This Week In Review - January 8, 2004

This Week's Reporter - Bill Worth

Welcome to 2004 
and it's New Opportunities 
to Serve the Community the "Sertoma Way"

The song was miserable - the worst rendition so far this year - but we really can’t blame the song leader.  Attendance today was great - 43 members around the tables.  Does this have anything to do with new year’s resolutions?  Whatever, let’s keep it up.  There were many fines today. But, the procedure was so amended, manipulated and mutilated that it was almost impossible to follow.  It’s like watching the state legislature in action.  I do know that many members were fined for not knowing what year this is.  With a group this mature (old), it does seem unfair because our memories are not what they used to be

  • Three Keys of Excellence were presented today by the prez: Mason for heading up the New Year’s Bingo; Buckland for being such a great party leader; and Morrone for stepping in when the prez failed to show up for an official function. 

  • Our first Bingo of the year produced a good profit from a not very large crowd. Invite your friends and relatives to come to our Bingo. Norm Schillo used up a year of luck today - he won both the Handshake prize and the Pot O Gold.

Song  Martinez        Pledge  Schillo         Invocation“Rev. Bill Kohlmeier”  

Handshake Award- Norm Schillo  Pot of Gold - Norm Schillo

Sertoman of the Day

SOD Tommy Fry, affectionately known as Tommy Tooth, is a native of Miles City Montana.  He used most of his allotted time reading from a Miles City Chamber of Commerce brochure, which truly made this presentation one of his most interesting. A grad of Columbia School of Dentistry, he practiced at the Corner of Arapahoe and Broadway for more years than most of us can remember.  Tommy has been married to Kay for 45 years.  They have 3 kids.  Rumor has it he built up his business by giving away free candy.  What we do know is that Tommy has always participated when we needed his help. Thanks T T.  His fiver went the Norm Selby.



Today's Program was Josef Mason Colorado’s Boxing Commissioner. Colorado’s Boxing Commission was ‘recreated’ in July of 2000. Prior to that we had a commission from 1922 to 1974. In‘96', Congress created new requirements for boxing and that lead to the new commission. Josef has substantial experience, including that as a judge. The commission oversees about 20 events a year, which includes kick boxing and mixed marshal arts events, as well as women’s bouts. His duties include the whole ball of wax from running the commission to inspecting the ring, to arranging security, etc.   Thanks Josef for a very interesting program.

Other Announcements

  • Thanks to the Pickup Bingo Team that covered the New Year’s Eve session. The crowd,168 players, celebrated along with Bezjak, Campbell, Dowdey, Hannes, D Harder, Z Harder, Mason, Pollak and Worth.  Thanks to each member for the ‘above and beyond’ effort.

  • Club Christmas Party - Lot ’s of spirit, good food, fun and fellowship was evident at the club’s Christmas Party on December 22nd. Thanks to Roberta Graham for making the facility available to us.  The gift exchange, and exchange, and exchange, and exchange was fun.  The pot luck food was again a culinary treat.  It was good to see Peggy Tolley. Thanks to Bob Buckland and his social committee for a great holiday party.

  • Omar Blair was Honored on Dec 20th at the Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library.  Omar was honored for his many civic achievements as well as for being a major founder of the Greater Park Hill Sertoma Club.  Arapahoe is proud have been the sponsor of that club.  The Jacobus’ and the Worth’s attended, as well as Sertoma International President Bill Stanage, who came from Albuquerque to participate.  The event was well organized by the Greater Park Hill Club.  Everyone should check out the Blair-Caldwell facility.

  • Our club web site continues to improve and the thanks goes to Jean Smith.  If you have not seen it, check it out at  Many of our members have opted to not receive this hard copy version of the weekly bulletin, so they rely on the online version.  The web version is always available and includes not only the latest bulletin, but also, I believe, an archive of prior issues.  The Bingo roster and an Event Calendar are available, plus easy access to the International and related web sites. And, check out the ‘linked’ information.  Thanks, Jean

  • Step 13 says thank you to Arapahoe Sertoma for it’s continuing support.  We understand Bob and Betty Buckland and Rich and Wanda Carlson shared their holiday by assisting at the facility.  Thanks to them from all of us. And, a  reminder: when you provide ’service’ outside the norm, put the hours on your next  attendance slip.  This helps us keep track of total service contributions.

  • As promised, Santa showed up at the December 18th Kids/Grandkids Christmas luncheon.  Rumor has it that Santa’s Beard was a bit of a concern to some of the kids.  But, a good time was had by all, young and old. Thanks to MD for filling in as the special guest.

  • Save your change - we are planning a visit to Central City.  A couple of changes from the past - no meal, but free transportation.  Put 2/24 on your calendar and plan on joining us for the ride. You could come back a millionaire

On the Calendar

January 11

Happy Birthday to Pat McKim, Norm Selby, Bill Storey

January 13

Board Meeting

January 14

Bingo Team E

January 15

Regular Meeting - SOD: Zach Harder - 
Program: Bruce Lytle on Water Conservation

January 19

Martin Luther King Day

January 20

Happy Birthday Dave Miley

  January 21

Bingo Team A

  January 22

Regular Meeting - SOD: Robert Hogge

  January 23

Happy Birthday to Rich Carlson & Dick Enslow

  January 24

Happy Birthday to Mabe Downey

  January 28

Bingo Team B

  January 29

Regular Meeting- SOD: Rick Jacobus
Program: Ralph Manciello, a casino chip collector


                 Thoughts to Ponder  -  Signs of the Times

  • Procrastinate Now!
  • My Dog can lick Anyone.

  • Heck is where people go who don’t believe in Gosh.
  • My Wild Oats have turned to Shredded Wheat!