This Week In Review - December 9, 2004
This Week’s Reporter:  Dave Miley

Song- Don Masis    Pledge - Someone  Invocation - Doug Harder

           Dale Hand,  Dan and Helen Masias, plus most of the rest of the Masis family

The Day In Review:  A tasty Mexican buffet started the day in fine style.  Dale Hand was fined one dollar on general principles.  Norm Shillo announced and confessed his inaptitude at marketing poinsettias and offered a refund to anyone whose flowers croaked.  Bill Parchen pitched the Christmas party at Las Brisas restaurant, on the 18th.  Also he reminded us of the kids' lunch on the 23rd.  Dick Laskey reported that the Bingo deposit was $4,000.  President Joe pleaded with all Board Members to please attend the Board Meeting next Tuesday night.  The first meeting for the new club will be held after the Holidays.  We received a Banner patch for 100% participation in Early Bird donation to the National SERTOMA Foundation.

This year's Arapahoe SOY selection is Don Masias.  Don joined the club in 1993 and immediately began contributing to the club.  Don has served on the Sponsorship and Ways and Means Committees.  His contributions to the annual auction have been exceptional.  Don was born in La Junta Colorado .  He is the son of Dan and Helen Masias,  Don is a CU graduate in Pharmacy.  He is a single parent of two sons, Chris and Andrew.  Don has been a long time employee at Porters Hospital where he worked for Dale Hand, who brought him into the club. Doug Harder then proceeded to give us more personal background about Don than the Inquirer Magazine could dig up on Princess Diana.

Sertoman of the Day

Rich Carlson, born on 01/23/45 in New Jersey .  Rich graduated from High School in 1963.  After High School he joined the Air Force where he worked on the Atlas ICBM.  Rich then came to Lowry AFB and learned photography.  After the AF, Rich served for twenty-two years at Johns Manville.  Since then he has worked as a self employed photographer and vending machine owner.  He has also served on the Sheridan Volunteer Fire Department.  Rich is married to Wanda.  They have a son and a daughter.  Most of you have met his grandson, Nick.  He was brought into the club by Sheptak and Sorenson, but Miley got the credit.  Rich has served on the Board of Directors and is our official liaison with the Elks Club.


If you missed Ron Lyle, you missed one of the best programs in the history of Arapahoe Sertoma.   Ron shared his experiences as a convicted murderer, inmate who was stabbed and barely survived, amateur boxer with a record of 25/4, and a professional record of 43/7/1. Ron fought Mohammed Ale and George Foreman for the HW Championship of the World.  Ron works for the Red Shield Boxing Program where he teaches boxing here in Denver.  Ron had more to say than I can possibly relate in this paragraph.  Thanks Barney O'Grady- a great program.

On the Calendar


December 12    Happy Birthday Bruce Elsey  
December 13    District President’s Roundtable
December 14   Board Meeting - All welcome
December 15   Bingo Team C
December 16   Regular Meeting
December 18   Club Xmas Party - Las Brisas
December 21   Winter Begins
December 23   Kids/Grandkids Xmas Party
December 25  
Jan. 1, 2005   Happy New Year
Pot of Gold:  Doug Harder