This Week In Review - April 22, 2004

This Week's Reporter - Mike Ballew

Song - The Beez       Pledge -  Norm Selby     Invocation – Rev. Kohlmeier


A very quiet day for fines, announcements and otherwise bawdy behavior.  However, the salad, meatloaf, potatoes, veggies and cookies made us all feel warm on an otherwise cool spring day in Colorado.  Our guests were Kevin Nettles, via Don Masias and Pat McKim, both of whom strong-armed an application from Kevin and Chuck Duncan, via Doug Harder.
Welcome to both.  bill Parchen announced the upcoming golf tourney, June 7th at Englewood; sign up now.  Kudos' from the PREZ to Don Masias, Dick Laskey, Dick Mason and Rick/Renee Campbell for the very successful raffle.  GREAT JOB, THANKS.

Don announced the Western Welcome Week August 2.  Pat McKim announced a Bing deposit of $4,800 for the D team, and Beez announced that the E team is up next week.  The Prez announced that the HEAR project has helped 13 kids in 2004, with $3,500 in hearing aids and assistance.  Sertoma International turned 92 this month.  Lt. Col Hubbard, retired military and Viet Nam POW will speak July 6th at the Wyndham.  Regional Convention is May 20-23 in Sparks, NV.  The International convention is July 6-8 in Kansas City.

HANDSHAKE PRIZE:  Randy Smith      POT OF GOLD Dick Laskey  


Sertoman of the Day

Mike Ballew arrived in Gainesville, Texas in 1948.  His high school and others are still standing and something about a flood with an elephant climbing a tree at the zoo.  He grew up in the oil field and heavy equipment family business, but has taught college classes, owned a GMC truck dealership, studied economics at the masters level, milked cows, practiced law, sold candy and now sells real estate with his company Heritage Properties. 

Mike and Pat married in Durango and then moved to Denver in 1987.  Past gold thanks to Pat McKim and others in building Ralston Creek, and is governor-elect for the Front Range district beginning July 1, 2004.  Dick Laskey brought him into the club.  


Dave Miley introduced Terry Witchstrum and Erin Holloway, from the Special Olympics.  Erin spoke about her life before and after Special Olympics. As she was growing up, Erin felt emotionally abused by other students in school, due to her difficulty with speaking.  This developed into problems with her personal image and confidence.  She lived in a group home for a time and quickly learned that she was in the wrong place, as she said she was developmentally disabled and not mentally ill.

Erin was then introduced to Special Olympics where she hit her stride.  She began participating in sports such as swimming and began to develop self pride and self worth, because people believed in her and her abilities.  She then participated in individual and tam spots and likes alpine skiing and gold.

Erin is now living independently and works two jobs full time at Safeway and part-time at United Air Lines.  She owns a ranch in Bennett with horses and dogs.

Erin has won over 100 medals in Special Olympics competition and currently serves on the Colorado Board of Directors for Special Olympics.   In 2003 she was in Dublin, Ireland for the International Special Olympics where she attended as a Global Messenger.  There were 7,000 athletes from around the world.  She has traveled in numerous countries as Global Messenger and is a 2002 Sergeant Shriver Special Olympics Messenger.  She attended the 30th anniversary of Special Olympics at the White House in 1998.  Thanks Erin, for being with us today.



SECOND PUBLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP Charles Duncan of Littleton, Colorado.
Sponsor- Doug Harder
First Publication for Membership- Dennis Howell of Aurora ,Colorado.

Sponsor - Bob Stein 

First Publication for Membership- Kevin Nettles of Denver, Colorado.
Sponsors - Don Masias & Pat McKim
Any member having objection to these individuals, notify the secretary within two weeks of the date of the second publication.
On the Calendar

April 23

Happy Birthday Nathan Hall

April 28

Bingo Team E - Happy Birthday Dick Sorensen

April 29

Regular Meeting - SOD Will Martinez

May 5

Bingo Team A

May 6

Regular Meeting 

May 11

Board Meeting

May 12

Bingo Team B

May 13

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May 19

Bingo Team C

May 20

Regular Meeting 

May 20-22

The newly combined regional Convention in Sparks NV, at John Ascaugu’s Nugget.   Info available at luncheons.



  • Longest Kiss- Louisa Almdovar, 19, and Rich Langley, 22 both of New Jersey, kissed for 30 hours, 9 minutes, 27 seconds, on December 5, 2001.

  • Charles Blondin was the first to cross the Niagara Falls via tight rope, on June 20, 1859.

  • Ashira Furman, set a world pogo stick distance record by going 23.11 miles in 12 hours and 27 minutes, on June 22, 1997.