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This Weeks Reporter :  Bill Worth

June 5,  2003

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This Week In Review

A goodly attendance, a hearty south of the border feast, fun-filled fellowship, a timely topic for discussion, and brownies for dessert - what more could you want? Guests Steinmann and Duncan, applicants in process, were joined by Larry Sage of the Centennial Airport club, who offered an opportunity to join CAA at a Beer Tasting next Saturday the 14th. ($30 at the door).  Good to see Mike Magee back at the table following his rather serious tummy trouble.  The D team managed to make a pretty fair profit on Wed the 4th even though the crowd was only 76 and the workers only 7.  Dick Sorensen asked that we help the LoDo club with their Baseball Camp on June 19-21.  They need a variety of efforts from coaching to feeding to cleanup to ??.  Sign up on the sign up sheet or talk to Dick.  Bob Buckland asked for individual support of the June 26 ALS Association’s ‘Sunset in the Park’.  ALS = Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis = Lou Gehrig's Disease.  For info talk to Bob.  There was today a motion that Table 1 not be fined.  The group quickly noted the potential long term impact and reversed the motion.  The Arapahoe Golf Outing last Monday brought kudos to Grimm, Pifer and Mason for their exceptional athletic skill or there unique math skill.  It was not clear which. Cash rewards went to (can’t remember) and to G Hannes. 
Sertoman of the Day

The Reverend Bill Kohlmeier, a native of Pennsylvania, traced his ‘river roots’ all the way to the Atlantic by way of M_ _ _ _  Creek, the Delaware River, the Chesapeake Canal, Chesapeake Bay, etc. Graduated high school in New York, he served 3 years plus in the navy, attended college on the GI bill, taught school in Cleveland for 10 years.  Moving on to Seminary, Bill served churches in the midwest before coming to Christ Lutheran in Englewood.  Technically retired, Bill still serves until a replacement is found.  Married to Jacklyn for 45 years - three sons, and 6 grandkids.  Brought to Arapahoe by Doug Harder in ‘99.  Bill, our official club chaplain, is a real positive addition to the club.  A willing worker, Bill has served on the board, and is always available when  needed.  Thanks Bill.


Mary Dounay and Gene Turnbull, President and Secretary, respectively, of the Englewood School Board.  They spoke to the May 23rd ‘incident’, during which water balloons were throw.  They indicated that the actual contents of the balloons is still unclear, but even if it was beer, as claimed by some, that would violate the no alcohol rules. All graduating students had just signed an agreement that indicated they agreed to no improper acts, and that they understood any possible repercussions.  Mary and Gene said that support for the Principal’s actions had been received from within and without the district.  In a straw vote, Arapahoe members also showed solid support for the action taken.  Our special thanks to Mary and Gene for being with us and sharing the thoughts and actions of the board with us.  And thanks for being here on short notice.


Carl Duncan 

Lloyd Steinmann 

Larry Sage 


Sertoma International Convention
It doesn’t get any more convenient. . .this year’s International Convention will be held in Albuquerque NM at the Albuquerque Hyatt Hotel   It begins Wednesday evening, July 30 and runs through the Grand Banquet on Saturday evening August 2.  Not all meals are covered, but the major ones are.  Seminars and roundtables and Q & A sessions will be held.  There will be Sertomans from around the country.  You will enjoy sharing Sertoma with them and picking up new ideas.  The Albuquerque/Santa Fe area is unique and offers many tour opportunities.  A Golf Tournament is planned for Wednesday morn.  For more information talk to Phil Grimm or Bill Worth.  Arapahoe may  pay  part of your expenses.  For less expensive rooms near the Hyatt, contact Bill Worth.  It seldom gets more convenient than this.  Plan a vacation/convention opportunity in Albuquerque . Our own region’s Bill Stanage will be installed as International President. Be there!


Flag Day

For the athletically inclined, a chance to see the Rockies in action 
Aug 19
against the Mariners  excellent seats -$31 each.
 A fun social opportunity.
John Pifer for info.

On May 30, 1916 , President Woodrow Wilson issued a presidential  proclamation declaring that June 14 be celebrated as the official Flag Day. Many Americans celebrate by  displaying the Red, White and Blue in

Put the Arapahoe Cajun Cookout on your calendar for August 2nd, a Saturday.  This is a fun family social.  More info later.

   one of these American front of homes   and businesses. Are you one of these Americans? The day commemorates the adoption of the Stars and Stripes as the official flag of the United States .

Good Memories Available

DVDs  containing hundreds of photos taken during Arapahoe’s
 50 year history are still available.  They are $20.00 each.
 Proceeds will go to the Arapahoe Sertoma Foundation.  
Buy your copy today.

 2nd Publication for Membership

Carl M Duncan                        CPA (Retired)
Sponsor: Steve Bolyard

Lloyd C Steinmann                 Retired
Sponsor: Bob Buckland       

Any member having objection must contact the secretary within two weeks

Don't forget  Dad - June 15th

On The Calendar 

June 10 Board Meeting -  5:30 at the Elks
June 11 Bingo Team E
June 12 Regular Meeting
June 14 Flag Day
June 15  Father's Day
June 18  Bingo Team A
June 19  Regular Meeting
June 25  Bingo Team B
June 26  Regular Meeting
July 4  Independence Day - Fly your flag

Thoughts to Ponder               

Have you ever thought about what we say?   Well, think about . . .

 ...why doesn’t ‘Buick’ rhyme with ‘quick’?  
...if a vegetarian eats vegetables,
what does a humanitarian eat?  
...if teachers taught, why didn’t preachers praught?  
...why is there neither apple nor pine in pineapple?  
...if the plural of tooth is teeth, why isn’t the plural of  booth beeth?  
...and how is it we have noses
that run and feet that smell?