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The Arapahoe Sertoman   


This Weeks Reporter : Orian Hunter

June 19,  2003

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This Week In Review

A song plus a pledge plus a prayer started the meeting. A guest at Table #1 prompted a 25-cent plus 25-cent fine, which equaled the fines from Mason to Jason and from Parchen to Gallagher, give or take 25 cents! In addition to praying very well, Rev. Bill, in his role as Heavenly Golf Dude, presented Bob Hogge and Dick Laskey with memorial wall art to symbolize their activities on the course last week. Dean Hiss promoted a trip to I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change, to be held on July 17; Bob Stein touted the Southwest Sertoma Golf tourney on July 14th; and Pifer...poor Pifer...worked with the zeal of ten men to sell the tickets to the August 19th Rockies game. A meeting without an announcement from Enslow would be, uhhhh….well….uhhh...anyway, C team is up next, Dr. Pollak, of coupon fame, did his thing, and Bob Buckland presented information on the ALS Gala, as well as the LoDo Sertoma baseball camp. It was a miracle, that with all this going on, Lloyd Steinmann, a retired contractor, was inducted into our membership. Lloyd is thinking about spending his retirement doing volunteer work. Lloyd, have we got a deal for you! 50 cents to Lloyd, following a really rotten induction!

Sertoman of the Day

Dale Hand was in the neighborhood, and was drafted into being the SOD. We all know that Dale was a product of  Idaho, and, can trace the Boise River to the Snake River, which then flows into the Columbia. We are all well aware of his twenty-three years at Porter Hospital pushing drugs. We have heard about his move to Loveland, where he is the head drug dude at the McKee Medical Center. We all know Gloria and Jason. We are amazed that Dale has found good medications to help him remain so calm with  Jason’s wedding only a few weeks away. Dale has done almost everything for Sertoma. He has been in every chair possible, including being a gold coat president, a governor, and an award winning secretary. This year, Dale was awarded Sertoman of the year by the Rocky Mountain Region. Thanks for stopping by, and good luck at International, Dale!


Doug Harder, armed with exhaustive research and many facts, was pleased to introduce our program for the day, Mitch Jelniker.  Mitch, as we know is a very popular anchor for Channel 7 News. Mitch is one of the few remaining natives, and has landed in Colorado, following stints in San Francisco and Oklahoma City. Mitch was very entertaining, as he told a story of  being helped out of a difficult situation by Dan Rather, and it was very interesting to hear some of the behind the scenes information on life in Oklahoma City, following the bombing. The main purpose of Mr. Jelniker’s visit, was to promote the “Everyday Heroes” segment, which is presented by Channel 7. Based on Mitch’s information, it would appear as though the community does appreciate the things some people do on a volunteer basis. It is also interesting to hear how difficult it can  be to get a worthy volunteer to stand in the spotlight. This was a very interesting program. Thank you Mitch! And who knows...If we keep trying to do good things, one of us might make it onto 7 News?


None today, but there’s always next week!


Make your Reservations

 I Love You. You’re Perfect! Now Change!

July 17...Garner Galleria Theater

See Dean Hiss 

August 19, 2003

 Mark your calendars...Don’t forget!

Rockies Game...Great Seats

See Pifer 

On The Calendar 

June 25  Bingo Team B
June 26  Regular Meeting - John Does at Riverside”
July 1 Bingo Team C
July 3 Regular Meeting -Seatbelt Angels
July 4  Independence Day - Fly your flag
July 8

Arapahoe Sertoma Board Meeting

July 9 Bingo Team D
July 10 Regular Meeting - 
July 14  Southwest Sertoma Club —Golf Match, Lunch, Dinner, Prizes,
                  Silent Auction — See Bob Stein.
July 16 Bingo Team E
July 17 Regular Meeting - "An Atlas, if You’re Lucky”
July 30-Aug 2 Sertoma International Convention  The Sertoman, June 5th Issue  
                              See Phil Grim
Aug  2 Cajun Cookout - See Bill Parchen

Thoughts to Ponder               

A Thought Worth Repeating

 It only costs a little more to get the very best.”

…..All Architects