This Week In Review - July 8, 2004
This Week’s Reporter: Dave Miley

Song - Phil Grimm       Pledge - Gus Szala       Invocation – Bill Kohlmeier  

Guests: Mike Mann, Pat Reinhardt, and Ed Reinhardt.
Our new president started  the meeting with resounding enthusiasm.  The song was decent, the pledge was pretty good, and the invocation was inspirational.  Cuisine today was a tasty casserole of chicken and pasta from a recipe by Chef Emeril, topped off  with a vegetable salad created by The Iron Chef.  Happy Birthday was  sung to our honored guest Pat Reinhardt.  A check was presented to Mike Mann, representing the Steven C. Mardhello Foundation.  Bob Stein gave
a Bingo report from Wednesday night.  $5,800 was deposited, plus $440 to Progressive.  The A team is up next week.
Announcements: Mike Magee was selling coupons.  Bob Hogge promoted the Western Welcome Week Golf tournament.  Bill Parchen announced the details of the Cajun Cookout.  The date is July 31, from 11:00 am to 4:00PM.  It will be held at Stern Park.  The price is $7.50, bring a side dish.  Beer and pop will be provided.

Sertoman of the Day

Don Marshall is a real, honest to goodness native.  He was born in Englewood Colorado (sometime after the turn of the century).  Don was educated in the Englewood school system before becoming an architect in 1954.  Don spent an interesting tour in the Navy during the 1960s. He spent time in Washington DC and was involved in the management of Camp David.  While in Washington, Don had lunch at the White House.  It's not clear whether it was with the President, or the maid.  Originally, Don  was brought into the club by  our charter president, Chuck Fritzinger.  He was reintroduced by Dick Graham and Bill Parchen.  Don is one of two father/son combinations in our club.  Glad to have you back, Don Marshall. Phil Grimm won the $5.00.


Ed and Ed Reinhardt provided us with a great entertainment  and inspirational message.  They talked about the effects of Traumatic Brain Injury.  Young Ed spent 62 days in a coma after his football injury.  It took him five months before he could talk, and two years before he could walk.  Ed gave an inspiring talk about his recovery and sang some songs.  Ed, sr. recounted his relationship with his dad and emphasized the importance of the father son relationship.  Ed has written a book on the subject titled "You're OK Kid."  Several of our members purchased a copy.  Ed was gracious enough to take the time to autograph them all.  Thanks to the King for bringing us the program.

Handshake Prize: None     Pot of Gold: Losers; Jim Helmick, Rich Carlson, & Dick Sorenson. 
Winner:  Joe

On the Calendar


July 13

Happy Birthday Dean Hiss

July 14

Bingo Team A 

July 15

Regular Meeting - SOD Jack Marshall

July 19

Happy Birthday Bill Parchen

July 21

Bingo Team B -Happy Birthday Rick Campbell

July 22

Regular Meeting - SOD  Tim Pollak
    July 23 Happy Birthday Rick Jacobus

July 25

Happy Birthday Robert Hogge

July 28

Bingo Team C

July 29

Regular Meeting - SOD Don Masias
July 31 

Cajun Cookout

For The Record:  

                                          There are three religious truths:
     1. Jews do not recognize Jesus as the Messiah.
     2. Protestants do not recognize the Pope as the leader of the Christian faith.
     3. Baptists do not recognize each other in the liquor store.

This Weeks Reporter:  Eman Nep