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The Arapahoe Sertoman   


This Weeks Reporter :  Bill Worth

April 3, 2003

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This Week In Review

Good Attendance today.  In fact we even made our guarantee without counting the guests, of which we had two:  John Nichols, member of the sunset Club from the past, and prior county commissioner (guest of Mabe Downey), and Norm Selby, applicant (see (1st publication), guest of Zach Harder.  President Grimm, started off the meeting with a short rendition of some of his favorite tunes from the past (only thing missing was the white bucks).  After that the meeting went downhill.  Rick Campbell added to the fine pot for last week's presentation.  Phil Grimm for this week's performance.  There were so many members milling around trying to organize consortiums for the remaining raffle tickets that I was unable to hear many of the announcements except Tim's (he knows how to speak up).  Table One may or may not have been fined - I'm not sure.  Once again there was no Handshake Prize.  Pot-O-Gold went to Bob Lutes.  

  We are sorry to have to announce that Arlo Massa
passed away in Texas,
Thursday April 3rd , after returning to Missouri from a trip to Arizona.
Our condolences and prayers to Ann.  
Additional info later.

Sertoman of the Day

Today's SOD was .. Tom Fry, affectionately known as 'Tommy Tooth'. The interesting information first: born in Miles city, Montana.  Having learned the dentistry trade, Tommy spent many years at the corner of Arapahoe Rd and Broadway.  He claims that if things get tighter he may have to take up the trade again.  married to Kay for almost 45 years,  3 kids, 2 grandkids.  Served in the Army in '58.  Brought in by Gallagher (time to visit, Bob!).  Now, stuff Tom thought we needed to know:  Miles City is at the confluence of Yellowstone and Tongue Rivers.  (click link to see picture    He failed to mention the Pumpkin flows into the Tongue before it gets to Miles City.  Other information was also given that didn't seem to be very useful: stream flows, temperatures, etc.  If you are unsure of where Miles City really is, it's almost straight north of Denver.  The fiver could have gone to Dick Laskey but he left early, or to Sam Anderson, but he missed the meeting today.  Bob Stein agreed to accept the Five.  Thanks Tommy!


Today's Program was Joel White, Joel, a deputy with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, serves as School Resource Officer at Douglas County School.  He carries an extra burden - he's Doug Harder's son-in-law.  Joel gave us a typical day - starting out by issuing tickets at 7am, perhaps teaching classes on alcohol or drugs or whatever, or breaking up fights between the girls.  He was Deputy of the Month for his actions at the unfortunate car/train collision in Castle Rock.  And he received recognition and publicity for his recent 'pig kissing', but that's another story.  Joel was very honest and straight forward with us, and it does leave a negative feeling about activities in the contemporary high school.  He notes the majority of kids are great; it's a minority of kids (and their parents) who are the concern.  Thanks for a great program.  Click below for more info.



 John Nichols and Norm Selby


First Publication for Membership:  Norman K Selby  (Loan Officer)  Littleton,  Colorado.

20th Annual Charity Raffle a Success...

A good time was had by all.  The meal and facilities were first class, the fun and fellowship superb.  And best of all we should realize a substantial profit to add to our sponsorship fund.  A report will be issued as soon as possible.  Thanks goes to Don Masias and his Ways & Means committee, and to those who gave the extra efforts.  Special thanks to all who sold chances and donated gifts and auction items.  And, very special thanks to Rene for her help.

Good Memories Available

DVDs are now available of hundreds of photos taken during Arapahoe's 50 year history.
 See Bill Parchen.  $20.00 each.  Proceeds to the
Arapahoe Sertoma Foundation 

The Spring District Conference

Held March 29th was attended by Ballew, Grimm, Hunter and Worth.  A good morning with helpful info on getting new members, a possible cooperative plan for hearing aid requests , and on Liberty Day in Colorado .  Following Lunch, District Awards were presented. 
 Congratulations to Front Range District winners:

Service to Mankind - Dr. Samuel Langstaff (
Littleton )
Sertoman of the Year - Dale Hand (LoDo)
Outstanding Secretary - Dennis Fritchel (
Littleton )

Handshake Award


Pot-O-Gold Winner

  Bob Lutes              

On The Calendar 

April 9 Bingo Team A
April 10 Regular Meeting - Janet Elway talks about Crohn's Disease
April 16  Bingo Team B
April 17 Regular Meeting–   TBA
April 20
April 23  Bingo Team C     
April 24 Regular Meeting–   TBA
April 30 Bingo Team D
May 1st Regular Meeting–   TBA
May 15 - 17  Greater Rocky Mountain Regional Convention   

Greater Rocky Mountain Regional Convention  

It doesn't get any more convenient.  Sponsored by the Monument Hill Sertoma Club, the 55th Greater Rocky Mountain Regional Convention will be held at the Sheraton Hotel - DTC. 
It begins Thursday evening, May 15 and runs through the Grand Ball Saturday evening on the 17th.  All meals Friday and Saturday are covered, including a Friday evening visit to the Country Dinner Playhouse just next door.  Plenty of worthwhile activities and workshops.  It is fun to share time with Sertomans from all over the region.  You will enjoy spending time in the hospitality rooms.  The club will cover a substantial part of the costs.  Call Phil Grimm today.

Thoughts to Ponder               

Speak up ...but briefly

Half of the world is composed of people who have something to say and can't; and the other half who have nothing to say and keep on saying it! - Robert Frost

My father gave me these hints on speech making;

'Be sincere... be brief ... be seated'.   James Roosevelt

The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.  

Thomas Jefferson