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This Weeks Reporter : Tom Pollak

July 24, 2003

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This Week In Review

The song started the meeting on a high note, too high for some singers present, and everyone scrambled for a place at the front of the chow line with intense anticipation of lunch, Sausage on a bun with chips, cookies for dessert.  After guests were introduced, (see page two) announcements commenced.  Rick Jacobus announced the last time to sign-up for the Cajun Cookout, Sat. Aug. 2.  Bob Hogge invited interested parties to contact him about WWW (Western Welcome Week) where staffing the annual Lemonade Stand is going well.  Ed Bezjak urged all team B members to be there next week, Progressive is over $2500.  CJ Farr promoted boxes of Peaches for Jeffco Sertoma at $25/box.  The only fine for the day was proposed by Bill Worth, $.50 to Steve Ellis (who was not present) for making CJ do his dirty work.  This editor is not sure what is so “dirty” about trying to sell stuff as a fund raiser?  Tim Pollak thanked Bob Buckland for a marvelous writing instrument found in his wife’s collection and hawked King Soopers coupons.  Phil Grimm announced that Promotion Sertoma Club is looking for phone workers to help Channel 6 this Fall.

Sertoman of the Day

Dave Miley facetiously said he loved these opportunities to be ridiculed.  Born in Methodist Hospital-Indianapolis, IN (where the race car drivers are taken), his family moved him to Denver in 1945 at four (4) years old. He attended third grade through high school in the Englewood schools and graduated in ‘59.  Married his sweetheart 44 years ago, he declares 25 years of being happily married “say nothing of the other twenty.”  After CSU and “terrorizing Ft. Collins,” he received an ROTC commission and served Six and a half years in the Air Force.  Bob Wood brought him into the Englewood Club and Doug Harder helped him  transfer to Arapahoe in ‘73 where he went through the chairs “I thought everyone loved me so much,”  president ’78-’79 and governor in ’95.  His most rewarding experience in Sertoma was being first chairman of “The Field of Dreams.” He and Karen have two children.  Bill Benton received the $5 honey jar.


Chairman of the day, Mr. Orian Hunter,  gave an awkward  intro-duction of fellow sertoman “C.J.” Farr (Carol Jean for the uninitiated), of Carlson Wagonlit Travel.  She presented useful information from her book The Smart Traveler. Handout documents presented a number of new ideas about Styles of trips, e.g. Escorted Tours being best for non-english speaking destinations,  providing safety and the opportunity of learning more; “all inclusive resorts” and cruises being especially appropriate for travel with teens who eat a lot, etc.  She provided security tips such as making two (2) copies of the inside of your passport and your itinerary , packing one separate from the originals and leaving one at home with whomever is watching the house.  Carrying a second “fake wallet” in back pocket rather than your main money can protect your trip from thieves and pick pockets. 
A lively Q & A that followed added many experiences that added to our security awareness during travel.  Copies of her book were reduced for purchase.  It was a very pleasant and informative program.


Jack Marshall introduced Mark Marts, draftsman 

 Steve Bolyard introduced former member Bill Funk

New Members needed There is much need in the community.  We are the ones to fill those needs.  But, we need more members to share the load.  Look among your friends, neighbors and business acquaintances to see who is a potential member, or just asked them to lunch with us and let them decide for themselves.  Do it today! 


Sertoma International Convention . . . .

Albuquerque NM - July 30 through August 2 - Hyatt Regency Hotel - and you can be there.  It begins Wednesday evening and runs through the Grand Banquet on Saturday evening. August 2.  There will be Sertomans from around the country.  You will enjoy sharing Sertoma with them and picking up new ideas.  Arapahoe may pay part of your expenses.  Think about this opportunity.  For more info talk to Phil Grimm or Bill Worth. It’s a fun part of the country to visit.  Plan it as a vacation/convention opportunity , but do it now.

On The Calendar 

July 30 Bingo Team B
July 30 - Aug 2 The 83rd International Convention - Albuquerque NM
July 31 Regular Meeting -John McGregor, 
“Home of the Good Shepard"                                                
Aug  2 Cajun Cookout - See Bill Parchen
Aug  6 Bingo Team C
Aug  7 Regular Meeting- John Brachney, “Standing Tall” the  terrorism issue                                                   
Aug  9 District leadership Conference
Aug  12 Board Meeting - Joint meeting of both old & new boards-Elks Club
Aug  13 Bingo Team D
Aug  14 Regular Meeting- Pat Dorsey, Blue Quill 
“River Guide for Fly Fishing”
Aug  19  Rockies Night Out  7 PM  -  See John Pifer
Aug  20  Bingo Team E
Aug 21 Regular Meeting-Greg Moody, News 4, "Critic at Large"                 
Aug 27 Bingo Team A
Aug  28 Regular Meeting
Aug  28 Installation of Officers and Directors  -  Mt. Vernon CC

Thoughts to Ponder               

Air travel is wonderful.  It allows you to pass motorists at a safe distance.
Travel not only broadens the mind, but it also flattens the finances.
Travel is educational.  It teaches you that enough luggage is too much.
The world is full of cheap vacation spots. The trouble is that it costs a lot of money to get there.