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This Weeks Reporter :  Fred Downs

July 10, 2003

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This Week In Review

Rich Carlson started the song and joined all the rest of us playing the game of closest to the food when the song ends.  He lost.  Following a picnic lunch of cold sandwiches, pasta salad, coleslaw and an enormous slice of cake, guests were announced.  Rich Carlson, prepaid fine in hand, introduced his grandson once again, who was properly made welcome.  Bill Parchen introduced Bob Spada. Director of Englewood Golf Course, who Parchen later presented Arapahoe’s check for $300 to help with Englewood GC’s Children’s Junior Golf Program.  Parchen was fined a quarter for subscribing to Rick Campbell’s “School of Presentation.”  Parchen, only wanting to help, gave John Pifer a long and gracious introduction including his about to be offered Rockies tickets for their game on August 19th at 7:00 PM.  Cost him a quarter for advertising. The Cajun Cookout was also mentioned.  No fine.  Someone said something about nominations, but I missed it entirely —[When you sit at a table with Parchen and the Harder, it is hard to hear anyone else.]  Western Welcome Week Lemonade Stand needs volunteers. Sign up sheet going around.  A really great show was canceled for lack of interest.  Bingo's D. Team deposited $5800 plus $500 for Progressive Bingo—118 players—Progressive $1800.  E-Team is up next on July 16th.  D. Harder says it is OK to play in Platte Canyon’s Golf Match at Arrowhead, Friday. September 5th.

Sertoman of the Day
Will Martinez is a son of Colorado, born near Berthoud 77 years ago. At about age 1 his family moved to Denver and Will made the rounds of North Denver schools, graduating from North High School in 1942.  H saw Naval service during WWII, returning to Denver in 1948 and worked for
Gates Rubber Co.  He got married Marie in 1948 and was recalled to serve in Korea in 1950.  He returned home again went to college and worked for Martin Marietta 29 years, retiring in 1958.  Will and Marie have two daughters and four grandchildren.  Travel is their hobby—to such places as Europe, Egypt and China in recent years.  Will has served in many capacities at Arapahoe, most
notably producing a series of outstanding scrapbooks. Lucky Fred Downs got his $5.

Orian Hunter introduced Dr. Eleanor T. Christiansen, MD of the Health Care for All Colorado, an organization devoted to the creation of a single-payer approach to health care for all people in Colorado [and the United States].  Her reasoning is based on factual information.  One study showed that in 1998, almost 20% of the money paid into the health system went for things (e.g. profits, huge CEO salaries, marketing, bureaucracy) other than health care.  Dr. Christiansen is an active volunteer for such a program in Colorado and supports a national move for a single payer system.  She offered information on the success in Norway, Sweden, Canada, and Great Britain.  She also argues convincingly that the inefficiencies built into the US system is currently leaving 45 million Americans without any health care at all. Health Care for All Colorado is a Statewide Effort for Universal Health Care.  Dr. Christiansen is soundly convinced that such a system can evolve if a grass roots movement, now in progress is successful.

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Bob SpadaEnglewood Golf Course
Guest of Arapahoe


The Tee Box
  Other Sertoma Clubs - Golf Matches - supported by Arapahoe Club -
See Doug Harder

Platte Canyon Club  -  Arrowhead CC  -  Friday August 5th

Sep 16 - Annual Arapahoe Club Golf Tournament - See Dick Enslow

On The Calendar 

July 14  Southwest Sertoma Club —Golf Match, Lunch, Dinner, Prizes,
                  Silent Auction — See Bob Stein.
July 16 Bingo Team E
July 17 Regular Meeting - "An Atlas, if You’re Lucky”
July 21 Rick Campbell B'Day
July 23 Bingo Team A
July 24 Regular Meeting
July 30 Bingo Team B
July 30 - Aug 2 The 83rd International Convention - Albuquerque NM
July 31 Regular Meeting
Aug  2 Cajun Cookout - See Bill Parchen
Aug  6 Bingo Team C
Aug  7 Regular Meeting
Aug  9 District leadership Conference
Aug  19 Rockies Night Out  7 PM  -  See John Pifer
Aug  28 Installation of Officers and Directors  -  Mt. Vernon CC

Thoughts to Ponder               

What matters most

Before you put a lot of time and energy into being frustrated or annoyed, worried or angry about something, ask yourself this. Five years from now, will it make any difference one way or the other?

Rather than making a minor inconvenience into a major issue, take a moment to put it into perspective. If it won't matter a few days or weeks from now, is it really worth getting upset about? If you focus on the petty, insignificant things, that takes your time and energy away from what is truly important. Life is too precious to waste even a few moments, for in each of those moments there is priceless opportunity.

Imagine what you could do today that would indeed make a positive difference five, ten or twenty years from now. Think of how you can spend the moments you have right now, so you'll always look back on them with satisfaction, thankful for the choices you made.

Live this day like the special time that it is. Keep reminding yourself to focus on what matters most, letting everything else flow quietly on by.
In so doing, you'll be creating value that will stay with you always.

-- Ralph Marston