This Week In Review - June 3, 2004
This Weeks Reporter—Bill Worth

Song - Buckland                 Pledge - Selby                Invocation – Worth  

Not a real big crowd today (34), but the rowdiest in several weeks. A good solid repast of Pasta Salad, Mashed Spuds, Meatloaf (like Mom used to make), and Cookies.  In the absence of Pollak and Dowdey, VP Campbell was selected to take the helm.  Don Masias had two guests: Brother Tim (Don paid a fine for exposing his brother to rowdiness), and applicant Kevin Nettles.  Applicant Jim Perkins was also in attendance.  Dean Hiss, last week’s SOD, skated on some thin ice when he suggested that some information had not been reported accurately in the bulletin.  Often complainers become prime candidates for jobs as Bulletin writers.  If fact it was suggested that several higher ups also be fined in addition to the editor.  My notes are fuzzy, but it appears that the motion failed.  Is it coincidence that George Tenet resigned today?  Bill Parchen was named as a possible fine, but this may have been the one that failed (which seems very unlikely).  Bingo was declared a fiasco this week as the pickle payouts cut into profits.  No Handshake prize - Pot O Gold went to Parchen (fixed income- ha).

Sertoman of the Day

SOD today was our good (is it good hands or good neighbor?) agent John Pifer. Born in North Denver in ‘42, John grew up on the south side from an early age.  He says 4 of the 5 Elementary schools he attended are still standing.  Pretty handy on the field and court, he lettered in Football, Baseball and Basketball at Littleton High  DU beckoned, from whence he graduated, after a slow start, with a degree in Business Adm.  He then went to work for State Farm.  John was able to stay busy for a while as a member of the Army Reserve.  John married in ‘62.  Since that time he has remarried, and remarried, and remarried, well, let’s see ......there was Anita, Karen, Nancy, Rosemary, Dee, and Diana.  And, I think I heard the name Karen again.  John has 4 kids, three of them married.  John says he is a golfer, and a sports fan, with season tickets to most venues in town.  Thanks for sharing your many adventures with us, John.  He gave away several State Farm Atlases -  one to our speaker and to members D Smith, Worth and Magee.  Everyone received a State Farm comb.  Some of us have little or no need for same, but thanks anyway, John.


Today’s Program was Paul Murphy, a survivor of the 1945 torpedoing of the USS Indianapolis. Following graduation from High School in 1944, Paul was drafted into the Navy. Trained in fire control (ship’s guns) he was assigned to the USS Indianapolis After much action in the Pacific, including several landing support missions, the ship suffered a kamikaze attack, and was patched up enough to get to dry dock.  In June 1945, following   refit, with most of the crew changed,  the ship was chosen to deliver ‘secret’ cargo to Tinian Island Following delivery, the ship was torpedoed on the way to the Philippines. The ship sank within 12 minutes, unable to send messages that indicated the fate of the ship.  Survivors spent 4 and 1/2 days in the seas.  Planes were seen overhead but at an altitude that prevented them from seeing the sailors floating in the water.  By accident a PBY detected some individuals, but poor communication prevented a serious rescue from occurring.  Eventually the rescue did follow.  Only 317 survived. Special thanks to Paul for his courageous story.  Ps: The secret cargo they transported was parts for the atom bomb that was drop Hiroshima

On the Calendar


    June  8 Board Meeting - 6 pm Joe Dowdey's Office
   June   9 Bingo Team A

June 10

Regular Meeting 

June 14

Flag Day - Littleton Golf Tourney

June 14

DDRC Golf Tourney - See Norm Selby

June 16

Bingo Team B 

June 17

Regular Meeting
June 20 

Father’s Day

June 21

Summer Begins

June 22

 Installation of New Officers

June 23

Bingo Team C 

June 24

Regular Meeting

June 30

Bingo Team D 

July 1

Regular Meeting

July 4

Independence Day - Fly your Flag


July 6th is the date.  Lt. Col. Edward L. Hubbard will speak at the Wyndham DTC on his seven years as a POW in North Vietnam and the guidelines he has developed to help focus to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.  This super opportunity has been arranged through Joe Dowdey and the Edward Jones group.  Cash Bar and hors d’oeuvres.  Tickets are free but if you take tickets please make sure they are utilized. Put this date on your calendar now.


Installation of Officers will be held Tuesday evening June 22nd at Las Brisas Restaurant, near Arapahoe and Clinton.  Cash bar at 6pm , Dinner at 7 pm .  We have invited Chatfield, Jeffco, LoDo and Ralston Creek to join us. If you are a new officer or director be sure to be there to be installed by the incoming Governor, our own Mike Ballew.  The Dinner includes soup or salad, appetizers and dessert, all for $20, tax and tip included.  And, you have a choice of 6 different entrees: Tortilla Crusted Salmon; Pollo (Chicken) Oscar; Baby Back Ribs; Yucatan Lamb; Spanish Prime Rib; and Pepper Roasted Pork Tenderloin. Sign up now!

Have You Noticed?

In which hand is the Statue of Liberty’s torch?
Whose face is on a dime?

How many curves are there in the standard paper clip?

Do books have even numbered pages on the right or left side?

On the back of a $1 dollar bill, what is in the center?