This Week In Review - July 1, 2004
This Week’s Reporter: Bill Worth 

Song - Unknown but well done    Pledge - Not known  Invocation - B Stein

Welcome to the New Sertoma Year
Sertoma has changed its fiscal year to July thru June!  
A big thank you to Tim Pollak for so ably manning the helm for the past ten
months, and thanks to the members who made our voyage a successful one.
Welcome to our new skipper Joe Dowdey.
Let’s all pledge our full support during the upcoming year!

Prez Joe Dowdey took gavel in hand at exactly 12:30pm and boldly banged the first meeting of the new year to order.  We were a bit short on attendees today for the chicken, mashed spuds, salad and cookies.  The president was fined by members of his old table for abandonment.  This is probably the first of many payments for faux paus by our new leader.  This week’s Bingo was at best a break even due to a few last minute pickle payouts.  There are handouts  available showing the Bingo Calendar and a list of who is on what team on the back.  Ask Pat McKim for a copy.  Also available are member rosters.  Ask Bill Worth for a copy and report any errors to him.  There was no Handshake Prize today.  
The Pot O Gold went to Norm Selby.

Sertoman of the Day

 SOD - World Traveler Mike Magee.  Born in Houston, Mike actually grew up in the Chicago area.  In 57, he was attracted by the opportunity to ski the wondrous mountains of Colorado and attended Boulder College where he received learning in marketing.  He returned to Chicago for a while but then turned back to Colorado.  Sold Florsheims for a bit, then turned to Real Estate in ‘72.  Married Barb some 15 years ago, They have 4 kids between them (2 each) plus resulting grandkids.  Mike has no military experience to speak of; and he spoke of non e.  He made so much money in Real Estate that he and Barb bought a sail boat and moved to Florida.  They had the boat for about three years, living on it for about half the time.  They moved back to Colorado a couple of years ago so they wouldn’t miss out on the grandparent thing.  Mike still skis when he can.

 Mike is a Gold Coat President from 93-94.  Thanks, Mike for all your contribution to the club. Giving away his $5 bucks was quite a chore.  If you were not at the meeting, chances are your name was called.  Rick Jacobus eventually got the money.


Today’s Program was presented by Jennifer Mueller, with just the slightest bit of help from her boss, Janelle Chakounis.  The topic was Multiple Sclerosis Society of Colorado .  MS is a neurological disease that has affected some 400,000 in the US, causing such conditions as loss of balance, tremors, blurred vision, poor coordination and numbness.  It attacks about twice as many women as men.  There is no cure, but there are several drugs that are helpful in slowing down the progression of the disease. Jennifer indicate ways that individuals and/or ‘teams’ can help with fundraising and other needs.  Zach Harder will be participating in their Great-West Bike Tour July 10-11.  Thanks to the many Arapahoe Sertoman who have signed up to help Zach and the MS Society.  And, thanks to Jennifer for a fine program.

Governor to Train New Club Officers
All Incoming Officers and Directors expected to take advantage of the opportunity.

2004-2006 Governor Mike Ballew will be attending the ILC (International Leadership Conference), which is  being held in Kansas City along with the International Convention.  Mike has scheduled the next step in the training cycle for Saturday July 24th when he will host the DLC (District Leadership Conference).  This is a must attend event for Presidents and Secretaries, and all other club officers and directors are invited and encouraged to attend. Following the DLC, president Joe Dowdey will schedule a CLC (Club Leadership Conference) for all Arapahoe officers and directors.  More information on these events will be released soon.

 The Installation of Officers was held Tuesday evening June 22nd at Las Brisas Restaurant and was a most successful affair.  Special thanks to Bob Buckland and Nick Morrone for the arrangements.  Outgoing District Governor Pat Diesing was the Mistress of Ceremonies, incoming District Governor Mike Ballew performed the official duties.  Congratulations to the new officers and directors.  We shared the evening with the Chatfield and LoDo clubs.  

Congratulations to those members who had perfect attendance during this past year.  If you miss a regular meeting, there are ways you can ‘make up’ that missed meeting:  attending the meeting of another Sertoma Club; attending a District or Regional Sertoma meeting; Board meetings; meetings of other organizations where you are representing our club; or joint service club meetings (such as on a cruise).  You too can be perfect!  Go for it! 


On the Calendar


   July   4

Independence Day

   July   6

Lt. Col. Edward Hubbard will speak at the Wyndham DTC

   July   7

Bingo Team E

July 8

Regular Meeting 

July 8-11

Sertoma International Convention 8-11th

July 9

Happy Birthday Bill Worth aka Mr. Sertoma

July 13

Happy Birthday Dean Hiss

July 14

Bingo Team A 

July 15

Regular Meeting - SOD Bob Lutes

July 19

Happy Birthday Bill Parchen

July 21

Bingo Team B -Happy Birthday Rick Campbell

July 22

Regular Meeting - SOD  Bill Kohlmeier

    July 23

Happy Birthday Rick Jacobus

July 25

Happy Birthday Robert Hogge

July 28

Bingo Team C

July 29

Regular Meeting - 


July 4, 1776 - the signing of the Declaration of Independence . . .BUT DID YOU KNOW?  

(1)  When a Constitutional Convention was finally convened  to discuss a  Constitution (revising the Articles of Confederation)?      

(2)  When the 1st Congress convened under the new Constitution, and where?

(3)  When George Washington was inaugurated as the first President of the United States ?                  

(1) Twelve years (1787)
(2) On March 4, 1789 in New York City
(3) April 30, 1789