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The Arapahoe Sertoman   


This Weeks Reporter :  Orian Hunter 

May 22,  2003

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This Week In Review

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Even after surgery, Miley can still start a song. Fines were flying fast and furious for a  variety of sins of commission as well as omission ! The Brothers Hogge, Ballew, and Table #1 bore the brunt of quarter donations. It also appears that the golfing season is well under way. There are many opportunities to hit balls, so see Parchen or Harder or Buckland if you’re interested in any of a variety of  tee times. President Grimm was happy to report on the Regional Convention held a week earlier. Kudos to Jon Hogge for starting his Life Member program and coming in second in the First Timers Contest. Arapahoe came in second for our superior newsletters; Arapahoe also won the Club Excellence award…! Mike Ballew will be making the rounds as our District Governor year after next., Rick Campbell’s hard work, which must have taken him hours and hours, neglecting his work, locking himself away for days at a time, causing him to go without food or sleep with only one goal in mind — doing well on the scrapbook, was rewarded by a First Place Honor! I’ll bet that Renee was really proud of Rick as she watched him put that project together…! Thanks folks! 

Sertoman of the Day

Doug Harder was introduced as the Sertoman of the Day. Mr. Harder was hatched in Huston, Texas, sixty-five years ago. Interestingly enough, he has been married to Caroline for the same number of years that he has been in the mortgage banking business. This leads us to the conclusion that Doug must have been told that he needed to be gainfully employed if he was to continue his relationship with his wife. Doug is the proud father of approximately four children: Zach, Chris, Jennifer, and Michael. Doug joined Sertoma in 1966. During his years in Sertoma, Doug has held every possible office, including president twice! Doug gave a good presentation, even though he believes that the Gulf of Mexico is the river which ran through his home town. We were all glad when Doug finished his presentation, but none more happy with $5 than Norm Selby. 


Zack Harder, Program Chairman, introduced Donna Mlinek, Animal Behavioral Manager from the Denver Dumb Friends League. Donna, an English major by training, was very informative regarding the growth and changes underway at the Dumb Friends League, which was founded in 1910, and now has three centers. The largest, at Iliff and Quebec is being enlarged and remodeled. The Open Admissions policy enables sixty-three animals per day to benefit from one of the many Dumb Friends League programs which include: Spay/Neuter; micro-chip; Behavior modification; National Pets for Life; Pet Abuse prevention; the Pet Caravan; Foster Care;  and Grooming. In addition, the Dumb Friends League is very active in lobbying and community awareness activities, such as the “Pets are Welcome,” program. This program works with pet owners and landlords to assure that where a pet is welcomed into a home, all parties have a positive experience. Once again, an excellent and informative program from the good folks at the Dumb Friends League. Thanks! 

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None this week


Your Arapahoe Foundation

 Dave Miley reported that with the addition of $1000 from the Board in memory of Arlo Massa, 
the Arapahoe Foundation now has assets of approximately $148,000. 

On The Calendar 

May 27 Bingo Team C
May 28 Will Martinez B'Day
May 29 Regular Meeting  
June 2 Annual Golf Scramble - Englewood Country Club - Noon
June 10 One o’ them really cool board meetings! 5:30 at the Elks!
June 11 Life Line health screening at the Elk’s...See Rich Carlson
Aug. 6  Cajun cookout, make your reservations now.
Sept 16 Annual Golf Tournament - See Dick Enslow

Thoughts to Ponder               

A Thought Worth Repeating

“How can we lose when we’re so sincere?”

...Charlie Brown, 1963

This newsletter is dedicated in memory of those soldiers, sailors, airmen,
 Marines and Coastguardsmen who lost their lives serving our nation.
 We remember not only our compatriots, but all those brave Americans from generations past whose legacy of service secured our freedom. 

"They gave their lives so that we, and others, shall be free."


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