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The Arapahoe Sertoman   


This Weeks Reporter :  Fred Downs

March 13, 2003

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This Week In Review

A song was sung, led by a mischievous Don Nelson or Ed Bezjak, who both had guilty looks. Most all who stood in what I am going to call "the knot" looked guilty and could have started  anything.  Doug Harder returned thanks for the food and fellowship and asked for strength to carry out our efforts. Three guests were introduced: Jerry Valdes by Steve Bolyard, Norm Selby, by Zack Harder and Jim Lewis by Bob Buckland. Dick Laskey gave a Bingo report, the  likes of which, we have never heard before.  There was a $3573 Progressive Bingo payout, yet there was a deposit of over $9000 made---all with 136 players in attendance.  There will be an Orientation Meeting on March 25th at the Elks Club for new members.  Table one received its usual and customary $.25 fine for having a guest. Eager for golf  Bill Parchen has scheduled The Arapahoe Golf Scramble for June 2nd at the Englewood Golf Course. Names  were drawn for attendance at Craig Hospital Annual Fund Raising event and the Rainbow Bridge event.  Dick Enslow was fined a quarter for teaching Bob Hogge how to speak with aahhhs.  See Phil Grimm for information on the Spring District Conference. March 29th.  A scheduled showing of pictures of many events in Arapahoes 50 years of service and fun was postponed due to equipment malfunction. for which Randy Smith was awarded the Pig. In lieu of an SOD and Program,  Bill Parchen was awarded the Sertoman of the Year Award, by Pat McKim who razzed him about the State of Nebraska and Doug Harder presented an hilarious roast, some of which follows. The balance is copied and mailed to you to help prevent contamination of the internet

Sertoman of the Day

See below


Bill Parchen SOD of the year by Doug Harder. " Unlike Pat McKim, I have been asked to do a serious biography of our Sertoman of the Year, William Keith Parchen.  Born in Fall City, NE July 19, 1932 to Ray and Katherine Parchen, he was third child with an older brother., Art, and an older sister, Maryetta.  The family lived in Fall City for a short time  and then moved to Lincoln where Bill's dad worked for Security Credit Corp.  Eventually they relocated to Colorado. where Bill's dad worked as business manager for former Sertoman, Brad Bradford. After attending the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, Bill relocated to the Denver area where he attended the University of Colorado at Denver.  He also, about this time, met the love of his life, Jean, who was teaching school.  Bill and Jean have been married 44 years.  From this union, Bill and Jean had two children; Tom and Kathy and are the proud grandparents of 4: Ryan 14, Joshua 4 (Tom and Lois Parchen) and Brian 11 and Dana 9 (Kathy and Trey Gyman). Bill has been a member of Arapahoe Sertoma since July 1959 and was the 13th president in 1965/6.  He was the first of six Arapahoe's Distinguished Club Presidents.  Well that's about it---Well, I guess NOT.  Parchen spelled backward is Nehcrap.  Did I mention 63-36?"

The balance of Bill Parchen's honorarium, delivered by Doug Harder was mailed with the hard copy of The Arapahoe Sertoman.


Jerry Valdez - Guest of Steve Bolyard  
Norm Selby - Guest of Zack Harder
Jim Lewis - Guest of Bob Buckland


Channel 9 Health Fair needs volunteers to man telephones during this upcoming event!

There is a huge amount of work needed to successfully have a great Charity Raffle - Door Prizes - Silent Auction Items - Ticket Sales

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On The Calendar 
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March 17 St. Patrick's Day
March 19 Bingo Team C
March 20 Regular Meeting
March 21 First day of spring  
March 26 Bingo Team D
March 27 Regular Meeting - Bill Sperry with RTD - An Update
March 30 Dave Espinoza & Gus Szala 's Birthday's
April 2 Bingo Team E
April 3 Regular Meeting
April 5 Charity Raffle
April 9 Bingo Team A
April 10 Regular Meeting - Janet Elway talks about Crohn's Disease
May 15 - 17  Regional Convention

Thoughts to Ponder

Dealing with uncertainty

There is risk in any undertaking, and it is wise to minimize risk whenever possible. Yet to avoid risk completely is the greatest risk of all. When you move forward, there is always the possibility of defeat. Yet if you never move forward at all, then defeat is certain.

There will always be plenty of excuses for standing still, for not taking action. But excuses offer no comfort or refuge when viewed in the unrelenting light of reality. What matters is what is done, what is undertaken and what is achieved.

Courage is not the absence of fear. Those with the most courage also know the greatest fear. Courage is the determination to act in the face of fear, the ability to learn from fear, to be energized by fear, and to use that knowledge and that energy to move successfully through the fear.

Action does not assure success, and yet directed, focused action is the only way to achieve success. We live and grow and prosper and find fulfillment because of the risks we have taken, because of the challenges we have accepted, because of the fears we have transcended.

Life is a process of successfully dealing with uncertainty. Our bodies are designed for it, our minds are made for it, and our spirits are energized by the challenges of moving positively ahead, whatever the risks may be.

-- Ralph Marston

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A chorus line  Watch President Bush and Secretary of State Colin Powell dance and sing.