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The Arapahoe Sertoman   


This Weeks Reporter :  Tim Pollak

April 24, 2003

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This Week In Review

The song struggled to get up to speed as everyone jockeyed for a spot at the front of the chow. lone.  After grilled chicken breast, mashed potatoes, green beans and carrots, and cookies for dessert, the meeting was started at 12:30 by the illustrious Prez, Phil Grimm.  He began with announcements, a mistake he would later regret, and Bob Buckland started out exclaiming that Bill Parchen had been treated to a double by pass and heart valve replacement and wouldn't be home till Saturday.  He also reminded everyone of the June 2nd golf outing.   Dean Hiss started the sign-up sheet around for May 2nd "King Crab Dinner" outing at Mt. Vernon Country Club and clarified the price at $30/person rather than the thirty-five listed on the web site.  Doug Harder announced that Dave Miley was home from surgery and getting back in the groove.  dick Enslow reported that C-bingo Team had 91 players, the progressive bingo is over $1,000 , and they deposited $3,800 with the help of two helpers, Phil Grimm and Bruce Elsey.  Tim Pollak proposed a fine to the chair for overlooking guest introductions, and reminded everyone to purchase King Soopers coupons.  The fine was paid and Steve Bolyard introduced his guest Carl Duncan, CPA, retired.  Rick Campbell invited everyone out for a motorcycle ride to aid MS.  The meeting then switched gears to induct Jack Marshall into membership, so he and his sponsor/father Don were inv invited to the podium.  Following the ceremony, Ed Bezjak proposed a 4.50 cent fine to make jack feel welcome.  Don Smith fined John Pifer $.25 for not knowing who to fine, and Pat McKim fined Steve Bolyard, the oldest past president present for abominable induction training that had clearly been past down for years.
Sertoman of the Day

ABSENT!  So, a little about our newest member, Jack Marshall.  He was born and raised in Littleton and lived here all his life, except for an "unfortunate foray into the Air force, " which he pointed out, he was talked into by his father.   He attended ACC where he acquired a degree in cable technology, and later became an instructor.  He met his wife and they have two grown sons and a daughter who is still in high school.  He works with his father in the architectural business.


Chairman of the day, Doug Harder, introduced his long time friend, golf partner, and former Denver Police Officer, Sam Singleton, who now is the head of Security for the Colorado Avalanche.
Sam brought along Pete Garcia for moral support.  After 30 years with the Police Department, Sam joined the Avalanche in 1995, and he was happy / disappointed to say that this is only the second time in eight years that he's had an early vacation.  He likes his job because he gets paid to watch hockey.   His main responsibility is to the NHL, making sure that nothing embarrassing to the league happens.  He starts two and a half hours before each game inspecting the venue and making sure that all 228 positions are manned for the safety of the fans.  Once the coaches and referees are off the ice, his job is done, except for writing up what occurred.  he often has to report on coaches misbehavior which the league imposes fines.  He told a number of interesting stories about players.  


Carl Duncan, CPA.  Guest of Steve Bolyard


Handshake Award

Norm Shillo

Pot-O-Gold Winner

  Rich Carlson    



There is much need in the community.  We are the ones to fill those needs.  But, we need more members to share the load.  Look among your friends, neighbors and business acquaintances to see who is a potential member, or just ask them to lunch with us and let them decide for themselves. Do It today!

On The Calendar 

April 28  Dick Sorensen B'Day
April 30 Bingo Team D
May 1 Regular Meeting
May 2 Annual King Crab Dinner—Mt. Vernon CC—6 PM—$35 each
May 7 Bingo Team E
May 8 Regular Meeting - Rick Combellick B'Day
May 11
May 13 Board Meeting - 6:00pm - Elks Club
May 14 Bingo Team A
May 15 Regular Meeting
May 15 - 17 Greater Rocky Mountain Regional Convention  
May 17 Armed Forces Day
May 21 Bingo Team B
May 22 Regular Meeting
May 26
May 27 Bingo Team C
May 28 Regular Meeting  - Will Martinez B'Day


Thoughts to Ponder               

A Few Notable Truths

  1. If you're too open-minded, your brains will fall out.

  2. Don't worry about what people thing; they don't do it very often.

  3. Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.

  4. It ain't the jeans that make your butt look fat.