should be larger now that it’s colder and windier on the links. Three guests: Ann Schillo, delivering Southwest LaSertoma Poinsettias, T G_______, cousin of Rene Campbell and guest of Rick, and B Schlageter, new member in process. Understood Norm S was homesick. Ann seemed to be having a most enjoyable time at the table with ...well, names on request. D Bingo (11/26) was a big night, E Bingo (12/3) was a bust, but that’s the way it goes. P McKim reports we had a great quarter, so we have to be there for the customers big or bust. Pifer paid a buck to hand out all the calendars (I thought it was supposed to be a buck a calendar). Table One paid the usual two bits each, Benton added an extra quarter. J Dowdey paid a fine for unlawful puppettering. Table D (for Derelicts?), including a lady guest, paid a quarter each for loud and noisy behavior. The Bronco raffle drawing winner was ticket 767, Victoria our catering hostess.  John Pifer won the
Handshake prize; Ed Bezjak carried home the Pot O Gold.

Sertoman of the Day
SOD - None
Today’s Program was Steve Dawson. Steve is an attorney and a member of the Sertoma Club of DTC. His topic today involved Divorce, a subject familiar to some of our members, but totally foreign to a many others. Among the points that Steve made: ‘The Purpose of Life is the Expansion of Happiness’. We fall in love, Steve notes, in that search to expand our happiness. A couple of results can occur: A-we live happily ever after, or B-we utilize it as part of a ‘growth’ plan. I admit this is the point where I lost track. Steve made lots of interesting observations for us to think about. Our special thanks go to Steve for an intriguing and interesting program.
Things of Special Note

Kids Luncheon - Your Social Committee has gone to great lengths to get a promise from Santa Claus to drop in at the Elks club during lunch on the 18th. Be sure you are there with your younger kids and grandkids for the special fare and entertainment. Bring a wrapped gift from Santa for each kid - be sure the name is in large letters ‘cause Santa is getting blinder each year. Sign up no later than next week. If you show up without a kid, bring money 

Club Xmas Party - Dress up in your holiday attire, prepare a potluck dish, wrap a gift to exchange in a reverse auction and put Saturday the 20th on the calendar. Riverwalk Clubhouse at 6pm. Mark gift for man, women or either. More info? - call Bob Buckland. Sign up this week for sure. 

Omar Blair Tribute - On December 20, 4-8 pm, the Greater Park Hill Sertoma Club will hold a ‘Tribute to Omar D. Blair’ in recognition of his contribution to Sertoma and his lifetime achievements in the community. Omar was a key person in the formation of Greater Park Hill. The club was chartered by Arapahoe on December 13, 1985. The event is a Greater Park Hill Sponsorship/Ways & Means project - $25 per nametag. It will be held at the Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library. For information contact Dr. Faye Rison at 303-773-6852. 

The District Social held December 1 at Heritage Square will be remembered for a very long time by some of the attendees. A good crowd of 50 Sertomans enjoyed a fine buffet dinner and down front seating for the USO Christmas Show. A couple of Arapahoe members participated in the show. Prez Pollak went on stage in a skit that is hard to describe. Perhaps he will tell us about it some time. Bill Worth enjoyed sharing the spotlight with one of the lady cast members. The lipstick will wear off eventually. A good time was had by all. Thanks to our Nick Morrone, district social chair, for making the arrangements. Well done. 

Old Fashioned Hospitality is the theme of the next Regional Convention, which will mark the combining of the Greater Rocky Mountain and Pacific West Regions. The date is May 20-22, 2004 and the place is John Ascuaga’s Nugget in Sparks, Nevada. The hotel rate is only $88 per night. The convention rate will be about $125 and include most meals. This will be a fun convention at a fun location. Start saving your quarters and consider signing up for the experience. The club will probably help with expenses.


On The Calendar 


 Dec 10    Bingo Team A
  Dec 11    Regular Meeting
  Dec 17    Bingo Team B
  Dec 18    Regular Meeting
  Dec 22    First day of Winter - Joe Dowdey B'Day
  Dec 24    No Bingo  Christmas Eve  - Mike Magee B'Day
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  Dec 30   Jason Hand B'Day
  Dec 31   Bingo Team C  
  Jan 1   Happy New Year


Here's a summary of the program from Steve Dawson for your newsletter.

When God created the Universe, He had a plan; He had a purpose.  The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness.  We live, we learn, we grow, we become happier.  Everything that happens fits into this plan.  When we fall in love, it is with someone who will facilitate our growth. 

Plan A: We fall in love,get married and live happily ever after.  Our mate fits every part of our life.  True love lasts a lifetime.  Divorce is not an option. 

Plan B:  We fall in love with someone who can facilitate our learning some, but not all, of the lessons we planned to learn in this life.  When we've learned those lessons, we fall out of love and need to move on in order to fulfill our life's purpose.  In Plan B falling out of love does not mean the marriage has failed, but rather it is a signal that the marriage has been a success, i.e. fulfilled its purpose.  Divorce literally means that our life is diverted to a path more conducive to our growth.  It is a common belief that love and marriage serve God's plan for us all.  So does divorce, in certain circumstances.

Divorce can be very stressful for most people.  In fact, it is an emotional minefield.  It's easy to fail at divorce.  A successful divorce is achieved only when the couple can part as friends.  This is easier said than done.  People need guidance.  There are many resources available and most people need professional help from lawyers and counselors in order to navigate there way through this process.  There is one resource available to us all-- the human heart.  Eventually we all need to find our way by being true to our own feelings.  Our own feelings are the best way to validate or discourage the course of action we have chosen.  Divorce is challenging but it can be a very beneficial transition in one's life,  If you know someone going through a divorce, be a good friend and don't judge them or be a great friend and share this axiom:  be true to your Self and you are true to God.