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The Arapahoe Sertoman   


This Weeks Reporter :  Fred Downs

April 10, 2003

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This Week In Review

A song was sung, led  Bill Parchen, with a lot of help from Sertomans, some of whom could have been singing in Arabic.  Someone who doesn’t know his name led the pledge.  Rev. Bill was offering thanks for food and asking his blessing on our armed forces when he was interrupted by a loud cell phone.  Later it was determined to be Rich Carlson’s, who was fined a buck by Doug Harder who raised it to $2 after Rich offered some kind of excuse.  Mason invoked Table 1’s “no guest” rule, except guest Larry Weil of the Greater Park Hill Club.  Dick Laskey proposed a fine of $.25 for Gus Szala for providing “beauty and grace” to our tables.  He then raised the fine to a dollar when he discovered  Gus was treating his wife, Carolyn to an anniversary  luncheon  with entertainment.  Mason popped a two-bit fine on Grimm for lack of humor. Parchen touted the Arapahoe Annual Golf Scramble at $55 per golfer which includes everything but the score.  Dean offered the Entertainment Committee’s repeat of all you can eat King Crab plus buffet at Mt Vernon CC, May 2nd for only $35 per person.  A-Team had a rough night at Bingo Wednesday, evidenced by a $3800 deposit.  B-Team gets a chance to catch up on April 16th.  Old King Hunter fined the president a quarter for protocol errors which ultimately cost the prex a buck. 
Larry Weil promoted the Greater Park Hill Club’s Annual
Las Vegas Night Raffle at $10 each chance 
(or 3 for $30).  Grim wants a big turnout at the Greater
Rocky Mountain Regional Convention. 
May 15-17 at the Sheraton Hotel—DTC.

Sertoman of the Day

Bob Gallagher, Life Member of Sertoma, 1973 Gold Honor Past President and all around Good Old Sertoman  was born in Pueblo, CO where he graduated from high school.  The building no longer stands and according to Bob almost fell on his graduating class.  He married Shirley 50 years ago, plus two weeks, in Pueblo , joined the Marine Corp, spent much time in a Naval Hospital , and attended UCLA School of Accounting. His California residence allowed him a little fun—as guest on the Tonight Show, when Jack Parr was host, Queen for a Day Show and other exposures to Life in LA which he declares was very interesting and too mature for his present audience. Envisioning himself with a green billed cap, poring over a big ledger, he moved to Denver where he graduated from DU School of Law . He established a law office in Littleton with Walt Irwin (a fellow Sertoman, now deceased), where he became acquainted with Bill Parchen.  Bob tells a story where  Parchen would take his parking tickets and put them on Irwin’s car.  There is no telling how many dollars in fines Walt paid for Parchen. Bob lives in Greenwood Village with Shirley.  They have a daughter, Maureen and a son, Shawn and three grandchildren.  Bob, with the help of some Sertomans, ran for and won the election for District Attorney, a job he held for 28 years.  He retired hoping to practice a little law, claim many Sertoma lunches he has missed  and relax a little.  His life indeed has been interesting and he claims to work as hard as ever.  We believe him.  Bill Parcen has the distinction of being Bob’s Sertoma sponsor.  Bob awarded 5 people handy calculators and $5 to Nick Morrone. 


We were treated to a DVD version of 50 years of pictures of Arapahoe Sertomans enjoying one function or another.  This worthwhile collection of memories may be obtained from George Hannes for $20.  Profits from the sale of these DVDs will go to the Arapahoe Sertoma Foundation



Dave Allen - Guest of Steve Bolyard  
Norm Selby - Guest of Zack Harder (2nd Publication)
Larry Weir - Guest of Arapahoe Club


Second Publication for Membership:  Norman K Selby  (Loan Officer)  Littleton,  Colorado.
Sponsor: Zack Harder

Handshake Award


Pot-O-Gold Winner

  Phil Grimm              

On The Calendar 

April 16  Bingo Team B
April 17 Regular Meeting–   TBA
April 20
April 23  Bingo Team C    
April 24 Regular Meeting–   TBA
April 30 Bingo Team D
May 1 Regular Meeting–   TBA
May 2 Annual King Crab Dinner Mt. Vernon CC— 6 PM —$35 each
May 15 - 17  Greater Rocky Mountain Regional Convention  




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