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The Arapahoe Sertoman   


This Weeks Reporter :  Mike Ballew

February 27, 2003

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This Week In Review

We all gathered for another day of SERTOMA frivolity. Acting Prez Tim Pollak, got our attention by beginning the meeting, at which time guests were introduced. Several new friends were with us today, see Guests below. Table 1 introduced their guest,
Fred Downs.
  Where were the fines? Don Marshall was not even fined for subjecting his son John, to this motley crew? Two bits to Tables 1, and the Mick “table of youth” for lack of fines.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: George Hannes needs his CD/DVD’s of the 50th bash returned, so he can complete them for final distribution. The E Team deposited $6,700 from Bingo, but McKim said he had a bigger one. Enslow announced the Chatfield/Ralston Creek Jazz/Art Auction on March 6. This will be fun, get your tix from Dick. Temporary Prez Pollak announced that the Sertoma Promotion Club will be participating in the upcoming St. Patrick’s Parade, and would like 2 folks from Arapahoe to carry our banner. Tim Pollak says if you know of a place for a collection box for used hearing aids, let him know.

Sertoman of the Day

...None, again.    


Dr. Waverly Persons from the U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Center in Golden, 
was with us again; although it’s been several years. In case you were wondering, earthquakes cannot be forecast or predicted. The best technology is able to do is to locate the earthquake and then notify emergency personnel so they can get to the scene ASAP. Within 30-60 minutes the earthquake can be identified and notification sent out, whether it’s in the continental U.S., or through out the world. The center in Golden is the only one of its kind in the world. The U.S. is typically better able to reduce losses, because our buildings are built better than many in other countries. Poor construction causes human loss and damage. We were surprised to learn than Memphis, TN, and New Madrid, MO, are potential “hot spots” due to activity there in 1811 and 1812, respectively. However, California and Alaska are known for earthquakes, with California having them the most frequent, and Alaska, the most severe. Where was the most severe earthquake you ask? Chile in 1960, registering a 9.5. Next was Alaska in 1962, with a 9.2. Colorado’s largest was in 1882 west of Fort Collins. Followed in 1978 with a 5.3 Richter in Northglenn/Thornton. If you are in an earthquake, get beneath something, and pray. Thanks again to Dr. Persons.
For current earthquake information ... Click Here


  • Elmer Knapp and Bob Schlmeter, guests of Mabe Downey

  • John Marshall, guest of Don Marshall


First Publication for Membership - John Marshall- Architect,  Littleton  Colorado

Any member having objection must contact the secretary within two weeks.

Make a Note.…

Bob Stein reminds of the upcoming programs

March 6—Keller Bros Automotive and car care

March 13—George Hannes and a recap of our 50th

Handshake Award


Pot-O-Gold Winner

Joe Dowdey                      

On The Calendar   

March 5 Bingo Team A
March 6 Regular Meeting
March 6  Black Hawk Trip - The Lodge- See Parchen
March 11 Board Meeting - 6:00pm - Elks Club
March 12  Bingo Team B
March 13  Regular Meeting - Barney O'Grady's B'Day March 15th
March 19 Bingo Team C
March 20 Regular Meeting
March 26 Bingo Team D
March 27 Regular Meeting
April 2 Bingo Team E
April 3 Regular Meeting
April 5 Charity Raffle
August 2 Cajun Cookout - Bill Parchen
Sept 16 Annual Golf Tournament - See Dick Enslow

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