This Week In Review - January 22, 2004

This Week's Reporter - Dave Miley


Thursday's meeting was leaderless. Nevertheless, someone started singing the song at 12:10 promptly. Without assignment, Don Masias led us into the pledge. Pastor Kolmeier gave a most inspirational blessing. Good ole beans and cornbread was enjoyed by all. The normal spinach salad with a wide choice of dressing was offered, and a large plate of an assortment of cookies was available for dessert. Guest Alex Doucette was introduced by someone at his table. Alex is our bingo supply representative and a prospective member. Announcements included: Rich Carlson promoting Freedom Week. Freedom Week luncheon will be Feb. 17, at the El Jebel Shrine, Willis Case Golf course. Dick Mason gave a Bingo report. One $1,000.00 pickel was turned in Wednesday night. Next week, the B team is up. Mike Magee encouraged the purchase of King Sooper and Tony's coupons. Nick Morrone was hawking the Central City trip. Three seats are still available on the bus. The Central City outing is Feb. 24. Fines included Don Smith, something about a late Newsletter? Dick Enslow for just being Enslow, I think, and Joe Dowdey for assuming the position. Bruce Elsey arrived at 12:30. 


Alex Docette


Song–  ?        Pledge–  Don Masias    Invocation– “Rev. Bill"   

Handshake Award-None     Pot of Gold - Bill Kolmeier

Sertoman of the Day

SOD Zach Harder, son of the Stump. Zach was born in 1966, raised in Englewood, graduated from Englewood High, attended Arapahoe Community College,and University of Northern Colorado. He is married to Christie, and has two daughters. Zach is our Sgt. at Arms. He was brought into the club by his dad, Doug Harder. Zach is a sales rep for Lawyer Title. Nick Morrone won the  $5.00.  



Joe Dowdey introduced Dr. Ben Millspaugh, pilot, Civil Air Patrol officer, retired Littleton High School teacher, United Airline instructor, and aviation writer who entertained us with some interesting stories. Several of our members were his former students. Ben and his students built a kit biplane that Ben had to test fly. Ben expounded on the advantages and good times that the CAP program has for youngsters. Several of his students have gone on to careers in aviation. Ben passed around several of the books he has written for use in aviation instruction. The program was extremely well received. Several members discussed the subject with Ben for twenty minutes after the formal program. Thanks Joe for a good one.

Other Announcements

1. Who is the SERTOMA International President?
2. How old was he when he became a member? 

Award to the person who can find their initials, first and last name, imbedded in this news letter. Bring to the attention of Miley at the Jan 28, meeting

On the Calendar
January / February

  January   28

Bingo Team B

  January   29

Regular Meeting- SOD: Rick Jacobus
Program: Ralph Manciello, a casino chip collector

February   1 Happy Birthday to Zach Harder
February   2 Groundhog Day
February   4 Bingo Team C
February   5 Regular Meeting- SOD: Rick Jacobus
February 10 Board Meeting
February 11 Bingo Team D
February 12 Regular Meeting
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Keep a stiff upper lip!
A young girl asked her father if all fairy tales begin with words Once upon a time.
No he replied, a whole bunch begin with the words, If elected, I promise,

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