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This Weeks Reporter : Fred Downs

June 12,  2003

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This Week In Review

President Grimm asked Doug Harder to start the song.  Doug started it and failed to finish it on time.  Grimm then asked the wall to start the pledge.  It did.  Then, after looking and looking for our man of  God, he asked Harder to lead us in prayer.  He did—short and sincere.  After a nice lunch of roast beef, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans and lemon candy-cake. Bob Stein solicited golfers to participate in Southwest Sertoma Club’s big golf event on July 14th at Pinehurst .  It starts with a buffet lunch, golf, prizes, silent auction and an elegant sit-down dinner. Bob needs 4 golfers which the club will pay all but $50 of the cost.  Four additional guests may attend the dinner for $35 each. Bob is oversubscribed now and there will be a drawing later.  Table 1 took a larger than usual hit today.  Miley to Randy Smith for revolving in the chow-line to preserve his place. This was upped to $.50 for returning to Table 1 without a proper vote.  Smith fined Fry for unintelligible mumbling.  Mason proposed $.25 to all of Table one for being so “close.”  Bezjak fined Rich Carlson for dragging his grandson to lunch and exposing him to Arapahoe's motleys.  Please note that Nicky had roast beef seconds.  Magee fined Miley for “co-circling.”  John Pifer has 26 Rockies tickets for the Marlins game on June 19th. (Tuesday evening.) He says they are excellent seats at $31 each. See Pifer — should be a fun outing. Take a guest, if you like.  Bezjak reported that E-Team deposited $5290 and 90 in attendance.  There is now $702 in the Progressive Pot.  There was a lot of “sports talk” about the Broncos, Avalanche, and Rockies season tickets— relegated to “committee work.”  There was also a lot of slow talking and stalling as there was obviously no program in the works.  We had fun, anyway.
Sertoman of the Day

Ric Jacobus declares he was born in 1936, noting that he has lived during parts of 8 decades and is not yet 70. He was born in Grande Rapids, MI, moved to Chillicothe , OH where he lived from 1939 until 1953, when he and his family move to CO, settling in Camp Sherman , a WW1 military facility.  He attended grades 1–11 in Ohio and graduated from Sheridan HS, his only school still standing.  A series of muddy creeks flowing into a tributary of the Ohio River is his only claim to major waterways.  His first job was in a green house from which he was fired.  Eliches Park let him drive the fire engine around the park until he backed it into the firehouse.  No more rides—fired from a $.70/hr job.  Ric attended college in Greeley where he obtained a degree in FUN.  Real work started an 11 year stretch with an insurance company followed by teaching elementary school 1 year and then he worked for Van Gilder Insurance Co. for 25 years.  He has been married to Bonnie 41 years, this summer, a union which has produced 2 children Rod (38) and Jill (36) and 1 grandchild, Cole (2).  His longtime friend Doug Harder brought him into Sertoma in July 1974. He moved through the chairs to President and became district Governor in 1982 where he advised one Club to get to work or lose their charter.  Sure enough, they lost it.  He poked fun at Pat McKim with a poster gift of a confused rooster and he returned a roll of genuine special TP to Orian Hunter, given to him years ago.  Other were offered a box full of Van Gilder pens and stuff.  Mike Magee won the $5 draw, after many trials.


Doug Harder, program chair of the day, sat glumly through Ric’s bio sketch and finally laughed at Ric’s story about Bonnie and Caroline.  Bonnie dated Doug for a while and Caroline dated Ric for a while.  How’s that for confused roosters?  All together as good as a program.


Carl Duncan - Sponsored by Steve Bolyard 

Lloyd Steinmann - Sponsored by Bob Buckland  


The Tee Box

July 14 - Other Sertoma Clubs - Golf Matches - supported by Arapahoe Club 
See Doug Harder/Bob Stein

Sep 16 - Annual Arapahoe Club Golf Tournament 
 See Dick Enslow

On The Calendar 

June 14 Flag Day
June 15  Father's Day
June 18  Bingo Team A
June 19  Regular Meeting
June 19  Rockies Night Out—Baseball block Seating $31 each—See John Pifer
June 25  Bingo Team B
June 26  Regular Meeting
July 4  Independence Day - Fly your flag
July 14  Southwest Sertoma Club —Golf Match, Lunch, Dinner, Prizes,
                  Silent Auction — See Bob Stein.
July 30-Aug 2 Sertoma International Convention  The Sertoman, June 5th Issue  
                              See Phil Grim
Aug  2 Cajun Cookout - See Bill Parchen

Thoughts to Ponder               

Flag Day
In 2003, June 14th marks the 226th birthday of the U.S. Flag. In 1777, the Continental Congress adopted the Stars and Stripes pattern for the national flag. 
This would follow almost one year after the Declaration of Independence and more than a decade before the U.S. Constitution was finalized. 
Flag Day was first celebrated in 1877, the centennial of the U.S. flag's existence.
 After that many citizens and organizations advocated the adoption of a national day 
of commemoration for the  U.S. Flag. 
It was not until 1949, that President Harry Truman signed legislation making 
Flag Day a day of national observance.

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