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This Weeks Reporter : Bill Worth

July 3, 2003

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This Week In Review

A hearty repast of Stew, Biscuits with honey and big ‘ Independence ’ Day cookies was shared by 35 Arapahoe Sertomans.  Bill Storey, in a rare moment of forgetfulness, failed to remove his cap during the pledge and a 50 cent fine was immediately proposed; it was negotiated down to two bits.  A ‘to feel welcome’ fine of 50 cents went to Carl Duncan, who was inducted today. Welcome Carl! A good crowd of 130 kept the C team busy Wednesday, and even with rash of pickle payoffs, the team brought home $6600. A series of faux paus by the old king immediate past president cost him a total of 75 royal cents.  These included publishing incorrect data in regard to bingo dates, an accusation of teaching the current president how to do inductions, and just plain advertising.  His rebuttals were weak, the fines passed easily.  John Pifer also paid an advertising fine when he blurted out that an insurance company he represents contributed a large sum of money to the child car seat program mentioned by today’s speaker.  Keep up the good work, John. There did not seem to be a Handshake prize today.  The Pot O Gold ended up in the pocket of Doug Harder.

Sertoman of the Day
Jim Helmick, native of Toledo , OH , and product of the local schools.  Jim says he has an EE (Electrical Engineering) degree from  the University of Toledo .  Jim worked for Johns Manville for 25 years. This JM path brought many of our finest members to us (names on request).  He came to Denver in ‘76, then on to California until he returned to Denver in ‘98.  Jim is married to Barbara.  Jim has three kids and 7 grandkids, all in Ohio .  This encourages one of his hobbies, which is traveling.  He also mentioned an interest in learning more about some games played with cards.  He works quite often with a local training group, who he says has taught him a great deal about playing cards.  When queried on his ‘river’, he began with the Maumee flowing into Maumee Bay , but after that it got pretty dull, and we didn’t press him further. Pleased you are with us, Jim. The fiver went to lucky Gus  S.

Today’s Program was  Vickie Mally.  Vickie is not really a stranger to many of us who attend Sertoma District and Regional meetings, where she has presented her important message several times. She is also a member of Columbine Sertoma, and is currently working for the City and County of Denver as Program Manager/Car Seat Specialist, where she fits donated car seats in vehicles of low income families.  Vickie tells a story that is difficult to tell  - that of  how her daughter died as result of not fastening her seat belt.  Charity, her daughter, was in a comatose state for 4-1/2 years.  The tragedy included Charity’s son born a month after the accident, but who lived only 18 hours.  These are Vickie’s ‘Seat Belt Angels’.  The message is clear - Buckle Up’  We thank Vickie for sharing this difficult story and presenting this important message. She added, for the benefit of some attendees - wear your motorcycle helmet.  Thank you, Vickie.


None today!

We are having too much fun to not share it with others!!!

There are many individuals in your neighborhood and among your acquaintances who would like an opportunity to ‘give back’ to the community.  What better way than as a member of an active, fun loving, occasionally serious minded group of Sertomans like the the ‘Arapahoe’ bunch? We would like to close out the year with a membership gain.  Can we count on you to introduce candidates?  The Sertoma year is drawing to a close.  The District Leadership Conference is scheduled for August 9th.  Our incoming district Governor will be leading the training of new club officers.  Tim will be holding his Club Leadership Conference soon after to outline his goals and provide leadership plans for our club.  Keep these dates open  and participate in your club’s programs.  Can we count on you?


Sertoma International Convention . . . .

Albuquerque NM - July 30 through August 2 - Hyatt Regency Hotel - and you can be there.   It begins Wednesday evening and runs through the Grand Banquet on Saturday evening. August 2.  There will be Sertomans from around the country.  You will enjoy sharing Sertoma with them and picking up new ideas. Arapahoe may  pay  part of your expenses.  Think about this opportunity.  For more info talk to Phil Grimm or Bill Worth. It’s a fun part of the country to visit. Plan it as a vacation/convention opportunity , but do it now.

Opportunities in August

Cajun Cookout . . .  family picnic that you won’t want to miss.  Deep fried Turkey and Catfish, prepared under the watchful eyes of our very own Cajuns, supplemented by the sumptuous salads and delightful desserts of members wives.  The traditional ‘washer toss’a competition will again be up for grabs.  Gather up your spouses, kids and grandkids for a fun afternoon. 
August 2nd.  

District Leadership Conference (DLC) is a chance to learn more about Sertoma and Sertoma Leadership.  Primarily for the Incoming Presidents and Secretaries, it is open to all and worth the effort to attend,  Put this on your calendar for August 9.  

A Night Out with the Rockies . . Good seats, good fun.  John Pifer guaran- tees you will enjoy this night out.  $31 each, &  John may throw in the peanuts. August 19
 Call John Pifer for info and reservations. 
Installation of Officers and Directors . . . Mount Vernon Country Club on August 28th.  We will share this important event with three other Sertoma Clubs.  All incoming officers and directors are expected to be there.  You will enjoy the evening in this fine mountain setting. Plan on attending.

On The Calendar 

July 4  Independence Day - Fly your flag
July 8

Arapahoe Sertoma Board Meeting

July 9 Bingo Team D
July 10 Regular Meeting - 
July 14  Southwest Sertoma Club —Golf Match, Lunch, Dinner, Prizes,
                  Silent Auction — See Bob Stein.
July 16 Bingo Team E
July 17 Regular Meeting - "An Atlas, if You’re Lucky”
July 21 Rick Campbell B'Day
July 23 Bingo Team A
July 24 Regular Meeting
July 30 Bingo Team B
July 30 - Aug 2 The 83rd International Convention - Albuquerque NM
July 31 Regular Meeting
Aug  2 Cajun Cookout - See Bill Parchen

Thoughts to Ponder               

We heard that one of our members . . .

. . was thinking about getting a new car for his spouse - he thought it would be a great trade!

 . . was planning to be spontaneous tomorrow!

 . . got lost in thought and found he was in unfamiliar territory!

 . . was pondering how he would know when he ran out of invisible ink!

 . . felt better when he figured out that half the people he dealt with were below average!