This Week In Review - March 25 2004

This Week's Reporter - Mike Ballew

Song - Mitch Miller  Pledge - Buckland  Invocation – Rev. Kohlmeier


WOW, did we have lots of folks today, or whut?  It was good to see the King, or at least somebody said it was.   Also, our long lost friend Kirk Hon returned.  Lots of special guests today including our SERVICE TO MANKIND recipient Susan Hartley; Dr. Faye Risen and Larry Wier from Greater ParkHill peddling Las Vegas raffle tickets; and, Steve Dawson from DTC peddling wine tasting tickets.  There was confusion,  however, regarding whether the King had properly instructed Prez Pollak in the running of the lunch meeting.  After additional confusion, it was still unclear if there was confusion, or not.  Enslow hit the King $.25 as a welcome and for lack of Pollak training, which quickly escalated to $2.00 by Hogge, but resolved at $1.00 to the King, which he paid.  Beez  hit table 1 $..25 for having a quasi guest, which passed.  Bill Parchen announced our slate of officers for 2004-2005 which was read for the second time.  Big Biz meeting April 8 to vote on the slate of officers’directors.  Beez announced that the E Team had 72 folks and deposited $4,800.  Mason hopes the A team will show up next week,  Magee is giving away King Soopers tickets; just ask and you will receive.  The Prez announced that we have nine delegates for Regional in Sparks, NV; that May is Better Speech & Hearing month; that the HEAR Project has received $7,650 from local Sertoma clubs; and a special board meeting will be held following today’s meeting.


Service to MANKIND Award

Norm Selby introduced Susan Hartley, our SERVICE TO MANKIND award recipient.  Susan is Regional Vice President of Marketing for Quest.  In her spare time, Susan volunteers with the Jeffco Developmental Disabilities Resource Center, where she is on the board.  She is also a Denver Business Journal nominee for Woman of the Year, and has a passion for serving others.  Susan has an eleven year old son, Cameron, who is profoundly disabled and whom she cares for at home.   She is also an singer and has performed the National Anthem at Mile High Stadium.  Susan is active is lots of other local activities and organizations, which you can real about in her biographical information which is available from Norm.  Susan is our nominee for district SERVICE TO MANKIND award, which will be presented at the spring Awards Banquet on April 2.


HANDSHAKE PRIZE:  None          POT OF GOLD:  Dick Mason


Sertoman of the Day

Mabe Downey gave an abbreviated version of his life, but did not fail to show that he still fancies chicken feathers.  Not sure what happened to the rest of the chicken.

Mabe has been in town since about 1940, graduated Englewood High School, and the University of Denver.  He was with the power company for a while, then a stint with the Air Force protecting our shores, then into the insurance business and lastly Mabe has been a commercial Realtor, selling businesses.  He is the only and charter member of the 2003-2004 new member sponsor club.  Let’s all try and join him by bringing in a new member.

 Not sure about the river in his life, but Mabe always has a magic trick up his sleeve.  The flaming $5 to Ballew.  Thanks Mabe for being in the club.  


Bob Hogge introduced Mark Cavanaugh with the Big Horn Center for Public Research, a non-partisan think tank which, among other things, is tackling the current state of the Colorado state budget.  Mark is a 1987 graduate of Regis and received his law degree a few years later from the University of Utah.  Mark presented three amendments which are currently impacting the budget in Colorado.  (1)  The Tabor Amendment, passed in 1992, which  says in part that citizens must approve tax increases.  (2)  Amendment 23, which affects the funding for K-12 grades, and says that funding for these kiddos must be at the inflation rate, plus one percent, for 10 years, and then returning to the rate of inflation.  (3)  The Gallagher Amendment, which limits the amount of property taxes that can be collected.  This money typically goes into education.  Mark says that due to the economic slowdown in Colorado the past few years,  all areas of the state budget have suffered, and are being cut back. While the three amendments do serve a legitimate purpose, during difficult economic times, the amendments make it more difficult for the state to provide services at needed levels.  There are many impacted communities, especially education, K-12, and higher education at the college and university levels; capital construction, which is currently non-existent; health-care; human services, and judicial.  These areas, and others, have their budgets reduced from 1% to 63% of prior budgets. 

Thanks Mark, for enlightening us, and for being with us today.   


Second Publication  Notice for 2004-2005 Officers:

Chairman of the Board
Presidents                     Treasurer                         Secretary                           
Sergeant at Arms                Directors 2yr                    Directors 1yr                         
Tim Pollak
Joe Dowdey

Rick Campbell, Jack Marshall, Norm
Bob Hogge
Carl Duncan

Dick Mason
Zach Harder, Don Smith, Nick Morrone
Bob Buckland, Bob Schlageter, TBA






On the Calendar

April 1

Regular Meeting -Flight for Life, Gilbert Chavas

April 2

Combined District Spring Awards Banquet  at Wyndham DTC.  Cocktails at 6:00 p.m.; dinner at 7:00 p.m.

April 7

Bingo Team B

April 8

Regular Meeting - Annual Business Meeting

April 9

Good Friday

April 13

Board Meeting
    April 14 Bingo Team C

April 15

Regular Meeting 

April 17

Car raffle  
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