This Week In Review - July 29, 2004
This Week’s Reporter: Bill Worth

Song - B Parchen      Pledge - N Selby     Invocation - B. Kohlmeier

President Joe Dowdey took gavel to hand to rouse a relatively quiet group to some degree of order while we dined on enchiladas, rice, beans and salad.  Things seemed to have no usual order as we interspersed introductions, announcements, fines and general nonsense.  Table One minus Buckland plus Benton were treated to the usual two-bit fines.  Enslow ahhh’d his way to a fine. Alec Doucette was fined for ‘attempting to change Parchen’s equipment’. Chuck Collins, a member of the Chatfield club, presented information on a Footprinter’s fund raiser that is supported by the Chatfield club.  (For more info see Bill Worth).  Two sponsorship presentations occurred today: one of $1000 to the Colorado MS Society, and one a $1400 scholarship to Adam’s Camp.  We also had a new and unique experience today: one of our lucky bingo winners contributed back a $10 bill for our sponsorship fund.  The bill either went from Games Manager Enslow to Sponsorship Chair Marshall, or vice versa.  Whatever, the sponsorship f und is ten bucks richer.  No Handshake prize today.  The Pot O Gold went to Don Nelson.  Jackie take note.

Sertoman of the Day

Kevin Nettles, one of our newer members, says the only river he connects with is the Platte River , having been born in the Denver area. He graduated from the old Highland High School in Thornton , still standing, but now known as Skyline School . Kevin is single, is a writer and is currently working on a book related to consumer concerns.  Kevin has started his Sertoma career the right way - by volunteering and participating.  Don Masias convinced Kevin to join, and we are pleased about that.  Can’t believe I didn’t write down who won Kevin’s prize, but I know someone is $5 richer.


Today’s Program was presented by special friend Jim Chandler.  Jim was a  member of the club many years ago and was a great contributor to Arapahoe and the community.  Jim was persuaded to speak to us of  D-Day, when and where he was part of the invasion, serving as a Lieutenant on a LCM Landing Craft shuttling troops and supplies between ships in the channel and the invasion beach.  These are not memories that Jim really wants to retain, and does not speak often of the experience.  He has not returned to the invasion area and has no desire to. We appreciate what Jim was willing to share.  He also noted that he was part of and able to observe the atomic bomb tests on Bikini island in ‘46, following the war. He found this a memorable experience.  Jim operates Gateway Antiques and is a real expert in his field.  Jim says he is 85, but it is hard to believe that statement.  Jim, thanks very much!


Governor to Assist New Club Officers

All Incoming Officers and Directors should take advantage Governor Mike Ballew has scheduled the DLC (District Leadership Conference) for Saturday August 7th  This is a must attend event for the President and Secretary; all other club officers and directors are encouraged to attend.  The event will be held from 8:30am to noon at Regis University south campus in the DTC area.  Everyone is invited.  Let’s support Mike President Assists New Club Officers The CLC (Club Leadership Conference) was held Saturday the 24th in Joe Dowdey’s conference room with Pollak, Dowdey, Campbell, Selby, Duncan, Laskey, Buckland and Schlageter in attendance along with Governor Ballew and guest Worth. The meeting was very fruitful; team members are all on the same page, and everyone knows his individual job.  With your support we will have a great year.  WWW (Western Welcome Week) - The Arapahoe Lemonade Stand will be in operation Saturday August 21 and we need your help.  Contact Bob Schlageter and tell him you are available.  It’s easy work and you’ll have fun.

Baseball - Here is your chance to see the Rockies in action against the Mets.

Tuesday August 17 - $36 each - good seats guaranteed - call John Pifer to reserve your place.  Good entertainment and good fellowship.  Be there.

Committees- Some committee assignments have been made; some have not.  Below is a list you can use to see where you fit in.  Changes, objections,  clarifications ?, talk to President Dowdey. 

Sponsorship (J Marshall) -  Enslow, Geers, Perkins Programs (Campbell) - Downey, Hunter, O’Grady, Pollak, Stein, Vierthaler Membership (Selby) - Bolyard, Grimm, Jacobus, Schillo Incentives (Z Harder) - D Harder, Miley Growth (Laskey) - Bolyard, Dowdey, D Harder, Magee, Selby, Stein, Worth Ways & Means  (Schlageter) - Campbell, Hannes, Hunter, Nettles Social (Buckland) - Helmick, Hiss, Fry, Parchen, Pifer, Sorensen.

On the Calendar


July 31 

Cajun Cookout

August 1

Colorado Day

August 4

Bingo Team D

August 5

Regular Meeting - Alternative Investing 
 Program, by Compass Financial Solutions

August 7

District Leadership Conference

August 10

Primary Election - Vote!!!  Board Meeting - Elk’s Club

August 11

Bingo Team E

August 18

Bingo Team A

August 21

Western Welcome Week Lemonade Stand - Sign up to help

August 25

Bingo Team B

August 26

Regular Meeting


Headline writing is an art, but not always done as artfully as possible.  Following are a few real examples:

Police Begin Campaign to Run  Down Jaywalkers

Is There a Ring of Debris around Uranus?  

Panda Mating Fails; Veterinarian Takes Over  

Typhoon Rips Through Cemetery; Hundreds Dead  

Red Tape Holds Up New Bridges