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The Arapahoe Sertoman   


This Weeks Reporter:   Tim Pollack &   Orian Hunter 

January 16, 2003

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This Week In Review

The meeting began spontaneously when Mason hit the bell.  It was terrible!  We've all heard songs that weren't really good, but this was awful!  Thankfully, the pledge was done well, but lightening struck twice with the prayer.   Everyone jockeyed for position in the chow line, as has become our tradition, for baked chicken, corn and mashed potatoes.  Some of us were thinking, that with such a terrible start, perhaps we should just pack it in, and resolve to do better next week!  But, there were some high points:  
Pres. Grimm began the meeting and was promptly greeted by a fine for him and his predecessor "the King", Randy Smith was gleaming about his new name badge, Zach Harder was finally inducted and will never experience the thrill of a free lunch again.  He related that he is married to Christie and they have two daughters.  He is currently employed by Land America Lawyers Title, but previously earned his way in plumbing, cable TV and other "handyman" occupations.  He says he likes Golf and Softball.  The usual fines were from Bob Stein to Orian Hunter for poor training of the prez in induction performance protocol.  It got even bloodier after that, culminating with the realization that Mason can't spell!  Ed Bezjak fined Zach $.50 to make him feel welcome, Miley got nailed for $.25 for lying when he told a story about Zach at 6 yrs. old.  We were still waiting for a ray of sunshine!  Goodness arrived in the form of Rich Carlson's announcement about the Country Dinner Playhouse night,  production of "Patsy Cline", and the Elks' Chile Cook-off on Jan. 24th.  We were excited about Rick Jacobus' reminder of  the free DU Basketball night on Feb. 8th.  Joe Dowdey started around the Freedom Week Luncheon sign-up sheet for Feb. 18th.  Tim Pollak gave his usual pitch for King Soopers coupons, Dick Enslow promoted the Chatfield Sertoma Blood Draw, Feb. 5th.  Bingo D team had only 79 players and no one seemed to know the final tally.  The greatest thrill, however, was the conveying of the PPA (Pink Pig Award) to Doug Harder by Mike Bellew.  This award would have been give to McKim for the lack of character demonstrated the night before by attempting to seduce an officer of the law!  Harder just got lucky!!!!  As reported by Tim Pollack,  Mike Ballew presented a long drawn out story about a new traveling trophy, the Pink Poodle or "PP" for short, that he was proposing, but it didn't seem to garner much interest.  It was noted at the end of the meeting that "table 1" had not been fined, but no one did anything about it.

Sertoman of the Day
Absent:  There was no Sertoman of the Day...So join us next week for not only an SOD, but next week's winner of the PPA (Pink Pig Award).  The PPA is given each week for poor behavior, evil thoughts, irrational decisions, poorly executed humor, or anything else which shows a complete and total lack of character!  It is believed there will be no trouble finding many members deserving of this high honor!
Chairman Du Jour, Tim Pollak introduced Jill Wayne, a member of LoDo Sertoma and the Executive Director of The Center for Speech an Hearing.  The Center for Speech and Hearing has been the Arapahoe Sertoma primary affiliate since 1978. The Center's mission statement is, "We are devoted to improving people's lives by providing quality hearing and speech services".   The Center is celebrating its 58th anniversary this year. It has a staff of 23 employees (10 part time).  The Center has grown from having a budget of $600,000 ten years ago to a current budget of $1.1 million and now has two offices, one in Denver and one in Colorado Springs.  It provides needed services to over 7,700 clients a year, and screens over 10,000 workers for hearing problems in their industrial program.  The services are provided by three separate programs, Audiology, Speech and Language Therapy and the Industrial Program.   Jill told detailed stories about several clients who have received needed services from the Center, which were very touching.  These stories helped give us an idea of the ways in which the money we've raised is helping in the community.  Our club was instrumental in helping establish the Industrial Van program, which tested over 42,000 workers for hearing problems.  Out of the center's 7,000 regular clients, 5,600 are children.  The United Way has provided approximately 10% of the center's funding, and the rest has come from organizations like ours.  To underscore this relationship, Joe Dowdey presented Jill a check for $2,500.  It is always a pleasure when Jill comes to present and this time was no exception.  Thanks Jill.  Always good to see you!

For more information visit their website:

None today, but there is always next week!  Let's pick up the pace a bit and get some more new faces to look at. 
Promotions Sertoma Club is looking for a few good Sertoma men for the St. Patrick's Day Parade, on March 15th.  They will have the RPU "Rolling Promotions Unit" in the parade and are asking that each club bring its banner and have two members carry it in the parade.  Anyone interested, contact Tim Pollak promotions club member at 303-978-1700.
Handshake Award
Norm Schillo
Pot-O-Gold Winner
Jim Heinrich
On The Calendar   
January 22 Bingo Team E
January 23 Regular Meeting - Angela Ricker - "Sense of Security"
January 29 Bingo Team A
January 30 Regular Meeting - Al Smith, Federal Corrections Facility
February 5 Bingo Team B
February 6 Regular Meeting -Caren Swales- U.S. Department of Interior
February 8 DU Basketball - see Rick Jacobus
February 12 Bingo Team C - Abe Lincoln's Birthday
February 13 Regular Meeting -Dr. Barbara Jenkins. Tehuacan Hearing Project
February 14 Valentine's Day
February 17 President's Reception- Eagle Bend C.C.
February 18 Freedom Luncheon - see Joe Dowdey Shrine Center
February 19 Bingo Team D
February 20 No Regular Meeting
February 20 Country Dinner Play House - "Patsy Cline" see Rich Carlson
February 26 Bingo Team E
February 27 Regular Meeting - Dr. Waverly Persons- USGS Earthquake Center
March 6  Black Hawk Trip - The Lodge- See Parchen
April 5 Charity Raffle
August 2 Cajun Cookout - Bill Parchen
Sept 16 Annual Golf Tournament - See Dick Enslow


  • Make your Reservations for an evening at the Country Dinner Play House February 20th.  Patsy Cline & Company.  A really enjoyable event.  See Mr. Carlson

  • Mark your calendars...Don't forget!  The Freedom Week Luncheon
    El Jebel Shrine Building 4625 W. 50th Ave.

Thoughts to Ponder

Thought Worth Repeating
 Robert Frost (Pertinax)

"Let Chaos storm!  Let cloud shapes swarm!  I wait for form." 

Great Quotes from Great Leaders
Golda Meir
  • "Don't be humble; you're not that great."
  • "Those who do not know how to weep with their whole heart
     don't know how to laugh either"
  • "Whether women are better than men I cannot say, 
    but I can say they are certainly no worse."
  • "You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist."