This Week In Review - February 5, 2004

This Week's Reporter - Mike Ballew


What a quiet day; must have been the snow.  There were no fines and very minimal signs of life of any kind until the SOD and the program.  

There were a few announcements however;  Freedom Week is February 17, show up about 10:45 and the Prez will have maps next week.  The dinner for out International President Bill Strange, is February 16, at the Wyndham.  Lt's attend and welcome him.  See the Prez for more info.  Rich Carlson read a letter from Amie Smith regarding hearing aids the has purchased for Ashley Thomas, and thanking all of the members.

All aboard for Central City on February 24.  There is a waiting list, but see Nick for more information. If you are board member, and even if you are not, attend the board meeting Tuesday, February 10, at 6:00.  C Team had 78 folks and banked about $6,000.  D Team , your team is next. 9 Health Fair is coming soon and they need volunteers see Tim for info.  The Regional Convention is in Sparks, NV, May 20-23, can you attend?  Lots of fun guaranteed,
and an airfare package is being put together.  

Adam's Camp is doing the Silent Auction for the raffle, if you have something, see Tim for details.  Also, raffle tickets should be available next week.  Reserve your table early.


Alex Doucette  


Song  Bob Hogge        Pledge Gus Szala    Invocation – Carl Duncan   

Handshake Award- Mike Ballew    Pot of Gold - Will Martinez 

Sertoman of the Day

Our own local charter member Dr. Kelsall hit the ground in Boulder.  His parents were both teachers and pushed him to excel academically, which he did.  Music was his first interest, trumpet and later tuba, which rewarded him with a music scholarship to CU beginning in 1940.  Shortly after, however, Howie found that premed and medicine were the place to be.  He had enough money for only one semester, but thru hard work, he kept going and wound up in Germany with Uncle Sam.  After a stint in Vienna, he was transferred to northern Germany for a year where there was serious action.  After returning to the states, Dr. Kelsall was doing residence and met his future wife over an autopsy  table.  Something about the moves she made, caught his eye.  In 1952 he started his pediatric practice in Englewood, where he remained until three years ago when he retired.  the Kelsall have four children, all professionals, eight grandkids, with six of them close by. Thanks for being an important part of Arapahoe Sertoma, Doc.  $5 to Rick Campbell.



Gus Szala, introduced Evelyn (Lynn) Miller, a naturalized citizen originally from Glasgow, Scotland.  Lynn told her story of how she and her family wound up in Denver, and the process of becoming a U.S. citizen.  When Lynn married, she and her husband moved to Edinburgh, and then to London. Lynn's husband was in the mutual fund biz at the time, and thru investors they found their way to Denver.  Somewhere along they way they had two sons, Stuart and Collin.

Lynn related how coming from Scotland and England, they had no credit when they arrived, and how difficult it was to get a credit card.  But, they overcame the obstacles, and working with an immigration attorney received their green cards an social security cards.  A few years later, they applied for citizenship and following an FBI investigation because Lynn's finger prints were "smudged", they received their U.S. citizenship. Lynn distributed copies of the 100 question test required for citizenship and some Scottish word meaning.  She also described the naturalization ceremony which included the Oath, Pledge of Allegiance, and the National Anthem, along with other formalities.  Lynn is very proud of her citizenship, and considers it an honor and privilege to be a U.S. citizen.

On the Calendar

February 10  

Board Meeting, Elks Club, 6:00 p.m.

February 11  

Bingo Team D

February 12  

Regular Meeting

February 16 

Intl President’s Dinner-for Prez Bill Strange

February 17

Freedom Luncheon

February 19

NO Regular Meeting

February 24

Central City Trip

Membership Publications

Alec Doucette-Littleton, Colorado

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