This Week In Review - April 1, 2004

This Week's Reporter - Bill Worth

Song - J Hand      Pledge - E. Bezjak     Invocation Rev. Kohlmeier


What better day for Arapahoe to meet than April Fool's Day?  The food was delivered a bit late -  thought it may have been April Fool.  Turkey and dressing and spuds and gravy and dessert 0 um good.  Two guests - Ray Fachinella (Buckland) and Chuck Duncan (D. Harder).  A variety of fines - Miley for advertising,  Pollak for crashing the line, Dowdey for prompting Table one for the usual.  a few others were indicted but somehow never came to trial.  B Parchen was on the links were were told. so D. Laskey presented the nominating committee report.  Elections next week.  It was good to see Jason Hand at the meting.  Somehow he was able to win the handshake prize. Lucky Bob Buckland was able to carry away the Pot O Gold.

HANDSHAKE PRIZE: Jason Hand      POT OF GOLD Bob Buckland  

Sertoman of the Day

SOD was - aaahh - Dick Enslow.  Dick claims to have been born along the banks of the Fox River in Aurora in January 1942.  That Aurora is in Illinois.  He attended college in Decatur, IL. graduating with a BS in Industrial Engineering.  After a few years at Allis-Chalmers, he made his way to Colorado, spending most of his time here in the Materials Handling industry.  Now in the mortgage business, he specializes in reverse mortgages.  Married to 'Carol for 37 years, daughter Kedra, son Bad, Great Dane Snickers.  While Dick claims no military service, he does claim a substantial amount of 'lead' in his upper torso thanks to a fraternity brother.  It's a real- aaahh- plus to have Dick in the club. is fiver went to the Fry vacation fund.


Today's Program was Gilbert Chavez.  Gilbert is the son of Sam Chavez, who was an Arapahoe member many years ago.  Gil spoke of and for 'light for Life'.  In 1982, he fell from Devil's Head sustaining severe damages.  Rangers wanted to evacuate by ambulance, but 'Gilbert insisted on helicopter evacuation, a move that allowed him to be treated before it was too late to avoid amputation.    He went on to a complete recovery and a successful military career.  Gil now sits on the boards of flight for Life and St. Anthony's Central Hospital.  Special thanks to Gilbert for relating his story and filling us in on the Flight for Life program. 


Nominations for 2004-2005 Officers:

Chairman of the Board
Presidents                     Treasurer                         Secretary                           
Sergeant at Arms                Directors 2yr                    Directors 1yr                         
Tim Pollak
Joe Dowdey

Rick Campbell, Jack Marshall, Norm
Bob Hogge
Carl Duncan

Dick Mason
Zach Harder, Don Smith, Nick Morrone
Bob Buckland, Bob Schlageter, TBA

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