This Week In Review - February 12, 2004

This Week's Reporter - Randy Smith


  BINGO:  73 Players with a $4800 deposit.  The Progressive is up to $4600.  Next up:  Team  E.  McKim that so far this year we have netted over $18000 from bingo.

  FINES:  There were numerous fines for a variety of infractions including Mabe Downey for stealing a new member (failed), Pat McKim for failing to “close the sale,” and to the Prez for dereliction of duty. 

  ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Dick Laskey reminded all that the Sertoma year has been changed.  The next dues billing will be for four months.  Freedom Week is next week.  The Spring District Conference (Awards Dinner) is April 2 @ 6:00 p.m.  More info to follow.



GUESTS:  Alex Duccet (Second Publication this week.)


Song  Bob Hogge        Pledge Gus Szala    Invocation – Carl Duncan   

Handshake Award- Mabe Downey    Pot of Gold - Zack Harder 

Sertoman of the Day

Dick Laskey

Dick was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1948.  He reported that his schools are still standing; however, they all have metal detectors to check out the students.  He attended Western Michigan University and attained his CPA.  He came to Denver in 1973.  He and Linda have two children.  Jeff is a junior at CSU and Jennifer has presented them with a wonderful grandson, Nick, who is now two years old.

 Dick was brought into the Club by Walt Irwin in 1980.  Since joining the club, Dick has served on the Board in almost all positions and was President in 1986-87.  Dick is a great Sertoman.  His $5 went to Mike Ballew




Gus Szala introduced our speaker Ron Bena.  Ron retired from the Air Force as a Colonel and Director of Scientific Research.  Following that retirement he, he became the Research Director for Martin Marietta and moved to Denver in 1978.  He retired from that position in 1997.

 He told a very interesting and humorous story about his experience as an Air Force pilot during the Viet Nam War.  He and his crew were responsible for transporting a modified WWII plane to Viet Nam to be used in reconnaissance over the Ho Chi Min Trail.  While en route, they encountered mechanical difficulties due to a plumber’s mistake in installing the revised fuel line.  They crashed in the wilds of Alaska.  Although the  WWII rescue and survival gear did not work, thankfully they were rescued.  He recently was able to go back to the crash site and see the remains of the plane.  He said the return to the crash site was a very emotional experience.

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    February 24     Central City Trip

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February 26

Regular Meeting:  Jennifer Steiner from SCORE will be our speaker.

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Membership Publications

Alec Doucette-Littleton, Colorado

Anyone having objections contact the secretary with two weeks of this publication.


Arapahoe is building a new club in Highlands Ranch and we need our help!

Contact Bob Hogge with names and phone numbers of folks you know in Highlands Ranch and

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The new region names under considerations are:

  Mountain West
  Majestic West
  Great West
  Greater West

The Car Raffle is coming up April 17.  Contact Don Masias with items that can be used as door prizes! ! !

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