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This Week In Review - May 13, 2004

This Week's Reporter - Dave Miley

Song - Carl Duncan         Pledge - ??        Invocation – Bob Stein    

GUEST: Jim Perkins

MEAL: Choice of chicken or beef burritos with rice and beans.  EXCELLENT!
ANNOUNCEMENTS: The B team had 102 players and deposited $5,400 Wednesday night.  
Rich Carlson read a letter of thanks from Mt. Saint Vincent for our contribution.
Norm Selby and Rich Carlson pitched Golf Tournaments. Mike Magee sold King Soopers and Tony's Meat market coupons.  President Tim promoted the Regional Convention. We have 60 tickets available for the July 6, National Heritage event with former POW Col. Hubbard speaking.

Sertoman of the Day

Doug "Stump" Harder was born in Houston 9/2/37.  Doug is the son of Skeeter and Nellie. He has an older sister, Lynn and younger brother, Dave.  Doug is married to Carolyn.  They have four kids, Zach, Jennifer, Kristin, and Michael.  Doug attended CU and Northern Colorado before a stint in the Army.  He has been an avid softball player and golfer.  Doug has made a career of the Mortgage Banking business.  He was brought into the club by Bill Parchen and is the only member has served two terms as Club President.  He has also served admirably on many ARAPAHOE SERTOMA Banc efforts.


Program Chairman Doug Harder brought to us Henry Wyeno. Henry is a retired school Principal from the Littleton School District. He is a second generation American Japanese. Henry was raised in Colorado and had many stories about growing up during the internment of the Japanese during World War II. He described the dismal conditions that the American Japanese were subjected to during transport to, and incarceration in the camps. Henry also told us about an all Japanese volunteer Regiment that served in The 442nd earned many medals and honors while fighting for The program was very insightful.  Hopefully, we have all learned a lesson from this experience.  Thank you Doug and Henry for a great program.
This Weeks reporter: Dlab Namotres

 Pot Of Gold - Mabe Downey         Handshake: Bruce Elsey    

On the Calendar

May 19

Bingo Team C

May 20

Regular Meeting - SOD Joe Geers - Howie Kelsall - From the Past - 'The Bear Hunt

May 20-22

Regional Convention

May 26

Bingo Team D

May 27

Regular Meeting - SOD Dean Hiss-Tanesha Nettingham - The Excelsior Youth Center

May 28

Happy Birthday Will Martinez

May 31

Memorial Day


June   2

Bingo Team E

June   3

Regular Meeting - SOD John Pifer         Happy Birthday Kevin Teel
    June  8 Board Meeting
   June   9 Bingo Team A

June 10

Regular Meeting 

June 14

Flag Day

June 16

Bingo Team B 
Note Worthy

Notes on Aging

  • When did my wild Oats turn to prunes and all bran?

  • I finally got my head together, now my body is falling apart.
  • Funny, I don't remember being absent minded.
  • It is easier to get older than it is to get wiser


For the person who can find their initials, first and lat name, imbedded in this news letter.  Bring to the attention of Miley at the May 25th meeting.

Head Lines in the News:
Is there a Ring of Debris around Uranus?  
Police begin campaign to run down jay walkers.
 Drunks get nine months in violin case.

 The Oyster
by Baxter Black

The sign upon the cafe wall said OYSTERS: fifty cents
"How quaint," the blue-eyed sweetheart said, with some bewilderance 
"I didn't know they served such fare out here upon the plain?"
"Oh sure," her cowboy date replied, "We're really quite urbane."

"I would guess they're Chesapeake or BluePoint, don't you think?
"No ma'am, they're mostly Hereford cross...and usually they're pink.
But I've been cold, so cold myself, what you say could be true
And if a man looked close enough, their pints could sure be blue!"

She said, "I gather them myself out on the bay alone.
I pluck them from the murky depths and smash them with a stone!"
The cowboy winced imaging a calf with her beneath
"Me, I use a pocket knife and yank'em with my teeth"

"Oh, my," she said, "You animal! how crude and unrefined!
Your masculine assertiveness sends shivers up my spine!
But I prefer a butcher knife too dull to really cut.
I wedge it in on either side and crack it like a nut.

I pry them out.  If they resist, sometimes I use the pliers 
Or even Granpa's pruning shears, if that's what it requires!"
'The hair stood on the cowboys neck.  His stomach did a whirl.
He'd never heard such grisly talk, especially from a girl!

"I like them fresh, " the sweetheart said and laid her menu down
Then ordered oysters for them both when the waiter came around
The cowboy smiled gamely, though her words stuck in his craw.
Nut he finally fainted dead away when she said, "I'll have mine raw!"

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