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The Arapahoe Sertoman   


This Weeks Reporter :  Orian Hunter

April 17, 2003

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This Week In Review

Once started, this meeting was difficult to stop. The song happened and the pledge happened, and due to Doug Harder’s ability to communicate with God, the prayer happened. We quickly moved into the consumption of Enchiladas sported by beans and rice. There were no quests to suffer Enslow’s announcement about C-team being up for bingo next week, or Laskey’s report about bingo the night before. The Prince of the Parking Pass pushed on with purpose, and Bob Hogge hawked the passes for the Biz Bash for Emily Griffith. Hiss announced the Second Annual King Crab Dinner (emphasis on King), and the good Doctor Pollak promoted grocery coupons from King Soopers (emphasis on King). Following all this activity, Zack Harder stepped to the front with his friend, our newest member, Norm Selby, who was inducted poorly, but finally. Norm is an Englewood native who has done a variety of things, but is now happily hustling mortgages, and supporting his wife, Kathy, and his two daughters. Welcome Norm!!!!! For everyone’s information, Dave Miley has been spending time at Porter Hospital on South Downing, where he has been deprived of a pesky piece of anatomy. We wish Mr. Miley well!
Sertoman of the Day

Joe Geers  was introduced as the Sertoman of the Day. Joe was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and educated at an elementary school and a high school, and finally at the Missouri School of Mines. Joe was well aware of the fact that he grew up fairly close to the Mississippi River, and brought a rock from the river to prove it. Joe, a chemical engineer by trade and by design, worked for Gulf Oil before vacationing in Korea. He then went to work for Proctor and Gamble, but, like so many of you, ended up at Johns Mansville in St. Louis, California, New York, and then finally here in 1970! Whew! Makes one tired, just thinking about hauling that rock around the country. Joe and Shirley have just celebrated their 50th Anniversary! As a result of this record breaking marital run, 
Joe was able to boast of six daughters and twelve grandkids! $$$$ Howie got the Five! $$$$


Doug Harder, armed with exhaustive research and many facts, was pleased to introduce our program for the day, Janet Elway. Mrs. Elway began her presentation, by directing our attention to a program named Adam’s Camp, with which she is affiliated, and about which, we will be  provided more information in the future.  Janet gave us information about her childhood in Tacoma, Washington, and her family’s enthusiasm for sailing, which ultimately sent her to Stanford on a swimming scholarship. We were also given insight into the fact that male college athletes find female athletes attractive. Janet was then very forthcoming  in  discussing some of the health problems she has experienced in recent years. A colon disorder, very similar to Crohn’s Disease has made hospitalization and surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota necessary for Janet. As an added bonus, Janet brought us up to date on the status of her  children, and provided us with some insights int o the present activities of a retired quarterback. Thank you, Janet! We enjoyed meeting you!  

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None today, but there’s always next week!


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Make your Reservations

King Crab Leg Dinner...May 2nd...Mt. Vernon Country Club!!

see Dean Hiss………...All you can eat….$35 a head!

 June 2, 2003
 Annual Golf Scramble
Englewood Golf Club

See Parchen

May 15-17, 2003
 Mark your calendars...Don’t forget!

Regional Convention - Sheraton Hotel DTC

See President Grimm 

On The Calendar 

April 23  Bingo Team C    Nathan Hall's B' Day
April 24 Regular Meeting–   TBA
April 30 Bingo Team D
May 1 Regular Meeting–   TBA
May 2 Annual King Crab Dinner Mt. Vernon CC— 6 PM —$35 each
May 13 Board Meeting...Remember those written reports! Be a hero!!!!!
May 15 - 17  Greater Rocky Mountain Regional Convention  

Thoughts to Ponder               

A Thought Worth Repeating

I have enough money to last me the rest of my life,

unless I buy something.”…..Jackie Mason