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The Arapahoe Sertoman   


This Weeks Reporter : Orian Hunter

July 17, 2003

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This Week In Review

Trust me! The song and the pledge were so bad today, that we are going to treat the leaders of each like members of the CIA who helped write the State of the Union address. But, the prayer from Rev. Worth created a much better state of our union for this fine luncheon. Things seemed almost perfect, except it was noted that there were no banners hung, so Grimm had to step up for 50 cents for that oversight. The dead chicken was great, and the announcements flew fast and furious!  King Soopers Coupons, the Cajun Cookout; the Lemonade Stand; and the Rockies Night Out, complete with peanuts and Cracker Jacks, all took center stage and gave almost everyone something to talk about! Enslow gave one of his world famous Bingo Reports, and uhhhhhhhhhhhh, I guess E-Team dropped about $5400 into the bank. A-Team should be up next week, but, considering who is writing the newsletter this week, you may want to check with your team captains to be sure! It seemed a bit obvious that the Center for Speech and Hearing was due for a windfall...Kevin Teel showed up...but, brought with him, Cindy Grubenhoff, Director of Marketing and Development...Sure enough...Joe Dowdey presented $1500! Sertoma Pays!!!!!

Sertoman of the Day

Pat McKim, former Arapahoe President, and all around good guy, was introduced as the SOD. Pat was born in 1968, at about the same time that some of us graduated from high school. Speaking of high school, Heritage High School was build especially for Pat. Once he graduated from high school, he then went on to study at the hallowed halls of University of Colorado—Denver, where he learned how to do all kinds of interesting things with numbers. Pat is currently a CFP, which means he is certified to financially plan. Pat’s goal for this year has been to attract Martha Stewart as a client. Pat joined Arapahoe in 1994 after being pressured by Jacobus and Sam Anderson. In addition to his work with the board, starting at the bottom and going all the way to the top, Pat is anal retentive enough to do an outstanding job as the Head Bingo Dude! R. Hogge got $5!


Program Chair, Orian Hunter, introduced John Pifer, who, in turn, introduced Kelly Campbell from the Public Relations office of one of the insurance companies with which Pifer does some business. Kelly’s topic was the change from the “No-fault” system with car insurance, back to the “torte system” in the State of Colorado. There seems to be some thoughts that initially, this change will save drivers some money on their policies, and since we may have had “bad” no-fault, this may be a change for the better. Kelly explained that the coverage which will  be missing from our policies when they renew will be PIP (Personal Injury Protection). For people who are blessed with fine health insurance, and people who only carry passengers in their cars who also have good health insurance, the loss of PIP will be no big problem. As our policies renew, we will be giving some attention to our coverage, and may want to consider the importance of Medical Payments Coverage. Thank you, Kelly for making a confusing topic interesting and a little more clear. 


Cindy Grubenhoff...Guest of Keving Teel


Make your Reservations Installation Banquet...Mt. Vernon - August 28th

August 19, 2003

Mark your calendars...Don’t forget! Rockies Game...Great Seats See Pifer


July 24th...CJ Farr...Smart Travel

July 31st  John McGregor.. Home of the Good Shepherd

On The Calendar 

July 21 Rick Campbell B'Day
July 23 Bingo Team A
July 24 Regular Meeting
July 30 Bingo Team B
July 30 - Aug 2 The 83rd International Convention - Albuquerque NM
July 31 Regular Meeting
Aug  2 Cajun Cookout - See Bill Parchen
Aug  6 Bingo Team C
Aug  7 Regular Meeting
Aug  9 District leadership Conference
Aug  19 Rockies Night Out  7 PM  -  See John Pifer
Aug  28 Installation of Officers and Directors  -  Mt. Vernon CC

Thoughts to Ponder               

A Thought Worth Repeating

 “The more people know about each other, the more likely they are to like each other.” Donald O. Clifton