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This Weeks Reporter : Fred Downs

July 31, 2003

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This Week In Review

The song was sung, the pledge recited, the prayer offered and the Sertomans competitively lined up  to eat fried chicken, biscuits, (no Grandma’s gravy), potato salad, mixed salad and big cookies.  At 12:25 post meridian, Orian Hunter, Board Chairman, King Emeritus, SOD, and His Regent, for today, called   for guests.  There being none present, he moved right into announcements to which Ric Jacobus  responded with a reminder about the Cajun Cookout Saturday at 11am.  Bring a dish of something to round out fried turkey and fried catfish.  Bob Hogge could use a few more volunteers during Western Welcome Week Lemonade Squeeze.  Mr. Hunter thinks Bob nearly has his impersonation of  Ahhh Enslow perfected. Rich Carlson announced that Elizabeth and Victoria will make every effort to cook whatever the club would like, within reason.  If you have a favorite meal or ideas for lunch, let Victoria know.  B-Team had 125 players Wednesday.  $6,000 was deposited and there is $2940 in the progressive game.  C-Team is up next, August 6th.  John Pifer has 6 unsold tickets for the Rockies game August 19th.  He delivered peanuts and crackerjacks for all present ticket holders .  Back from England, Doug Harder announced that the Platte Canyon Golf Match Arapahoe players names will be drawn next week.  Harder fined Dave Miley $1 for impersonating the manager of the Cincinnati Reds baseball team.  Carlson fined Joe Dowdey for answering his cell phone during the meeting and carrying on business in the hall.

Sertoman of the Day

Basking in officialdom, Orian Hunter appointed himself SOD and proceeded to list the rivers which have been a part of his life.  He started with the South Platte, named at least a dozen more drains of the upper U.S. plains states and  ended with the Mississippi.  Orian spared us what could have been a long and interesting bio-sketch and ended his story naming his principal sponsor, Jon Sheptak, and several more.  Bob Hogge, aware that the SOD cannot be fined attempted to fine Orian $1 for such a sparse sketch.  His motion failed.  Zach Harder won his $5.  Zach now has enough $s to offer a Jumbo loan at a very good rate


Continuing his temporary reign through another step, Kingly Hunter introduced his guest, John McGregor.  John is a retired high school teacher, finishing a 35 year career at Thomas Jefferson High.   Orian Hunter was in his choir when he attended TJ.  John became involved in Good Shepherd Communities (GSC) when his own son , who is now 49 years of age was placed with GSC.  John showed a film clip depicting how “GSC is an innovative organization that helps people with developmental disabilities live life to the fullest, with dignity .  Founded in 1956 as a Christian (Lutheran) non-profit organization emphasizing principles of love, care and compassion, GSC has continued to grow, serving thousands of individuals and families over the years.  Today, GSC is a premier multi-state agency with locations in CA, CO, OR and WA.”  John McGregor added interesting anecdotal comments, supplied us with informative handouts and answered many questions from Sertomans.  His program was very interesting  and informative.

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