This Week In Review - January 29, 2004

This Week's Reporter - Bill Worth (Mr. Sertoma)


The song was miserable - again - the worst rendition so far this year - but again it is really hard to blame the song leader. Attendance this year continues to be good (40 today) so let’s keep it up. And again the fines were so muddled by the time we got to a vote it was hard for the sgt-at-arms to know who (whom) to wave the pot in front of. Mister Downey and Mr. Enslow had the honor of contributing along with Table One. Three guests: Alec Doucette (Downey); Jerry McIlhenny? (Mason); and Dick Levere (Carlson). Wednesday’s Bingo
produced a good profit from a not very large crowd. Invite your friends and relatives to come to our Bingo. The progressive is still building, so tell everyone to join us. And remember we need to have full teams to run the games, so be
sure you don’t skip your turn. Sponsorship chair Rich Carlson made two presentations today - details below. Rich also won today’s Handshake prize - Glenn Combellick collected the Pot O Gold.


Alex Docette (Downey); Jerry Mcilhenny? (Mason); Dick Levere (Carlson).


Song  ?        Pledge ?    Invocation“Rev. Bill"   

Handshake Award- Rich Carlson     Pot of Gold - Glenn Combellick

Sertoman of the Day

Rick Jacobus, presented a statistical recount of his life. Had I known I was doing the bulletin and that so many stats would be presented, I would have brought a faster pencil! I did glean a few facts. He was born in Michigan in ‘36. Because his father followed the jail circuit, he lived in several states in his early life. When his dad was assigned to keep order at the Correctional facility in Englewood, Rick began his Colorado stay. He mentioned that he has resided in 19 different residences. He listed a variety of schools attended, closing with UNC in Greeley. Twenty vehicles have been under his control, two of which were company cars. Bonnie is the only wife collected during the period (obviously too good to replace). Two kids, one grandchild, lots of dogs. Rick was brought to the club by Doug Harder in ‘74. (it was noted that Rick lived at Harder’s home for a period - I’ll bet that’s an adventure worth writing about). Gold Coat President, Chairman of the Board for two of the clubs we have started, past District Governor, Rick has been a true Arapahoe member. Thanks, Rick. He is retired now and goofs off a lot. Prize to Don Marshall.



Today’s Program was Al Smith, from the Federal Correction Facil- ity. He was our program just a year ago, and it was great to get an update. Created in 1938, the facility extended all the way from Wadsworth to Kipling. It has had several missions: first as a Youth Center for Juvenile Delinquents (you don’t hear that term much any more); then the Youth Corrections Act put the emphasis on schooling and trades; followed by a facility to handle ‘gang related’ inmates, and now since 9/11 with an emphasis on ‘terrorist activity’. There are many inmates we would not have suspected are in our area. Al suggested Denver is in a vulnerable position. His update was appreciated - we seldom pay much attention to that facility west of us. Thanks, Al.

On the Calendar
February  2   Groundhog Day
February  4   Bingo Team C
February  5   Regular Meeting- SOD: Rick Jacobus -Anniversary of the Constitution
February 10   Board Meeting
February 11   Bingo Team D
February 12   Regular Meeting

February 16 

Intl President’s Dinner

February 17

Freedom Luncheon

February 19

NO Regular Meeting

February 24

Central City Excursion

Things of Special Note

February is a special month for Sertoma - it is the month we celebrate National Heritage. Centered around the Birth dates of Washington and Lincoln, we hold a Freedom Luncheon to honor young people who have won our ’What Freedom means to me” essay contest. The two Districts (Front Range and Central Colorado) run the competition jointly. The contest is held in the ‘Middle Schools” (7th or 8th grades). Each club runs the contest in one or more schools, and there are usually more than 30 schools represented. This year’s Luncheon will be held at the El Jebel Center in North Denver on Tuesday February 17th. The school winners will receive a savings bond and have their name engraved on a plaque that resides at the school. In addition to the winners, we invite parents, teacher and principal. All participants receive a printed copy of the Declaration of Independence. This program began on a District basis in Rick Jacobus' term as District Governor (‘79-’80). Over the 20 years of the program, approximately 60 Denver metro area schools have participated. Some schools have participated every year, some have come and gone. About 600 young people have been honored for ‘winning’ essays. It is hard to know how many students have participated in contest. There are also ‘District ‘ winners, who receive an additional bond and an individual plaque. There are additional ways of celebrating our Freedom and Heritage.

Years ago Arapahoe presented beautiful bronze copies of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution for display in public places - Arapahoe County, Englewood Public Library, etc. Perhaps we should check to see if these need to be replaced. The Arapahoe Freedom Week program is under the guidance of Sponsorship chair Rich Carlson. Thanks for a good job Rich. Other s (committee members) work on the program, but I don’t remember.  Two Sponsorship Donations were made today. A check in the amount of $500 was presented to Covenant Cupboard. This check was accepted by Dick Levere, who gave us a brief rundown on the organization. A check was accepted by President Tim Pollak on behalf of the HEAR Project. The check will passed on to Pauline Casey. The amount of the check is $5000, and will assist in getting hearing aids and associated equipment into the hands of kids who have a need. This is a relatively new program coordinated between local audiologists and Sertoma clubs. This donation will more than double funds currently available. While we may occasionally grumble about our Bingo obligation, it is extremely important to the club, the District and the community. Keep up the good work!!!

You know you’re living in 2004 when... 

* You accidentally enter your pin number on your microwave

* You’ve sat at the same desk for 4 years and and worked for 3 different companies 

* You learn about your lay off on the 10 o’clock news