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This Weeks Reporter :  Mike Ballew 

May 15,  2003

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This Week In Review

We all gathered for another day of SERTOMA frivolity.  A big "thanks" to Randy Smith for taking notes of the meeting.  We were honored to have two guests.  Carl Duncan, guest of Steve Bolyard, and Larry Wood, a guest from Mile High Sertoma.  
Where were the fines?  We had a few, D. Harder, Bolyard, Bezak, Jacobus, and Combellic, and Worth for not introducing their friend Larry Wood.  Bill Storey for wearing his hat.  D. Harder for not showing up to do his duty, and paid by Carlson so he didn't have to hear Harder's elder excuses.
Sertoman of the Day
Phil Grimm was SOD.  With map in hand, the prez told of his delivery at Porter Hospital in 1934.  The map showed his grandfather's land on Kenosha pass, hwy. 285, the Platte River Road and Porter Hospital.  He attended one or more elementary schools, a junior high school, and Englewood High.  He started DU in pre-dentistry, fell in love with Marlys and had to get a job.  That job was with Freeman signs and it lasted from 1954 until he sold the company.  He and Marlys will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks.  They have a lovely daughter, two sons and five grandchildren.  The Bills (Parchen and Anderson) brought him into the club. $5 to Dean Hiss. 


Our program today was our annual business meeting with committee reports presented by the board members.   
Treasurer- Laskey reported that we are operating with a positive balance and no real problems with collection.
Sgt at Arms- Bob Hogge reported that he has collected fines and will continue to collect fines.
Attendance- Prez Grimm reported on behalf of John Hogge that we have an average of 37 members each week, which is a bit more than 50%.
Social- Dean Hiss reported that there have been a number of social events with several more planned.  The greatest event was the celebration of the club's 50th Anniversary.
Growth-  No report.
Publicity- Don Smith reported that Jean has been hard at work developing the website:  All members present agreed that she has done an outstanding job in developing the website and getting the weekly bulletins online.  A big "thanks" to Jean. 
Membership- Nick Morrone reported that there have been six new members this year with more to come.  A new member orientation was held in march. 
Programs- No report but we've had programs will continue to have programs. 
Sponsorship- Joe Dowdey reported that we  have given over $27,000 this year with more than 
$6,000 going to our affiliate, the center for Hearing, Speech & Language.
Bingo- Pat McKimm reported that income this year is about $38,000.  
Incentives- Rick Campbell reported that all award activities have been completed and submitted.
Arapahoe Foundation- The report is that we have about $150,000, but no awards this year due to diminished returns. 
President- Prez Grimm reported it has been a good year.  We are half-way to his goal of 12 new members.  Let's all pitch in and help.


Carl Duncan- Guest of Steve Bolyard 
 Larry Wood -  Guest from Mile High Sertoma.  

Announcements /  News Report

The Regional Convention was a huge success.  Arapahoe received regional awards, to be announced at lunch, and John Hogge won 2nd place in the First Timers Contest. 

We had seven members register and a great time was had by all.  Next year is in Rene/Lake Tahoe, make your plans now.

On The Calendar 

May 21 Bingo Team B
May 22 Regular Meeting
May 26
May 27 Bingo Team C
May 28 Will Martinez B'Day
May 29 Regular Meeting  
June 2 Annual Golf Scramble - Englewood Country Club - Noon
June 9 & 12 Other Sertoma Clubs - Golf Matches - Supported by Arapahoe Club
see Doug Harder
Aug. 6  Cajun cookout, make your reservations now.
Sept 16 Annual Golf Tournament - See Dick Enslow

Thoughts to Ponder               

Man can live for about forty days without food, and about three days without water, about eight minutes without air ... but only for one second without hope.
-  Hal Lindsey

If you can't be thankful for what you receive, be thankful for what you escape." --Unknown

The really frightening thing about middle age is the knowledge that you'll grow out of it.   Doris Day