This Week In Review - March 4, 2004

This Week's Reporter - Bill Worth

Song - Geers         Pledge - Worth      Invocation – Kohlmeier


Joe must have missed the call because the group remained silent when we should have started singing. But, the notes came forth, and in better time and tune than for the last few meetings. With our usual routine missing, the ‘line’ formed no where. Finally it was announced that the feeding line was in the kitchen, where we found spaget, with choice of sausage or meatball, bread, salad and cookie prepared by the Elks Ladies. Alec (member in process) was in attendance along with Mary Jo (caterer) who was evaluating us as a group to feed. It’s hard to know if we passed her criteria. Mabe Downey was fined 50 cents for not knowing his guest was there, and McKim paid a quarter for thinking. Because the tables were not in the usual positions, some members now seem to be permanently disoriented. We will see what next week brings. 

Handshake Award-  Enslow   Pot of Gold - Jack Marshall

Sertoman of the Day

SOD was Doctor Don, retired animal fixer upper. Don Nelson was born in Iowa before electricity. Said it took him 12 years to get out of one school. He moved to Arizona, met and married Jackie. Uncle Sam said he would make a good Marine, so Don spent a long time sailing the Pacific, where he survived a Kamikaze attack, and was nearby when the surrender was signed in Tokyo Bay.  Looking to provide Jackie with a stable environment, he attended CSU (probably A&M)  and graduated with a degree in Veterinary Medicine. Don practiced for 30  years at Broadway and Orchard, retiring 20 years ago, selling his business to another vet named Nelson so they wouldn’t have to change the sign. Don and Jackie have been married 56 years, have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. Steve Bolyard brought Don into the club way back in ‘68. Good move, Steve. Doc’s Fiver went to Bob Buckland.


Today’s Program was Dr. William Fulkerson. Bill is a retired College Administrator. He was President of Adams State for 13 years. Today his topic was Humor. He related several jokes during his presentation. My favorite was #34. Four points were made in terms of using humor properly: Surprise is an important aspect; make sure the humor used makes your point; you need to make sure you relate to the audience; and you need to overcome nervousness. Important point: never offend with your humor. A Fun and Interesting program. Bill was also kind to respond to questions from the group regarding athletics in the colleges and universities, a current topic that isn’t very funny. He gave some interesting insight. Thanks Bill.

Other Announcements

  • Social Chair Bob Buckland has planned a dinner at Mount Vernon CC on Friday the 26th for those who wish to attend. The cost $29 each. Contact Bob for more information.

  • The Combined District Spring Awards Banquet will be held Friday evening April 2nd at the Wyndham DTC. Cocktails at 6:00 pm; Dinner at 7:00pm. The club may pay all or part. Club winners of Service  To Mankind, Sertoman of the Year and Outstanding Secretary awards will be recognized, and District winners will announced and honored.

  • The Channel 9 Health Fair is looking for volunteer help. Some of our members have helped in the past and said it was a very worthwhile experience.  If you want to help, ask Prez Pollak for information and contact phone numbers.

  • It will be both business and play as our new Combined Region holds its Regional Convention in Sparks NV May 20-22. It will held at John Ascaugu’s  Nugget, room rates will be just $88 (plus tax).
    Recent changes will give our club more delegate votes - the club may pay part of your expenses.
    Information is available on the front table during luncheons. Plan on going to Regional. 
    You will enjoy it

  • Do you know the procedure for processing a new member? 

 1. You bring a guest to a meeting

 2. You ask him to join. 

 3. You have him fill out an application (see the club brochures or look in the badge rack or in
     the ‘blackbox’

 4. You turn in the completed app to the Membership chair (Campbell).

 5. The prospect will be ‘published’ in two issues of the bulletin. 

 6. If no objection received, the applicant will be approved at the next available board
    meeting  (they meet only once a month).

 7. The secretary will report the information to International and they will return a new
     member packet. 

 8. The packet will be completed with club information, and the ‘induction’ scheduled.

 9. The new member will be inducted at a regular meeting.

10. The new member will be invited to an ‘Orientation’ meeting

  • Speaking of ‘Orientation’ meetings, Membership chair Rick Campbell is scheduling one during the next couple of weeks. If you are a new member and have not attended an Orientation, please make every effort to be there. We want spouses and significant others to attended too, so they know what Sertoma is about.

Speaking of Cats & Dogs

... a cat has 32 muscles in each ear...

... dogs have 10 vocal sounds. Cats have more than 100 ...

... tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur ...

... there are more chickens than people in the world ...

how did the chickens get in here?

On the Calendar


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Happy Birthday John Hogge

March 10

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March 11

Regular Meeting -  SOD John Pifer

March 15

Happy Birthday Barney O'Grady

March 17

Bingo Team D - Saint Patrick's Day

March 18

Regular Meeting - SOD Don Smith

March 23

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March 24

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March 25

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March 30

Happy Birthday Dave Espinoza & Gus Szala

March 31

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