This Week In Review - May 6, 2004

This Week's Reporter - Bill Worth

Song - Schlageter       Pledge - Dowdey        Invocation Rev. Kohlmeier

A fine crowd today - 40 members plus 6 guests and applicants, plus our speaker.  In fact we had to stretch the fish to feed all, but there was plenty of the salad and rice, and brownies for desert - yum. Non applicant guests included Fritz Holderman, guest of Bob Buckland, and Pat Ballew, wife of Mike. The fines today centered around the member's phones: Norm Selby's went off while he was making a presentation; Tim Pollak's went off twice while he was presiding, but the flagrant violation was Parchen making a personal phone call during the program .  I do not remember a fine for table one - let's not let that happen again!  Report from Team A indicated a small but adequate profit from a small crowd. With the 'progressive' building up, the crowds should start to pick up.  Be sure to work your shift, or get a sub. There was no Handshake prize, but the Pot O Gold went to that lucky Phil Grimm.


SOD today was our perennial runner up Bill Benton.  A Denver native since 1928, Bill attended Mitchell, Cole and Manual.  Uncle Sam utilized Bill in the U S Navy, where he says he prevented Guam from being invaded a second time (I hope I got that right). A grad of Denver University with a degree in Business Ad, he recognized that the big money was in the auto business.  He's been with Burt ever since, garnering several awards along the way.  Bill lost his wife Betty in 1995.  Two grown kids and a granddaughter at CU.  Bill has been a runnerup for 'Sertoman of the Year' for as many years as most of us can remember.  Keep the faith, Bill.  He says he is now playing a little golf and putzing around on his motorcycle.  Bill has recently retired as the club's official toothpick distribution manager - and it took a whole catering company to replace him.  Thanks Bill for your many years of service to the teeth of Arapahoe Sertoma. Fiver to Szala.


Today's Program was presented by Shauna Marie Naftel, who is the founder of 'Whistle Away Crime'.  This is a relatively new program that helps kids when they find themselves is a dangerous or stressful situation.  It involves teaching kids how to react appropriately and providing a whistle as a tool for help and response.  For the kids, the message is:
                               Whistle and Yell/Get to a Safe Place/Then Tell
W A C goals are To teach children how and when to use the help whistle - To place a whistle with each child - To educate the public to respond to the  whistle calls - To teach the kids the ABCs of safety - and To work with communities to inspire a positive influence.  Shauna Marie has invested heavily to get this great program started.  Perhaps we can help move it along.  Thanks Shauna Marie. Their web site is


2nd Publication for Membership
Jim D Perkins Retired
- Cherry Hills Village

Any member having objection must contact
 the secretary within two weeks

It's not too late . . . the Combined Regional Convention (Greater Rocky Mountain and Pacific West - name to announced at the convention) will be held in Sparks NV May 20-22. Room rates at John Ascaugu's Nugget are $88 (plus tax). Registration includes Two  breakfasts, 2 luncheons and Saturday Banquet. IT'S NOT TOO LATE Consider going to Regional - you will enjoy it.  The prez has info.
Congratulations to Mike Ballew, our 2004 Sertoman of the Year.  We were pleased that Pat Ballew could join us as we honored Mike with a plaque and a bit of a 'roasting'.  Mike is one of those members who accepts responsibility, does a great job, takes a short break, then comes back to do it again.  He does talk funny, but we have learned to understand that strange Texas/Oklahoma accent.  So not only is he a great worker, but he's fun to have around.  Congratulation, Mike. Thanks for being a great Arapahoe Sertoman.

Programs on Tap . . . .

May 13 - Henry Wyeno - WWII POW - 'Being an American'

May 20 - Howie Kelsall - From the Past - 'The Bear Hunt'

May 27 - Tanesha Nettingham - The Excelsior Youth Center

Mark July 6th on your calendar.  Lt. Col. Edward Hubbard will speak at the Wyndham DTC on his seven years as a POW and the lessons he has developed to focus to overcome obstacles and achieve goals. 
 This super opportunity has been arranged through Joe Dowdey and the Edward Jones group.  
Put it on your calendar now.

Received as we go to press . . .
Gentleman of Arapahoe Sertoma.  Please accept my thanks and apprecia- tion  to you for selecting me as your Sertoman of the Year.  It is an honor I hold very high  I feel that I have "arrived" since I was roasted by Doug Harder, 'The king of Roasters', especially since he did not have much to work with.  Thanks Doug.  I also want to thank Bill Benton for waiving his nomination this year.  Had I known that putting  stamps, mailing labels and return address labels on 2,378 newsletter envelopes over the past year would lead to this, I would have done it earlier.  Thanks again . Mike

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